Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (24 Photos)

  • taylor

    when HD TV meets DAR HQ #9

    • Toffy

      rock chalk boobies!

      • hiya

        I play with rockchalk boobies every night. I'm an alumni and so is my wife!

        • ninja

          how much money thecive.com give to fluvanna

        • IM A GUY WITH A WIFE

          a guy who has a wife?!?!…weird, man you're really somthing else wholly fuck

    • Ryan

      #21 I hope at least one of you guys hit that.

  • ilucks

    #10 has made me a chiver for life

    • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

      true; making people laugh and helping out people who deserve it. cant imagine a better job or life rules to live by.

    • Andy


    • Yo Mamma

      CHIVE and Fluvanna WIN!

    • ninja

      how much money did thecive.com give to fluvanna

      • Bob

        So far 20,000….not bad. Not bad at all

      • aosux

        How much douche did ninja give to the chive

        • (>^_^)>

          So far over 9000…not bad, not bad at all.

      • Billy

        I real chiver wouldn't ask that question. They would know it.

        • Billy

          A* real chiver…

          • Billy sucks ass

            a real douche

      • (>^_^)>

        A lot.

      • its_forge

        How much shut the fuck up you asshole does shut the fuck up you asshole shut the fuck up you asshole?

    • Keith

      $12,000. Gave me goosebumps.

      • Billy

        At this point it's 20,ooo+

  • DAVEY jones

    #14 Ellen Page has become a stone fox imho ————————–>

    • Username Taken

      I wouldn't kick her outta bed because of some cookie crumbs.

    • Mark

      She should shave her arms.

    • This Guy

      Id say she has a very subtle attractiveness about her generally, however seeing this I would have to agree she is hot!

    • rdh014

      nope…a 5+ at best.

      • aleXTC

        I would agree. only about a 5. Some of the chivettes are WAY hotter. thumbs if u agree————->

        • Eduardo


    • Dirty Dingus

      Also, she's cool…and that counts for a lot.
      Also Canadian FTW!

      • Lil Jon


        • Cavall

          Looks like this comment was good for about a minus 18.



        • "HOLMES" - idiot

          You said Holmes… you dont even count. why the fuck would being canadian be minus 2 dumbass. you know which ones canadia right? the one just north of america thats bigger and less crowded?

    • Yup

      So Hot.
      (and so is that Paramore ginger)

      • KevinMalone

        Thumb down for the paramore comment.

    • Iceman05

      Not hot, I agree about a 5. The chivettes are much hotter

    • Rusty

      I would straight up wreck that any way you could imagine, and probably a few ways you haven't come up with yet.

      • Marmaduke

        More likely you'd wreck your pants before you even got close to her…


        …or any female.

    • jason

      unless your female, you have no chance – "thespian"

    • KevinMalone

      She was in the "Something Beautiful" post or whatever for a reason. She's beautiful. Everyone needs to get their collective head out of their ass and realize that REAL D glasses with the lenses punched out and attention whore hair isn't hot. Would thumb down a good handful of chivettes. And that's the bottom line 'cuz Stone Cold said so.

    • GK-4

      huh, where she been hiding those legs?

  • mipo2010

    #22, Bob, you lucky bastard you!! And yes it was a damn good week.

    • Edo

      it was, hope there are more like this

      chive on!

  • Rickity Cricket

    #7 no thanks

    • Takingbackcider


    • KevinMalone


    • its_forge

      Why, because she doesn't have tits that require a motorized wheelbarrow to carry them around? Moron.

      • KevinMalone

        No, because she's associated with a garbage band.

        • its_forge

          Matter of taste isn't it? They're still better than Jonas Bros. or Nickelback. And they got a redhead chick singer with cute boobs, that's always a plus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

    #13 Hott

    • aleXTC

      some of the chivettes are WAY hotter and you cant say im lying about that
      i give her no more than a 5

      • hMMMM

        Not to diss any Chivettes, but Juno is one of the top actresses in the world…has to count for something, no? Counts for a lot in my book – smart chicks are sexy as hell!!

  • Justin Hall

    #22 Thank you ma'am, may I have another?!

