It’s time to admit that cats are the cornerstone of the internet (32 Photos)

  • mike

    for some reason #32 made my day

    • Kuba Wrobel

      Best pic in this post by far.

  • forlay

    #29 R2?

    • ClamSlayer

      Come at me bro!

    • The Dude

      ET phone home.

      • @Kcilorak

        HAHA! I thought the same thing!

    • @naqqib

      My thought exactly! 😀

    • Fredrik

      That's Wall-E!

  • Shawn35

    #15… will die in your sleep for this

  • Mokuseitora

    #1 web cat likes your porn.
    #12 Yo bro, its gonna be alright
    #18 Stealth mode activated
    #19 Can I haz wonton

  • adhyadhy

    number 18 would give the bear a run for his money with the cocaine

    • Jim

      I fucking hate cocaine

  • Nick702

    I admit pussy is the keystone of the internets

  • mattythegooch

    I'm pretty sure it's another form of "pussy" that is the "cornerstone of the internet"………

    • Billy the accountant

      I checked Google trends and yea you're right, pussy beats out cat. Interesting side note, Vagina and Cat have merged to nearly neck and neck right now.

      • mattythegooch

        Yeah, I think Vagina hit its peak in Mid-January……..hoping, that it's early in the Fiscal year, Vagina makes second quater comeback.

  • Andrew

    #31 Wow, a Magic Card collection and a Cat. Good luck ever getting laid.

    • nerdling

      Looks like he is trying to build an artifact based blue infect/proliferate deck. He is going to fail at sex and MTG.

      • DaddyD

        Nerdling has already failed at sex. He has some potential at MTG.

      • Randy Marsh

        that's pretty funny

    • Paula

      He also has nailpolish (lower left corner), so he might still have a chance..

      – the troll you love to hate

    • trev


  • daddyfatsak

    I trust cats about as far as I can kick them.

    • FuckOff

      That's quite a bit of trust!

      • 123

        Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I've punted a cat a good 20 feet before.

        • sully23

          20 feet? that's it? have you tried the running start? those stupid lil bastards fly Way further that way

    • Urban

      I despise cats. They never listen.

    • jrj

      Never, in the history of the world, has a cat cared what people, stupid or not, think of them. Obvious which category of people you fall into. It is perfectly acceptable for you to be stupid, but, there is no need to advertise the fact.

      • daddyfatsak

        Fair enough. I would rather be stupid and have dogs than creepy and have 10 cats. None of which you can take on a walk, throw a tennis ball to or have any fun with. So if this makes me stupid then consider me a fucking idiot. Dogs>cats.

        • Tiberius

          Yes perhaps having manly dogs such as Bichons, Toy Poodles, Shih Zhus would help you deal with insecurities.

          • daddyfatsak

            Try a Pit Bull and a Cattle Dog tough guy. Have fun feeding your cats fancy feast and listening to them hock up hair balls.

            • Ϡ₪ᵿѲ

              Just a bit of education for daddydumbass…cats CAN be walked on leashes, MY cat comes to me when I call it's name to come in at night, my cat follows me around the yard like a dog would, I had a cat as a child that would FETCH small toys and drop them at my feet to be thrown again, MY cat greets me at the door just like a dog would, I have taught my cats what NO means, etc. Educate yourself before you flap your gums. You think having a pit bull and a cattle dog make you a tough man…must be lacking somewhere else and use big dogs to compensate! Let me guess…you drive a big loud lifted 4X4 too, which you think makes you a "man". LMFAO you little bug! Don't bother replying..nothing you say matters to anyone…not even your dogs.

              • daddyfatsak

                I have a Pit Bull and a Cattle Dog because they needed to be rescued and no one else would rescue them. Anyone who walks a cat on a leash should be arrested. You are a weird cat person and just proved my point with your response. Thanks!

  • OwnerOfYou


    never gets old…

    • Stop it

      Yes it does get old.

    • PointBlank_

      dandruff cat is in serious need of head n shoulders

  • Wolfram

    #11 Don't judge us!

    #22 La da da daaa la da da daaa…

  • Quixote

    #29 Come at me bro

    • derpson

      fail at me bro

  • ISU Birds

    #12 Back the fuck up bro!

    • Pescado

      Are you macking on my girl, brah? You better not be macking on my girl! Do we need to take this to the lax field?

  • @withquotation

    #29 find her!

  • Jesse

    #18 "I Love Cocaine…. But I Hate You!"

  • 123

    Cats suck and I question any man's sexuality who has one

    • 123

      Surprise, surprise. A bunch of gay dudes living with cats thumb down my comment.

  • Bobarian

    Cat are the cornerstone of nothing; they are edible!

    • zym

      Then they are the cornerstone of this nutricious breakfast.

  • Josh Craig


  • Mudmonkey

    All cats are to be eaten.

  • Paula

    How do you make a cat bark?
    Pour some petrol on it and set it on fire. It'll go 'woof!'

    – the troll you love to hate

    • jc101

      I cant even be bothered to thumb you down anymore, you win.

    • Isabelle Basha

      or we could do it to you

    • sully23

      petrol huh? so that implies you are from europe there Paula. I will find you and hunt you down! don't slip up anymore to make my job easier

      • Paula

        Hm. I won't name my country because I'm affraid you'd kill the entire population just to make sure you got me. I'll give you Europe though.

        – the troll you love to hate

        • TCUchiver

          i dont care what you say – that is funny! however i would have picked somewhere else like Iran or Cuba….

          • Paula

            THAT's where I am, so that's why I gave him Europe… to burn down, shhht!

            – the troll you love to hate

            • Qwain

              You one funny person.
              Ever heard of a Japanese food called "Yakitori"?
              Marinated cat tail on a stick.
              Good Stuff.
              Not much meat though…

  • dave

    #18 those long nights with Charlie Sheen are not for the weak

  • Rod

    Ok you feline savvy people outthere, is the huge caton #30 a domestic cat? Cause it's HUGE. Or is it like a bigger type of wild cat that just happened to be somebody's pet?

    • Semper

      Ugh, that's clearly a mountain lion

      • chris

        It's definately not a mountain lion. It is a 'big' cat though, probably a couple generations down of a domesticated bobcat. Not your average house cat though.

    • effemel

      Possibly a maine coon

      • distturbedearth

        Definitely not a Maine Coone. I believe it's a Lynx.

        • iwuvkitteh

          dude have you ever seen a maine coone? in fact scratch do you know the name "maine coone" without knowing that this big cat looks 0% like one

    • Da bomb

      Oh shit that's a shark!

    • rcf11

      it's a lynx i think

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Looks like a painting of a bobcat that the real cat is leaning into… least to me.

    • Doobiedoop


  • Daris

    "Face it, they'll never let us be together. We'll run away…tonight…leave this whole stinkin' town in our rear view."

  • the voice

    #29 ur cat is morbidly obese because instead of letting ur cat jump up on the bed like any cat should be able to do, u have provided the cat with stairs….i assume the owner is equally a fat ass

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