More animals I don’t hate (30 Photos)

  • nick339123

    Inked bacon? Looks like it would taste tough. #7

    • + blitzk

      no, those are Scumbag Steve's pets

  • Error404k


  • MigraineBoy

    #14 Waitz! R U sure is doesn't sez "Oral intake" on teh box?

  • Quatchi

    I approve of this.

    Except #31

    Looks like my Dad

    • Dub Genus

      Mr. Quatchi Senior is one cool cat.

  • tommybhoy

    #3 sometimes the cat would be more helpful than these dam call center workers who cant understand what am saying!

    • Benjamin

      One of those filthy sand men dropped the n word on me. I was very surprised to say the least. In my surprise I shouted “what!” and he mumbled “you’re black, n—–” so I yelled fuck you and he just kept mumbling “n—–”
      except it wasnt tech support it was collections for someone who used to have my number. True story
      Ps I’m white and I don’t really know why he kept calling me that

    • Stevo

      Well, if you speak like you type, I can't blame them.

  • HLe

    #27 WTF

    • bobsky

      Sorta looks like Predator

    • Justin


  • bbqoobs

    #31 I need a cat dammit! I know they're not manly, but they're cool as hell. My sister had one and he just lounged around the house and got fat, got some ho's around the neighborhood pregnant, and just generally did not give a f*ck. Like a boss. He was living the life I wanted to live…

    • Jen

      i have a cat and she is fucking annoying. always up in my face n shit and on the counters and using my new couches as her scratching post. but she is pretty funny and has quite a personality. do you want her? i give her to you fo FI DOLLA

    • BeardManly

      You want to lay around and get fat, than knock up some cats?

      • Dub Genus

        uh.. yeah. Who doesn't? Wtf is your deal being all inquisitional like..?

    • ...

      Cats are Awesome!!!

  • Forrest Herron

    #27 Derp

  • Flixer

    #27 Like a BOSS!

    • Jen

      it looks like i am not the only sick of LIKE A BOSS! finally…

  • Mmm Ciao

    #24 A little lower, a little lower…ahh, right there.

  • Kitho James

    #9 surprise butt secks!!

    • bobsky

      Meanwhile, the cuckold on the left just watches…

  • Ryan

    #10 I am still just a rat in a cage!

    • Smashing Pumpkins

      Beat me to it.

      • eyeguy

        same here…. I am Third!

        • Steve Martin

          Awww snap.

          "Do you love Smashing Pumpkins?"

          "Oh My God, I love doing that!"

  • silkystealthsurgeon

    what breed is #22?

    • Josh

      looks like a great pyrenees….big dogs.

    • Dub Genus

      Luck Dragon. Definitely a Luck Dragon.

    • jrj

      Think he is human.

    • Tessa


  • Joe

    #24 Like most drugs, Rufilin was tested on animals before it became available to people. It was a smashing success.

  • brown sauce

    #7 disturbing ….. dead piggies

    • TheMightyDagmar

      They're not dead.
      The pigs are tattooed on under anesthetic and then lead very happy lives, but once they die (of natural causes, they're not slaughtered) their skin is preserved to keep the tattoos.)

      • Jen

        and purses are made…no?

      • Dub Genus

        I don't feel a pulse. Are you sure they're not dead?

      • Chris

        Sucks to be them. Tats itch like crazy for a couple days afterwards.

        Now where did they put that hemmoroid cream….?

  • Thomas Narcisi

    #29 = corny joke of the day.

    Is that a Cashew?

    get it? Cat Shoe….

    Oh Hell Im goin back to bed.

    • ryan

      you didn't really have to explain the joke….

      • Freddy

        It's funny because he's making a pun which people normally don't laugh at, so he then explains the pun and the fact that he does all of that but then gives up in the end makes it funny.

        that is explaining a joke too much^

    • Dub Genus

      Or is it a Birkittenstock?

  • HeavyD

    #6 elementary my dear Watson

  • business

    Despite all my rage I'm going to sit here and cry

  • Yeahbeer

    That cracked me up lol!

  • Stafferty

    #13 Begging to be photoshopped into batman

    • Erik von Markovik

      I second that request.

  • David

    #22 man de f*ck up man

  • Hank Scorpio

    #7 Sucks. Does not fit in the "animals I don't hate" category.

    #9 Stag film

    • Plato

      Are you "I"? As in, are you the one who made this post entitled "More Animals I Don't Hate?" Because the "I" in that phrase refers to the person that compiled the photos and made the post. If you're not that guy/girl, then I don't know how you'd know that #7 doesn't fit in the category. Maybe you know him/her?

      • nate

        I'm sure he's referring to the fact that it seems like a cruel photo and thusly doesn't fit the spirit of this, lay off dude.

  • roofus

    #10 That's awesome.

  • Bryan

    Creative. I like it. #10

  • Straggler

    #23, taken in Hawaii?

    • Dub Genus

      Chyea.. well they won't get far……………..

    • Gern Blanston

      looks like PBI to me

    • WTFever

      Prob not, no licence plate on front

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