  • john

    #4 is an awesome idea

    • Danny P

      You want to pay to sit your fat lazy ass down?

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      i would make some thing that i could fold up and put my back pack then when i wanted to sit i would take it out unfold it and put it over the spikes… or just sit on the grass

    • Jimmy

      When the money runs out, You're fucked 😉

    • Jack Frost

      Ohhhh, and here I was thinkin the spikes go up when someone runs up and sitcks quarters in the bench you're sittin on. Why the hell would I want that??

    • Andy

      Whoever came up with this should be Horse whipped, what are we going to have to pay for next? watching sunsets? breathing fresh air?

      • Mr. Sandwich

        I would imagine it's to stop homeless people sleeping on the benches at night or something? No idea how though, cos they would probably have an abundance of quarters. Plus if you put a sheet of plywood or something on top of it then the spikes are no problem. Homeless people have spare building materials, don't they?

    • its_forge

      Presumably that idiotic monstrosity was paid for by taxpayer dollars. So the taxpayer paid for a bench that the taxpayer then has to put money into in order to fucking sit down and while the time in a taxpayer-supported public park. All because some cocksucker politician wanted to look like he was getting tough on vagrants. God forbid you just have a cop walk through the park every 4 hours and say "okay buddy, time to move it on out of here" 'cuz y'know, having a cop patrolling a given area of the city doesn't make that area safer or anything. God the whole thing is so fucking STUPID.

    • GK-4

      the greediest goddamn thing i've seen all month

  • Golliwog

    DAR = perfect finish to a long day.

  • Cake is a Lie

    #1 is truly the most random thing I have seen

    • rdh014

      Is this how the descendants of the Mongol warlords have degenerated thusly? Sad…

    • neil

      If thats the most random thing u have ever seen then ur not a true chiver

    • Logic76

      Haters gonna hate

    • GK-4

      So much pressure on the middle guy…

    • CORKMAN F-

      they are all gayed up and ready crashed how did this happen to them guys all nice and then creepy speeches about them why why are they gayless gays on tricycles

  • bowhuntpa

    #23 ATLL WORK

  • D.C

    #14 Yep, she's hot

    #18 her too

    • aleXTC

      Its a travesty to put these two pictures next to each other. Olivia Wild is WAY hotter

      • Marmaduke

        "Travesty" might be a bit of hyperbole there, aleXTC. When you're older you might know what I'm talking about.

        I mean, I like hamburgers and I like prime rib. One is clearly superior, but I'd eat whichever one was on my plate.

  • Tee6


    • Reesty


    • Phondo

      Incredible eyes, weird jaw, everything else OK.

    • http://yourmomma.com Mook

      Single huh… Good luck with that one. In fact good luck finding her. Good luck trying to date her. Unless your someone along the same ball park… Then, hell have fun.

      • AnalogyMan

        Your pessimism reeks like chili farts in a stuck elevator. If you want to slay a dragon, you must know you are a knight.

        • its_forge

          ^^^^ Woot kickass advice. Also what was it Gretzky said about not getting any of the shots you don't TAKE.

  • Lindy

    Had a baby 4 months ago, ive had some time off work and discovered the chive. It's pushing the envelope right now in amazing ways and I suspect that young man there has a little something to do with it #24

    • Lisa_Martin

      Lindy, 1st off, congrats on the baby. They'll be a better person for having a chiving Mom. And I admit it. The Resig brothers (and sisters) are awesome. John in particular though…I do believe his heart is as big as the all out doors. And now that he's quit wearing scarves, I can truly say, John, it's a pleasure to know you…in the weird actually unfamiliar way the internet allows. LOL 😉 And yes…it's been a damn good week. Chive on.

      • Lindy

        are you cunfused ? LISA MARTIN? i don't understand what you have said. it's not my fault if thats not what you said you wanted poeple to talk aout when they read yor stuff about everything inside of that comment. it' really isn't abou this "scarves" deal you have its more about the fact that you continue to after every day i've bing on here, you talk about john not wearing scarves simpley because you dislike it. well i think that that what was said by you was rude and i alway know that even though problems get solved 68.2% of the time you don't even come to my house anymore. I must state clearly in words writting by myself that i don't feel like that is what you dislike about life. reguardless of that said issue i believe that we as two individuals can move on from what was said earlier about problems and scarves and such petty matter that you feel hold importance in anything that truelly includes you.
        anyways i jus thought i'd tell you how things are now, and i hope you cry soon. ttyl babe

        • Lisa_Martin

          Ma'am…whatever you're on, you either need to cut back the dose, or double it!

