My American friends traveled to Cuba (60 photos)

Dave King is the eye behind these amazing photos of Cuba's streets, people and propaganda. The burgeoning street art scene is worth the trouble to visit...if you can get in. Tip: Americans go through Canada or Mexico. Boom. Done.

  • GunnerX

    Nice pictures.

  • heavyD

    #44 Nice ride

    • aosux

      Studebakers are more aerodynamic backwards than forwards! Just syain'

    • Dan

      HUGE! I have a picture of me with that exact same car! Same reg and everything, it was just parked in a side street… Put me in the gallery!

  • Rodd Hungwell

    Gooding Jr.?

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    Great country….to bad they fucked it up with communism:)

    • Marion Cobretti

      Yea, "Democracy" has done a lot of good for their neighbors. Trip to Haiti or Mexico anyone?

      • CMG

        Marion please point out one of these communist utopias you people always alude to.

        btw, learn the proper usage of quotation marks.

        • fidel

          peoples republic of china. doesnt the U.S owe them 40 billion $$ by now? they seem to be getting it right

          • summit

            Yeah… isn't it interesting how China's economy has taken off as they have eased up on the communist party's strict control on every aspect of that economy?

            China's success lately has been a tribute to free enterprise. Hong Kong is still one of the most economically free places in the world – and China has seen huge growth as they have stopped having the government control so much. They still control a lot, but it has been movement away from hardline communism for the last decade or two.

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          You do realize there is not a single democracy in the world, thus the quotation marks, right?

          And since I can already hear your retarded response, the word you are looking for is republic.

      • bob

        or maybe ancient greece, western europe, or the united states, democracy destroyed those nations didn't it?

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          which one of those is a democracy again?

          • pat

            ancient greece was a real democracy with people voting for everything.

      • abipolarguy

        neither democracy (probably should read capitalism) or communism is any guarantee of economic success. But most of the economically successful nations are democratic with modified capitalism – up to and including socialism. Communism simply failed as an economic system is many countries. China has modified communism with capitalist elements because the communist system failed there too.

  • gaz

    No pictures of cigars?? this is cuba

    • nut

      Did you see #47? Guess what thats a field of

      • Ryan


  • Andre

    I traveled to Cuba in 2008 for 3 weeks, and I can easily say that Cubans were some of the nicest people I've ever met during my travels away from Canada's Atlantic coast. Also, this US embargo is bull shit and so is the myth that Cubans hate Americans, Cubans love everybody ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ale


    • Mr.Deichman

      Hey partner, cute rant. Bullshit is ONE word. Get with it.

    • nepster

      Can you guys take your political debates to some news article on or something. This is thechive for fuck's sake.

      • ID10T

        Ummm, if you don't like it don't read the comments.

    • ben

      I don't know anyone who thinks that Cubans hate America or have any problem with the Cuban people, except for our government and it's problems with Fidel Castro. Immigrants from Cuba are some of the most appreciative and patriotic Americans we have, more so than most Americans who've been here for several generations.

    • kent

      You know who supports the embargo? Cuban Americans, almost all of them.

      The embargo is not bullshit, because the communist regime in Cuba should not be able to economically benefit from the US, then be able to credit it to their system and their government.

      The embargo should stay until Cuba is free.

      • Ricardito

        The embargo IS bullshit.

        Why not stop trading with China then? China is one of the worst countries in terms of human rights violations. The US applied the embargo on Cuba as a symbolic punishment against a small, weak nation. But China is a major business partner… so no embargo for China, no matter they have already killed, tortured and imprisoned millions (and invaded Tibet).

        It is true that Cuba lacks of political freedom and Fidel Castro has turned liberation into a dictatorship. Many other things, however, are going way better than in the US. The US is one of the wealthiest nations in the world (if not the weathiest) and has got critical health and educational issues (to name a few). That is a POLITICAL problem, not an economic problem. All the social and economic crisis in the US are a consecuence of their own policies.

        The embargo IS bullshit, like the cruzade against terrorism. It is proven that political actions like the embargo affect the cuban people and don't help improving the whole situation which the US is allegedly against.

        By the way, the United States have earned a well-justified reputation of supporting relentless human-right violating dictatorships in Latin America.

        • mcanonymous

          That's right! I'm soooo tired of all these army guys and CIA-types protecting us from the relentless suicide bombers and secret plotters. Why don't they get a life!!! They could hang out at the mall or play playstation and mind their own business. After all, the suicide bombers are just practicing their religion. What could be wrong with that?

          Bam. Your point is invalid.

    • monkey

      The only thing Cubans love is your pesos…

    • mcanonymous

      I don't truly think that's a myth. No one believes that Cubans hate anyone…especially the US! heck it was the CIA that trained Cuban exiles to return to their country and take it back from the guy that stole it – fidel.

