Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • forrest

    #11 – I'll take piss for 1000, Alex

    • out of L field john

      It can normally be found in Bears glass?

      • Borracho

        If you watched the show (which was awesome by the way), you would know he keeps it in a rattlesnake skin hanging around his neck.

    • Dub

      You would.

    • Nick

      that's actually a real thing. i learned that while training for halo jumps. it's a method for collecting rain water while ascending through stratonimbus clouds.

    • BlehBlah

      Love the episode where he breaks a 'wild' horse, a horse that was rented from an animal casting company. I'm betting the rattlesnake skin had Mountain Dew in it.

  • Random

    #40 – for the love of god, MOAR !!!!!!!!

    • NotaTrap

      For the love of God, this chick has found her way into a Chive gallery every day for several days now…again, for the love of God please go to Barstool U and stop with this shit!

      • That Guy

        thank you. Thank you very much. post something with a vagina on the chive and comone wants moar, no matter what it looks like.

        • aosux

          By the thumbs I think it's the overall most accurate response. But if you want less vag then I think this is the wrong site for you.

          • Flicka

            In fairness, I can do the same trick, and I'm a dude.
            I just don't look nearly as good doing it.

            • aosux

              Don't ever reply to my reply with such gayness. STFU&GTFO

              • Homo Alergic

                You know how I know you're gay? You use that texting shorthand shit in your reply.

        • asd

          you're right, but this girls looks like … you know … freaking hot.

    • Wolfram

      Apparently they give us 1 more each DAR. We're at 3 now… maybe they can find moar for tomorrow.

      EDIT: Went to Barstool… so her name is Claire and she goes to Tulane University of Louisiana. Alright Chivers, go!

      • That Guy

        Silly Wolfram you can't edit in the chive

        Edit: Well aparently I was wrong you have to push control F4 over you original post. well played Wolfram

        • Wolfram

          Right… the old "ctrl F4" trick. Clever.

          FYI, if you have an Intense Debate account you can edit posts up until somebody replies.

    • DaHoneyBadger

      Find her and make her a chivette!

    • http://www.facebook.com/tehflip Jon Haworth


      • You Jelly?

        Apparently she had a Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/thephoenician/sets/7… but it's not active anymore…possibly due to the sudden amount of attention she was receiving from an website that shall not be named…(not theChive)

    • Garrus Vakarian

      I had reach, she had flexibily

    • Dazilla

      for the lazy people here's a link to her page on barstool U http://www.barstoolu.com/#featured/barstool-u-1-g

  • nemesis

    #36 How much you wanna bet I can throw this ball over that mountain?

    • kevin

      back in 82 i could throw a pigskin a quarter mile

      • Lower

        Are you serious?

        I'm dead serious!

    • Rest

      Napoleon Dynamite (movie)

    • Edge

      Perhaps the best GIF EVER.

    • kenji3009

      how many balls does this guy have???????

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    Wow, the Ku Klux Klan has really changed. #47

    • makr

      still blonde haired and blue eyed

    • Crizz

      Bedazzled Racism is still Racism.

      • kaveman4130

        LOL Bedazzled racism

        • Your Mom

          best band name ever.

    • Doug

      Are 1 and 3 twins?

    • thelifeofthisgirl

      Hey hey now….KKK are my actual initials. My parents really thought that one through

    • PDY

      dammit, i cant chose all three!?
      i thought this was a free country!

  • Homina homina

    #25 HELLS YES!

    • The Spartan

      I don't touch anything with a wedding ring.

      • Erik von Markovik

        Unless it has a vagina

        • DCMOFO

          I haven't seen a ring plug a hole yet.

          • Dead_Goldfish

            You sir, have just won the internetz

      • metalwest

        just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score..

      • bobo

        challenge accepted

      • Gutterville

        I didn't even see the wedding ring and my answer is also HELLS YES

      • luis_pedro_sato

        I am honest, I still havent seen the ring

    • the guy named ry

      HELLS NO!

    • Flicka

      Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am.

    • Straggler

      All day long!

    • Sid

      Seconded, or 13thed . hells yes.

    • Homer Simpson

      One hell yea here. And might as well go hell yea for #40 and #43.

    • Grendel

      How is this even a question? HELL YES!

  • Josh

    Bill Fucking Murray!! He's my idol!

    • joshisaHomo

      stfu josh you suck

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Piscitelli/1211787995 Keith Piscitelli

    #21 like a boss

    • Ryan

      Like a douche.

      • Nate

        Agree, like a douche. Respect the craft, dude. Guarantee all twelve taste like sugary ass.

    • GK-4

      holy shit do I feel sorry for the schmuck who's gotta wash all those cups.

