FAIL may be played out, but never gets old (22 photos)

  • pjsupremex

    i dont wanna be a douche, i dont wanna be a douche. not first

    • pjsupremex

      why do i get thumbs down from all of you. i was merely joking and hoping someone would beat me as i was typing that. notice the next comment is me saying "dammit"! oh well my humor only humors one.

      • Adam S.

        Because, despite the foreknowledge of your claiming first, you did anyone. So, you are not just a douche; you are a self-proclaimed douche.

        • Adam S.

          anyone *anyway

          • sully23

            retard douche -^-

      • Geshko

        The reason why 'Firsties' are universally hated is not because they post first. Their comments serve no purpose, contribute nothing to the discussion. Similarly, your comment claims first, but with more (irrelevant) words.

        If you were to post:something like: "First! Wow that girl in #22 looks like a reverse Michael Jackson!" That would be acceptable.

        • pjsupremex

          you have just discussed my comment , therefor making it relevent

  • pjsupremex


  • Fisheyes

    Chive, please don't ever post #7 again. That may have ruined my afternoon.

    • bobo

      chive please find her

    • aleXTC

      It might have just made mine. What a weird fat asian man

  • Wolfram

    #22 that thing is HIDEOUS!

    • toomas

      It ain't a tan, omg.

    • Taylor Blissett

      Holy crap!! Thats a person?! Could of sworn that was bacon.

    • LogiC

      I would say kill it with fire, but it looks like someone already tried

    • R Double U SeCksPawt

      Is that Nancy Kerrigan standing next to hotdog?

      • Ryan

        I'd hit it.

    • silkystealthsurgeon

      i hate it when people say fake, buttt…her face looks shopped,

  • Biggus Diccus

    Yeah the last one is one hell of a tan fail. If you start to look like a different race, you've gone too far.

    • Malecema

      It's not really tanning, it's a specific type of makeup that bodybuilders apply before a competition because it highlights muscle striation or something. I believe it washes off afterwards.

      • + blitzk

        lets hope so

      • top dog

        That is correct Malecema. You ever notice how assholes hate to be corrected?

      • Saine

        But still, EW. It makes them look like they're made of beef jerky.

        • Dogma

          Good lord, some of you guys are such idiots.

  • Originality


  • nick339123

    'Merica. F*ck yeah… #19

  • MigraineBoy

    #6 Penis Magazine. That what's gotten you in this mess in the first place!

    • qwertz

      That is photoshop job.

      • Stevo

        it's actually a real magazine, you might hold off before spunking your 'Fake' all over the internet. Learn control young man.


    #19 fails on so many levels…. feel bad for that kid..

  • Richard Nixon

    The fail in #2 is that he is a Cubs fan!

    • technicality

      actually it is because he owns a garciaparra jersey!

    • AtomManhattan

      HA Double fail

  • Paul Musselman

    #21 DERP.

    • bigox

      Actually thats a win for the advertisment. It says Pay attention to your nose. Probably like a scratch and sniff for dogs.

  • @Jeffrey__Scott

    #6 At first I was like "What?", Then I saw it. Suddenly can't stop laughing.

  • slobberknocker

    Fail still makes me laugh my ass off

  • OGMrWhite


    I see no fail on this kids part

    • Macgruber

      Fail no, Win yes.

    • sully23

      This kid's a pimp. Pimps can take pictures with their middle school hoes

    • Oeale

      Story I heard was that one of the girls was babysitting the kid. Got found out got in trouble. Fail.

    • CortezdaKiller

      the kid would be awesome to photoshop into other photos

    • Stevo

      Chav babysitting fail.

  • newscot

    How many more fail galleries does the internet really need?

    • DaddyD

      7 … well, maybe 8

      • Dub Genus

        …. million!

  • Charming Chanler

    haha, #20 cracked me up

    • Derp

      me too, I had to stop for at least half a minute because I laughed so hard 😀

  • Skifreak

    #22 – Is that Nancy Kerrigan? Haha

  • naigoto

    #20 "Eww, I'm not touching that thing, no way"

    • Derp

      more like "mmmh, I wonder if that goes in"

  • bobo

    #3 thats not a fail thats a miracle

    • Aubi

      all win

    • I am Name

      I agree, that's a fucking win.

    • Masschine

      Yes, definitely a win

  • j-man85

    #4 deal with it

    • ETS

      Screw you azzhat. My daughter is in a wheel chair.

    • John Smith

      Um, I'm sure when you push the button, the steps turn into a ramp…LIKE A BOSS!!

  • 1000000000000

    have seen all of these like 10000000000 times.

  • Anonymous

    #17 Looks like a WIN to me!!!!

  • .45 ACP

    #22 Whoa! Is that shopped? Can't…tell…for sure…

    • naigoto

      Everything could be shopped, even the view from your window

  • Troy

    #10 wow get ready to go to jail. that is def. bait.

    • pete ribaudo

      pedobear aproves.

    • Rohan

      …stop looking at the kid then.

  • peteyroberto

    #10 pedobear approves of this

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