      It's not the people. It's fidel and his little gang of cowards that hate. They hate their people. They hate freedom. They hate dissent. They hate anyone that gets in the way of their so-called revolution.

      I don't hate anyone…but I do hate fidel for what he's done. I don't hate che as much…at least he had the decency to die as a coward begging for his life ๐Ÿ™‚


    Where the Cuban chicks at??

    • ire7ny

      Miami! lol

  • rdh014

    As long as I can keep getting my cigars shipped in, no reason to go. Better beaches and booty elsewhere…

    • Andre

      I can tell that you are so very cultured!

  • jim

    OK look at these pictures

    Now ask yourself, if I get sick here will I get medical attention from pre 1958 like the cars or the “Best health care on the planet”?

    I’ve got to give the Cuban people (Not Castro) credit, necessity is the mother of invention and I’m sure there are a lot of ingenious people in Cuba.

    Anyone who can turn a truck from the 40’s into a ship and drive it to the US in one smart motherfucker.

    • Bree1912

      Actually Cuba has FREE medical health care and a hospital practically on every block, their prescriptions don't cost a fortune either.

      • Andy

        yeah but they don't have the same medical facitlities like we do. Besides, they ship out their best doctors to pay the countries debt.

      • mcanonymous

        Check out the images of the hospitals for locals…and then tell me about their free health care.

    • Marion Cobretti

      I've been to a Cuban hospital and I can tell you the health care is top notch for locals and tourists alike. They may not have many things right, but they've got health care nailed, so don't knock it till you've tried it. Same goes for my $350,000+ spinal fusion done in 2005. Done perfectly in Canada and nary a penny asked for nor received. Universal health care works.

      • Bree1912

        It sure does! Canadians, Cubans and some European countries don't lose their homes because they can't afford or don't qualify for insurance. Everyone has a right to health care, one human's life is not better than another.

      • BravesFan

        But it COST. No reason I should pay for your healthcare. And I'm sure that ALL get the same care. Just as Mr. Castro cares sooooo deeply for his people that he keeps them in poverty. Any culture that lifts up and supports Che needs help.

        • Bree1912

          That's the right attitude!! Why help out your fellow human being? Your life is FAR more valuable than that of your neighbour! I'm sure you'd have a difference of opinion if you were diagnosed with a debilitating disease that you could die from and couldn't afford to keep your home because of health care costs.

          • Motte

            In a perfect world healthcare would be free of cost and top-notch at the same time. Guess what though…this is NOT a perfect world, far from it. A common misconception that the far left has toward middle to right-of-center people is that they're heartless and genuinely don't care. While this might be true for some it very off target overall. There are far too many that would rather take advantage of the system than contribute to it, and this one of the many reasons why a single-payer system will not work. It's real easy to hail Canada and others, but the fact is, is that wait times for services are longer, doctors aren't paid as well (thus the standard is lower) and some services are overlooked altogether. In a warm and fuzzy fantasy world, free everything for everyone! Sorry, but I'm a realist.

            • Bree1912

              I agree that healthcare is never perfect no matter what the situation, but just watch the documentary "Sicko" and then tell me that the U.S. doesn't have a LONG way to go when it comes to healthcare.

              In studies, the U.S. has ranked 37th overall for their healthcare with France being #1.

              • Motte

                You're right, it is far from perfect. I'd pretty short-sighted to say otherwise. But really? Referenceing Michael Moore? That would be like an ultra-conservative dropping "Fox News." Michael Moore is an entertainer, and more people buy tickets to movies and DVD's if the content is controversial. Michael Moore has an EXTEMELY liberal agenda, and while he is a phenomenal story teller, much of the content in that movie embelished propaganda (you can research it if you'd like) .

                • Bree1912

                  The studies prove that the U.S. is ranked low in general healthcare. Despite having the most expensive health care system, the United States ranks last overall compared to six other industrialized countries—Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Article below.

                  I don't necessarily believe all the stats the Michael Moore puts in his movies, I do my own research. But the people's stories ARE sad.

                  • Motte

                    That I can agree with for sure. Suffering on any level SUCKS. Personally I think HSA plans are the way to go. They keep the premiums low and have annual out-of-pocket maximums while offering a tax incentive to save money into a qualified account, that if not used for medical expenses turns into more of a retirement fund. Anyway….there's my two cents. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Bree1912

                      Well we agree on that for sure then! ๐Ÿ™‚

                      If you found something that works for you thats great! But personally I couldn't imagine having to pay for healthcare.

        • bob

          why would you want to pay for something that benefits millions of people? helping your fellow man is absurd, i applaud you for unveiling this truth to me. btw, fuck you.

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          you already are paying for everyone else's healthcare. Like taxes, it is inevitable. get over it.

        • Skizlor

          Castro doesnt keep Cubans in poverty; America does by having an embargo that limits trade between Cuba and all other countries

      • medtxpack

        300 million ppl in America jackass, wont work here.