  • Bruce Dickinson

    I've got a fever! And the only prescription is……… more DAR!

  • Shearede



    • find split girl


      • BabyEater



    #43 Love the gap!

    • aosux

      That is the perfect gap, imo

    • RichXTC

      I keep scrolling back to this image… I'd FAP if I wasn't surrounded by non-chivers?

    • Paula

      Holy Gap! Best photo of today. Probably of this week. Maybe month, but the month is still young, unlike me.

      – the one you love to hate

    • tag


    • Tom

      My god its perfectly symetric!!

    • Gabs

      the longer you stare at it, the better it gets… more pls

    • hpenn

      her ass must be hungry, see how it eats those panties?

  • aosux

    Only the best from the DAR. I didn't catch yesterdays so I am glad to be here today.

  • RiKo

    #43 damn! look at that perfect gluteus

    • Lil Jon

      What you meant to say wuz… DAT ASS!

  • RiKo

    #3 #4 wtf is going on here??

    • aosux

      What James Franco wishes he signed up for.

    • rlmnofjean-ious

      at first I was like (#3) – but then I serious'd (#4)

    • bman

      Rosario Dawson grabbed his crotch to retaliate in the name of women's rights after Paul grabbed Eva's titty as part of their gag.

      • BloodScrubber

        I figured he said he had a "petting zoo" in his pants….soooo…

      • v4vendetta14

        Boy, she showed him…? She can grab my mule any day!!!

    • Diana Santos

      Axe effect B)

      • Jen

        id grab his shlong anyday!

    • Ted Dancin'

      paul rudd is bi-winning

  • Shawn35

    #43, you just made my day, thanks

    • BloodScrubber

      wow. Some things in life just make ya feel happy to be a man. That young ladys posterior is one of them.

    • Lev

      Find her, and you'll make my week.

    • MrEnron

      Another pic for my archives

      • Jen

        i want to motorboat that ass!

  • stickeys

    I never wanted to be a random sidewalk weed so bad in my life, or jean shorts for that matter 🙂
    We need an entire gallery super flexible chicks.

    • Wolfram

      Yeah just as long as they don't have any like that wieeeerd flexible guy in the video today. That was just scary.

    • Dex


  • Yourfreakindaddy

    #17 Don't fuck with perfection! She can eat my hot dog!

    • Sarcasm

      Yes, please feed her a cheeseburger or ten, so she can become a fat slob like the majority of Americans. We need much less hot, fit women out there!

    • GoofOff

      anorexia is a serious problem..so is photoshopping….she should have that taken care of.

    • Killswitchow

      They NEED to find her.

    • ...

      It looks like an obese women lover is amongst us

  • NotaTrap

    #36…Uncle Rico FTW!

    #43…Most perfect goddamn gap ever.

    • buttshit

      Uncle Rico is Lazlo Hollyfeld from Real Genius.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ancient.angel Karen Giselle DeDiego

    Ditto on the DAR thing. Relatively new chiver here and I was really confused for a while.

    • Phil

      Thought the same thing

      • Jen

        they need to find MOAR of the DAR guy…

  • Nickolai


  • V.A.

    Where ist der utter 97 red balloons?

    • Mark


    • mick

      I see what you did thurrrr

    • Leeroy

      Du hast einen sehr schönen hintern! German chivers is this correct?

      • TheChipification

        I'm swiss, but nevertheless i have to say: Das hast du richtig geschrieben.

    • O-H, I-Uh-Oh

      i speak german, but is it really so hard to make a joke and use an internet translator: Wo ist das andere sieben und neunzig Luftballons?

    • alister

      good call, i see what you did there. btw the song is 99 luftballoons, which means air balloons. not red balloons. the cover bastardised that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ricky-Nunez/697368676 Ricky Nunez

      horry shit! WIN!

  • That Guy

    It looks like I might be first, but I bet I am not. thumbs down to make me feel good about myself.

    • Paula

      Still you were the fastest sperm once… very hard to believe… Extremely low sperm count?

      – the one you love to hate

      • That Guy

        Quit competing for most thumbs down. You already won, give a guy his day in the sun.

  • kyle

    #32 like a motherfucking boss

    • DaveMMMMMMM

      I believe the proper quote is, "And not a single fuck was given"

    • Rick

      Its hole in one!

  • nemesis



    #13 #43 WOOOOOW

    • Anonymous

      State obvious, get thumbs up!

      • DUNNO

        be an obnoxious bastard, get thumbs down!

  • out of L field john

    #17 weirdest body shape I've ever seen.

    • GoofOff

      Enorexia is a serious disease….she should have that taken care of.

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