• butters


  • dean

    the music was so perfect lol

    • varu1976

      Whats the name of the song… got it stuck in my head

    • Taylor

      I thought the same thing, wow this song is perfect for this video…

  • anon

    sounds like woody harelson

    • anon

      I thought that voice sounded familiar it totally sounds like him

    • joshdyk87

      I think it is? Sounds just like him

  • ben

    imagine if it actually wasn't Denver

    • ............

      He was set up! he bite marks don't match!

  • boatswain

    i want to re-title this high dog was hungry

  • ashley_e_love

    I don't know if it's all the green jello shots talking but he looks like the sweetest dog ever.

  • PointBlank_

    poor doggy

  • Josh Gorter

    I think the cat set him up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Salazar/655968416 Victor Salazar

      that conniving cat!

  • Kimo

    That dog is so fucking high!

    • Pat

      That is exactly what I was thinking…. Must have gotten into the Catnip!!!!

  • alate

    is it just me? or is the dog just plain scared of the guy? I think there's a looot of tension in its face and not sure it is guilt

    • Guilty

      The dog wasn't scared… he would have pulled away when he moved his hand near his face. That dog was guilty and felt bad.

    • andyg8180

      when you own a dog you know when they do bad things cuz thats how they act… it was just awesomer cuz he showed his teeth like he was crying lol. My dog doesnt do that, but he curls up when hes been bad. That owner is a great owner cuz he says "kennel" and they go to their room without yelling or hitting. Lots of bad owners out there. This guy is not one of them.

      • Lylah

        wrong! I've been working with dogs professionally for 11 years. Dogs don't know when they do bad things! Dog's don't know what's good and bad until you teach them. This dog is incredibly upset, scared, anxious and showing nothing but extreme submission. This does nothing to teach the dog what he did was wrong. The dog is reacting to the owner's tone of voice and irritation. A dog that shows this type of behavior has most likely been yelled at and punished many times before. Teaching a dog that it's crate is for punishment is exactly what every veterinarian, behaviorist and dog trainer will tell you NOT to do. The crate should be a place where the dog feels safe, not a place where it is forced to go when it does something wrong. It's completely counter productive.

        • andyg8180

          okay there killer… this is the chive… not debate how to train your dog…

        • Kyle

          "Dogs don't know when they do bad things!" followed by contradiction "Dog's don't know what's good and bad until you teach them."

          I will not try to discredit your claim to professionalism here, but anyone who grew up with dogs (myself included) knows obedience when they see it. and the idea of using a crate as a form of punishment is fine and dandy as long as you are not trying to kennel train them (using the kennel for sleep, while alone in the house, etc.).

        • Brad

          I second what she said…

          dogs don't know they have been bad, they just know they are in trouble when you wave the torn up bag of treats in his face…

          • Steeb

            so are you saying the other dog is retarded and didn't realize he was in trouble?
            anyways….this whole debate is stupid….this is the chive…..just chill out and enjoy

            • Brad

              the dog knows he's in trouble when the guy talks to him in that tone and waves the bag in his face, the dog doesn't know he's in trouble for getting the cat treats off the counter and eating them…

              you have to catch the dog in the act, waving the bag in his face afterwards is like when people put their dog's faces near the pee they left on the rug, us humans think the dog knows it's being punished for peeing on the rug, but all the dog knows is that he's in trouble when his face is put down near the pee…

              • bman

                Agree and disagree. My dog, when I get home and he's done something he knows he shouldn't, has his ears down and tail between his legs before I even see him. I agree that you cannot punish a dog unless you catch him in the act, but I cannot disagree more that they are ignorant to their actions….I've seen regret without saying or doing anything!

        • Guest

          Uh oh watch out, we got the dog whisperer. How bout ya tone it down a bit, if ya want to debate or give your expert opinion, I recommend you go to a different website. Here at the Chive, your argument is invalid. This is suppose to be light-hearted and funny. Get over your serious, dog expert self and have a sense of humor! Sheeesh!

        • alate

          totally agree with you, I ended up thinking "fine guys, u want to see a dog that feels remorse instead of a dog that wants to bite but is too terrified to do so… well.. go ahead, nothing I can do about it"

          if anybody thinks different, well, it is your right to do so.. but my dogs bend their ears and tuck their tails between their legs whenever I scold them, and they usually lick my hand afterwards.
          whenever they grind their teeth like that they're hunting something or pissed at something and you'd better not get in their way

    • Andy

      @alate i agree with you, the way he was showing his teeth was in an aggressive manner, he actually looked very scared.

      • Sam

        Showing his teeth the way he did is actually a sign of extreme fear and submission, not aggression.

      • alate

        yeah, i thought he was gonna bite his hand off but was too scared to do it! I believe that dog has not been educated but abused

    • Jak

      Regardless what the hell the damn dog felt is a moot point. This was a great shorty.

  • Anakrusix

    Whatever they do- DON'T LET THEM CRACK YOU, DOG!! Noooo!!!

  • Matt

    and this is why dogs are better than cats!

    • Da Sandman

      because they steal cat treats out of the closet..?

      • ill0gix

        no, because they're just awesome. duh

  • My Tube Is Full

    A minute later you hear a baseball being thrown against the wall in a steady rhythm

    • Maynard B.

      Good obscure reference. You must be a devoted Steve McQueen follower also.

    • Neil

      Cooler! 2 weeks!

  • Jake

    "and you let it happen!"

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      "i told that idiot he'd get caught. he said 'no bro, i know you got my back'. he should have shared those treats with me"

    • r@f

      Other Dog: The fuck I do??!

  • Mike

    I find it absolutely hilarious when people talk to their dogs and act like the dog got all of what they were saying. I mean, sure, you can teach it to understand various commands but trying to have a conversation with your dog is kind of insane.

    • Keith

      They do understand body language and tone of voice tho.

    • Wavien

      I think there is something about dogs being able to understand about 200 human words.

      • Sam

        the record is over 1000

    • floscar

      You've missed the point of the video, you must be a cat person.

    • Matt

      That's the most insane thing Ive ever heard. Dogs are very intelligent creatures. My dogs are crazy smart. What planet are you from man, your either from a place that eats dog or your just uneducated.

    • Tyler Durden

      Its pretty obvious you dont have a dog. Every dog owner (myself included) talks to their dog as if its a child. lol I have full blown conversations when its just us 2 alone in the house.

    • Roberto

      your dumb. You short them on credit. THey get it.

  • booby


  • T-Boz

    I think Denver was about a Nanosecond away from biting his accuser! And rightly so, Judge, Jury and executioner, Has the world gone mad!"" FREE DENVER!!!

    • IRock


  • Its me

    I have a lab, its awesome how accurate this is

  • doglover

    Cutest video evar.!!
    I hope the owner is a nice guy and loves both of em. They deserve love not punishment.

  • KhmerStory

    This made my day.

  • force kin

    brilliantly funny

  • Snailpoo

    Anyone know that song?

    • Da Sandman

      type some of the lyrics in google and add 'lyrics' at the end, you'll find it eventually 🙂

    • Denver

    • Frank

      Greatest song ever.

  • Alaa kayal

    i am seriously hurt now

  • Damo

    What was the name of the song?

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.givans Thomas Givans

    I think this is the perfect video to break my posting virginity. That was soo funny. I was laughing out loud through the entire video. Keep up the great work chive!!!

    • todd

      Is it me… Or does this guy look like douchebag Steve?

      • Jack Bauer

        Scumbag Steve. Please insert coin to know meme.

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