Is Scarlett Johansson sexy or just a big tease? (11 Gifs)

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  • Tim

    This gallery actually makes a compelling argument for tease. #12

    • iambigd42

      Good call:)

  • Chiver2099

    SEEEEXXXXXXXYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! no doubt about it

  • oliver

    obviously both

    • LOLOLO


    • RGH

      She is a tease, but I forgive her since she is sexy.

  • Rob

    HOT as hell!!!

  • parker

    #6 so fucking close goddam it

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      on this one, definitely a tease. YUM, do want!!

    • Cody

      any idea what movie this is? i would watch it just for this scene

      • Mike

        A Love Song for Bobby Long, very good movie

  • shamshe

    man is she ever going to do some boob showin?

  • jetrome

    #7 Sexy as HHHEEEEELLLLLL!!!!! Bouncy bouncy

    • Anon

      which movie is this?

      • JPV

        He's not that into you, like 30 min in


    Sexy!! Thumbs?

  • zman


  • sooty

    Chivers I just wanted to share

    you're welcome

    • zman

      Does she have head lice?

    • sooty

      if you were actually looking at her hair then I have bad news for you.

      personally i was just replaying 0:43-0:45 over and over again

    • MDC


    • sully23

      Lame. She needs bigger boobs and hair that doesn't block them

    • Wolfram

      She's hot but way too full of herself… doing a video of her hair… douchette? But hey I wouldn't pass her up if I had the chance.

    • Da Sandman

      "oh wait, what's that colour called again..? oh right brown! =D"…… omfg are u kidding me? :-/ why the hell make a video of your hair??

    • BeccaB86

      Her hair is a bit curly today… 'cause she curled it.

      • MeisterMon

        Is that how you gals do it!?!

        Did you know that her hair is also uhhhmmmm brown, I think, but maybe black cause that is what it was in her last commercial!!

        WTF… Submit to Chive, don't embed in a post about Scarlett! FAIL

        • Frank A. Alvarado

          For some reason i read that in a British accent and it felt right..

    • Fapramento

      WTF? Do Not WANT…don't pollute this PERFECT WOMAN's POST. Scarlett Jo is perfection.

    • hapa_nerd

      Why would you post this here? I am honestly confused.. all I can determine from this is that you have a weird hair fetish. Congratulations.

    • Urban

      WTF am I looking at? Solution: Head and Shoulders.

    • its_forge

      Jesus Christ I think I just suffered brain damage watching that

    • WillDover

      Attractive, but too many clothes. And maybe a scalp problem. But what about Scarlett??

    • top dog

      The next time you think about sharing something…..don't.

  • Flufferdoodle

    Sean Penn, you bastard.

  • thatguy

    I don't care how big of a tease she is … she is smokin hott.

    • JAMESJ

      Again Huh?
      Thanks for all the info?
      And I do like your hair/

    • This Guy

      You said it ThatGUy

  • BobbyBoucher

    What is #2, #6, and #7 from? she is smokin!

    • Ab Latif

      #2, #7 the movie He is just not that into you

    • Mike

      #6 is from A Love Song For Bobby Long, great movie and really shows how good of an actress she can be

    • do it

      ill watch that movie just for #2 . i….just….i just cant stop staring at that…

  • Horatio

    Can we say a Sexy Tease? That can be fun too… for awhile… I guess.

  • Stephan Hahn

    She looks like a young voluptuous Marilyn Monroe

    • Its-a me, Mario

      because we all know the old marilyn monroe…

    • Egon

      you are blind sir. she looks like a scarcrow compared do Marilyn Monroe.


    It’s why were are all in the Matrix.
    I like #10.

  • phalphalla

    I wanna titfuck her so bad !!

  • acash

    *I (not I'm)

  • equalizermax

    #6 Wow!

  • ROK247

    thems is some fine mamba jambas, sho nuff!

  • Eeik5150

    Scarlett was willing to do a nude scene in The Island, but director Michael Bay said no. I'd say not a cock tease, just Michael Bay is a huge douche bag.

    • Terry Burke

      she also said she is willing to do a nude photo shoot too

  • Wolfram

    I could watch #2 for a while. In fact, I think I will.
    But yeah, ScarJo has a great rack.

  • Kris

    She is the biggest tease ever, but that contributes to her being the most wanted forbidden fruit ever. Seriously, the day she unleashes those glorious sweater puppies from her clothing the world will rejoice. The Middle east will be at peace, North Korea will become a Democracy, and Impotent men the world over will finally have wood.

    I've always thought Scarlett to be my #1 actress hottie. Seriously… if I were ryan reynolds I'd totally be pulling my head out my ass right now and trying to sabotage sean penn.



  • Dirty Dingus

    I could only click thumbs up once….but it deserves so much more.

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