    • Andy

      There Healthcare is probably better, America seems to be the only country with people dumb enough to believe there leaders when they say public healthcare won't work. And don't let there dated cars and buildings fool you just because there not a throwaway society like we are doesn't mean there living in squaller, they probably just don't get wrapped up in superficial crap like we do.

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    appresh the pics NICE

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  • Elbow

    How do you say Broke Back Mountain in spanish? #50

    • @withquotation

      I was wondering if anyone was going to pick up on that. Nicely done.


      Montania Picamiculo

      …..and you're welcome

      • Rey

        You're so wrong

  • Metelx

    Here's a cool fact, those cars have nice classic bodies but the rest of the car are Toyota and Hyundai parts. Cuba doesn't trade with America so when those cars break down they can't fix them with American parts and replace them instead with parts from Asia

    • Capt. Obvious

      Metelx , noooo, actually they keep absolutely EVERY part of old cars and remachine them. If you are brave and go to the backstreets you will see dealers who have piles of old tie rods, or rotors or whatever they deal in.

  • Jason

    Are all of the cars there old?

    • Garb

      No they import newer vehicles from Europe and China…. just not many

    • Marion Cobretti

      Not at all, but they keep a few around because the tourists love them.

    • Gecko

      as soon as i saw that IZUZU jeep near the bottom #2
      so many lightbulbs went off in my head

  • CIA

    #28 Every Cuban should know how to shoot and know how to shoot WELL!

    • Simon Vega

      Fun fact: Tirar can be interpreted differently from country to country.. If that would've been in Ecuador, it would actually read "Every 'Ecuadorian' must know how to fuck and know how to fuck WELL".. that'd be one helluva motivational message ๐Ÿ™‚

      Chive On from Ecuador! Simon

      • Libertariandude

        That's exactly what I was thinking…

    • Skizlor

      Almost every Cuban goes through military training for a couple years when they are around 16. Much like many European countries.

  • chrisdg74

    Damn, what I would give to own some of those old cars..

    • Gibby

      what would you give?

      • JJS

        Id' give you a cookie for one:)

        • top dog

          Them ain't no old cars, most of em are new. Thats why they are barred from entering the US?

  • Alberto Martin

    I wish I could travel to my country freely, but I refuse to go back until the Marxist Brothers are dead and communism is dumped in the trash where it belongs. One day Cuba will be free again, I hope I live to see the day. Thank you, Chive, for the beautiful pictures of my country. You're my favorite website. Except for maybe

    • mcanonymous

      A lot of us open-minded, intelligent Canadians are with you Alberto!! I've been there and I won't go back to line castro's pockets again. Once he's gone it'll happier times!

      I'm amused at how everyone is so outraged by Mubarak…and yet the myth of che and fidel lives on. So misinformed…

  • MarQ

    #21 just me or does it look like Chuck Norris and Sly Stalone?

  • Garb

    Interesting to note that Cubans don't own vehicles. All the vehicles in the country are provided and owned by the Cuban government. The only problem is there are just not enough of them. So most Cuban's hitchhike to work. In Cuba it mandatory to pick up hitchhikers if you have space in your vehicle

    • Paul

      its only mandatory if you have the blue government plates on your car, if you have the yellow plates then the car is privately owned and not subject to those laws.

  • MarkH

    #32 Revolution is – never lying or violating ethical principals.

  • efrainoscar

    I see some 50-60 year old cars in pristine conditions.
    Whoever drives a 2000+ car and is having trouble with it, you're doing something wrong.

    When you have very, very limited resources, you don't take anything for granted and take the most out of everything.

    As a mexican, I admire the cubans for their happiness and great attitude, regardless of everything they've gone through.

    • Capt. Obvious

      The problem with new cars is they are so technologically different. It is like the difference between a Hammer and a Nail gun. You break a hammer, you simply fix the handle, maybe weld it. You break a nail gun, you have a much more difficult problem.

      • efrainoscar

        That's why I prefer hammers and natural boobs, nothing like good old fashion ways.

  • floscar

    See kiddies, that is why you dont wear a Che shirt to be cool. You might want to look him up before you promote his face.

    • Elbow

      Exactly, I forced myself to read a 1000 page bio on the man simply because I knew I was ignorant past being able to identify Che by his picture. Interesting fellow for sure.

  • Bruno Mignaco

    why does the water has color in Cuba?
    Just askin'

    • Gecko

      white is clean water
      black is dirty water

    • Simon Vega

      Cuban poop is black

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    It is incredible how much history has frozen in Cuba from an automotive and Architectural point of view. It will be a real clash to see new cars there when the political crap finally boils over… not to mention the amazing dive sites that have yet to be visited.

  • Jan-Kees

    Enjoy the pittoresque Cuba while you can. When the Castros die, the yankees will invade and it will quickly fill up with with ugly cars, BurgerKings and McDonalds

    • Flicka


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