          Good Lord. I've heard of mood swings after having a baby, but that right there is ridiculous! I suspect that it isn't the real "Lindy" at all though. I have pissed someone off and they are now stalking me. I admit it. I'm cute. I can be damn hot some times. But no woman, ever, is worth degrading yourself to that level. I hope you will find peace some day sir.

          In the mean time, John, I actually like your scarves. On a girl. LOL Chive on. 😉

  • bierergoggles

    I have always thought she had potential and was "Cute". The problem is because of her size (short) and build (lack their off) she sometimes looks like she is barely a teenager. BUT… she is coming along quite nice (as evident by the pic) and it appears she has a decent set of legs and butt on her now too! So… in summary… yes… Hot

    • Nastee

      I would say this is almost my opinion as well – really cute until recently when she started sexing up.
      Besides, sexy without any cuteness is not as good as both cute and sexy.

    • Grammar Police


      • Grammar Ninja

        If you're going to be the grammar police, at least get it right. It's "lack thereof" — thereof is one word.

    • its_forge

      Kinda like Kristin Bell, I was all skeered of fanning on her 'cuz I thought whoa, she's a zygote. Then I found out she's like 30 and I'm all whee, grownup. = )

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #1 Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

    hope you all get laid!

  • Dan

    I'll laugh my ass off if the entire gallery for Shay is as blurry as #22.

    • AnalogyMan

      …like scrambled porn on unpaid cable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

    #21 Stoked…. I'm ready for Tuesday

    • Brad

      It's nice to see a non-shopped photo of Shay…

    • Statan

      so am I. Got TONS of tissues and vasoline.

  • Anonymous

    #14. she is hot. end of story

  • Shitfaced

    #20. Best. Job. Ever.

    • nope

      ummm, disagree…

    • CHiver

      Never heard of the guy that ''support'' Katy Perry's breast?

  • Wolfram

    #11 – seriously cute kid. This from a National Geographic or what?

    #12 – Bahaha! I hope she's ok but it's got to feel good to poke fun at your sister on the CHIVE! Sibling rivalry like a boss.

    #14, #18, #21 – Pure hotness

    And finally

    #17 – FFFUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
    (Chive, great end of day posts – chivettes and DAR)

  • marcus

    I lol'd when i heard the interview. basically, she said she has photos of herself as a redhead when she was 13 and she's a real ginger. I got the feeling she was a little sore at the chivers but was pretty funny anyway #7

    • GK-4

      time to give her a 2nd chance?

  • dave

    If one of you guys don't manage to hook up with Shay we're going to be disappointed

    • ????

      I won't be. be professional so the rest of us can keep getting pictures. Ya I'm selfish I don't care.

  • Wolfram

    Oh yeah, and #16 – so, when June 1 rolls around are you going to quit believeing?

    • moar

      if it was only that easy ….

    • Hofner1962

      No – they will come up with some bullshit that god has given us another chance – just like every other asshole who has predicted the end of the world.

      Now, the day theChive announces it is going off line – then I will believe that the end of the world is upon us – at least for us chivers

      • Paula

        Don't even think about such horrible things!
        (about The Chive going offline that is, of course).


    • http://yourmomma.com Mook

      This better happen. I am sick of hearing how the end of the world is always coming. Like a monster that hides in your closet but it never attacks. The monster's job is to make you think it will, but if it did then whats the point, you're dead. Either way end of the world/monsters/tsunami/biblical ends… Deal with it when it comes, preaching it to people doesn't get them ready, it just pisses them off.

      • http://yourmomma.com Mook

        This also is similar to freaking out every time the minute hand hits 60/0 at midnight.
        The clock doesn't explode, it is the next day.

        • (>^_^)>

          Hey, some people have clock phobias.

  • ????

    can't wait for the rest of #21

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