It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (30 Photos)

  • jake

    #30 lucky fish

    • BloodScrubber

      Thats must be her "O" face….

  • eroon

    #30 something about that combo doesn't sit right with me…

  • laguna11

    #16 any more pics of these twins? wow!

    • cheezebits

      Gingers ruin everything.

    • Joshua

      How has nobody shopped the surprise-seal and this ginger together yet?

  • uberbrie

    #24 I turned on the Cam and saw you guy running around with that yesterday I was like "I remeber that hoodie" then I came back later and some chick was walking in the door…a few hours later the day started to get awesome! Chive for the Win

    • DCMOFO

      Did anyone else catch the guy with curly hair sniff the crotch of the white pants when he was folding them?

      • richard

        I did. Perv.

  • sully23

    #21 is fucking great. but you're doing it wrong. needs to be metal and rusty first

    • baby-rapist09

      Yes, and you also need to punch her in the face first to get that dumb grin wiped off. Then eat the placenta. Then catch AIDS.

      • Luke

        wholly shit dude

      • mgreen


  • T.T. Tiger

    CHIVE, y u no post Shay Maria yet!!!!

  • first


  • Wolfram

    #14 classic. She looks crazy

    #19 – 2nd on the left anyone?

    • wikusvandemerwe

      Yes please thank you please MOAR please…

    • ern23

      # 14 Wrong girl got the upskirt!

    • Dufius

      I'm in…

    • Bodhi

      #19 2nd on the left: my gf, and Im the guy who bombed the pic lol

      • JHL1

        If that's true, then you owe it to the chive to send more!

  • .45 ACP

    #21 shouldn't be that funny…but it is!

  • Nick702

    #14 Good lawd you aint got no booty

  • ISU Birds

    #22 Gandalf in his college years.

  • hjk

    #16 gingerbombski

  • zman

    #28 Baby, the other, other white meat

    • P-diddy

      i feel like this would be a good moment for our friend Pedobear

  • Kapper89

    #24 the live feed yesterday was awesome

    • KUI

      Shay is… "lighter" isn't she?

  • Jana Righetti-Brashears

    #28 is epic 🙂

  • sully23

    now that i look at it more. who the fuck is that gay dude in the mirror on the left? #21

    • zman

      Looks like they are actors, that chick's body is too hot otherwise to be that pregnant.

    • Jules

      Anyone else think that her hand looks strangely large? Hmmm, man hand-ish

    • gay dude

      are you interested?

    • AnyoneforCoffee

      That'll be the girl taking the photo…..

  • derpson

    #12 dont u want some of the power..see what it taste like!?

  • DZL

    He's going to eat their souls

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    #4 Very cheeky picture.

    • DanielB

      clue: socks

    • Smellsnice

      I see what you did there.

  • thatsalwaysbuggedme

    #18 how could he afford theese body modifactions? His parents are rich?

  • Aye Aye

    #18 is nasty. Why do people do that to their ears. #21 has multiple bombs

  • jtatman

    #16 The MOAR the better!!!

    • iambigd42


  • Mike

    I think #22 is Ben Rothelisberger

    • lion

      You thought wrong.

      • Mike

        I think it was a joke

    • JDB

      Yeah that must have been the night before Superbowl the way he performed.

  • wikusvandemerwe

    #26 He snatching your people up – you need to hide your kids, hide your wife cuz he rapin everybody round here…

  • Guse

    Maybe it's just me getting old, but all the kid in #18 makes me think is: "congratulations on ensuring your life of minimum wage!"

    • jules

      Or a killer pay as a tattoo artist or small business owner….Not everyone with modifications fails no matter what you may think.

      • Guse

        And some people with prosthetic legs become marathon runners. Now let's talk odds.

    • Gonzo

      Just because he has body modifications does not mean he makes minimum wage. I have stretched ears like this and I own a business and make a decent amount of money. Dont judge a book by its cover, as cliche as that sounds. But there are shitless layabouts that look like this that drain social security. Its a double edged sword lol.

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