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Soccer star El Hadji Diouf gets his own GIF meme (16 GIFS)

These GIFS and more via buzzfeed.

  • ryeguy

    Great work on these, all of them made me LOL!! I think #4 might have actually happened in real life and the guy from the other team was edited in to make it look good for TV. Just saying… Awesome post.

    • haha

      Whoever posted these on this shitty website made no "great work" beyond copying them from Buzzfeed, who at least credited SA, but no such acknowledgement here.

  • Anonymous

    nice job ripping off something awful

  • Anonymous

    All stolen from Something awful.

  • Takis

    NIce work, guys. Really top notch.

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  • Erland

    Do you enjoy stealing from Something Awful?

  • Sven

    HAha – I wonder who made all those gifs

  • Goon

    At least link to the source if you're going to rip other people's work.

  • Da Sandman

    wow.. pretty bad tackle..

    awesome gifs though ^^

  • @hoosiers23

    This will single-handedly increase the popularity of soccer in the States by 1000%

  • ihatesoccer

    El Hadji DOOFUS, you man!

  • stairs


  • asdfasdf

    You guys are scumbags for posting other people's work and not posting a link to the source.

  • En`xs

    How about crediting the authors at somethingawfuldotcom dicks…

  • Don

    way to not source a thing, asshole.

    these are all from

  • Ripoff

    It would be SOMETHING AWFUL if all of these were stolen and posted without credit, huh?

  • Eat shit

    Great job stealing a bunch of gifs from you rotund faggot

  • thechivepbad

    wow these are hilarious, especially after you stole them from something awful without crediting any of their original owners!!

  • Duke Nukem

    Hey pig fucker, stop stealing our shit, SA didn't make this stuff so you could drum up hits to your shithole site.

  • Penises

    The guys at SOMETHING AWFUL did a great job with these gifs!

  • Nonanone

    Haha, go fuck yourself chive, stop stealing shit you inbred motherfucker

  • Guest

    Next time give credit to the people who made the gifs. They deserve more Kudos than someone rehosting their work.


  • Anonymous

    How bout giving some credit to the guys over at SomethingAwful that created ALL of these images?

  • SomethingAwful

    Thanks for taking without giving credit, scumbag!

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