Flying ‘Up’ house becomes a reality (14 Photos)

National Geographic decided to see if they could bring the house from ‘Up’ to life. Using over 300 weather balloons they were able to lift a 16′ X 16′ house in the air for over an hour. At its peak the house flew as high as 10,000 feet high.
These great photos provided by nationalgeographic.

  • aosux

    Whats the insurance cost on a flying house?!

  • Jordan

    id be scared shitless to be that high up in the air trying to test fly a house

  • Dude

    that's rad awesome cool

    • king

      Meh, the movie was better!!!!

  • Joe Schmo

    Why didn't the Mythbusters try that already? It's just the kind of crazy thing they love to try…

    • Jak

      Wait…did I miss something?! I didn't see it explode

    • Phil

      They kinda did it when one of them went up in the lawn chair with all the balloons, same principle

    • Henry Gibson

      Because it doesn't require them to blow anything up or set fire to it.

  • TCB12

    I hope they didnt do this near Rosewell, that'd open a whole new can of worms.

    • Mmmmmm


  • @141characters

    #13 looks like the house detached and is falling to it's death. that's not winning.

  • Dunny_

    "Mr Fredrickson. Can I come in now?"

  • Juan

    God bless science!

  • Ruby

    How can he get down? Or, did he?

    • Catence

      Check out #13. Looks like something is coming down.

  • ashleyging

    😀 beyond awesome

    • @$$man

      *hovers over dp*

      I see what you did there! NICE!!!

  • mrjimmyos

    "The dog is messing around again, stick him outside"
    "Oh crap"

  • jim

    now they have to see see if dogs in little bi-plains can shoot it down with dart guns

  • PoopIsFun

    holy poop theres a dude in that house

  • Dirty Dingus

    That fuckn' thing fell on my Mercedes…and I had a Picasso in the trunk.

  • Josh Gorter

    #6 I wonder what the FAA said on that 1st call when they wanted to get an N number for a flying house.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    If you look up the N number on the FAA website, you'll find out that it is the Carl Fredrecksens model with the serial number A-113 (for us Pixar nuts).

    That is fan-tastic.

  • Jonathen


    • BloodScrubber

      lmao….thanks, my dog just flew outta the room!

  • Bob

    Dude is cutting some serious corners here. The real UP house had the balloons coming out of the chimney. Call me when this guy does something impressive…AND ACCURATE.

    • JHL1

      It's better than the house that Bob flew.

  • MrCjv

    Takin aim with my BB Gun……..

  • fiftyville

    Ok, Jehovah's Witnesses, bother me NOW!

  • CaptainClutch

    its a plywood box covered in construction paper..cooooool

  • TylerV

    #9 Why is that dude not looking at it?!

  • PointBlank_

    ask your mom, shes a pro

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  • Jeffzero

    That is man's classic dilemma. Not every guy has issues with this sort of thing, but since you're asking, you must be one of those guys. I remember the first time I tried it back in my teens. It was a little scary I'll admit. But with time, your sister and I worked out a schedule where she'd shower and I'd come over for some "practice" time. It was working out pretty well until your mom walked in and caught us. It was awkward at first, but then she saw the skills and started taking notes. If you want more details though, you're going to have to do as PointBlank_ says and ASK YOUR MOM!

    • equalizermax

      You're probably talking about my Gay Brother and my 70yr old Mom… Good luck with them…

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