Rare Civil War photos found (27 photos)

  • That Guy

    America had to go through a lot of growing pains to get where we are.

    • Ron Morrison

      Pretty much back where this staerted from!

  • His Story

    Wow. The bloodiest war on American soul.

    • Rob

      Civilian casualties in Iraq are x10 the deaths including soldiers for civil war, Check into vietnam as well. Relearn your history bud

      • aaron

        "Relearn" your reading comprehension bud. He said/meant on American soil.

        • Andy

          REPOST: "Relearn" your reading comprehension aaron he did not say soil.
          Rob may be wrong in this case but just because the u is next to the I on the keyboard, doesn't render his statement true the original poster did not type soil but soul. Unless you are the original poster and have the mens rea and know his exact intention you are simply assuming it was a typo. Assuming which renders this statement false. – thanks briggs

          • His Story

            It was a typo, I meant soil

          • haterade

            Rethink becoming a lawyer Andy. you're might be a big enough douchebag, but you are clearly not smart enough

            • Lawyer

              REPOST: "Relearn" your reading comprehension aaron he did not say soil.

              But he's right…… damn

      • nemesis

        I hear WWII caused more than a couple of scuffed knees as well.

        • nemesis

          I guess I take that back. I didn't read it as soil. I read it as soul, which is also comprehensible… in a way. I'll get me coat.

      • drew

        I'm relatively sure that was a typo for "American soil," (notice the U next to the I on a keyboard) which renders his statement true. Back under the bridge with you.

      • ss396maxx

        Wow … You had to get the Iraq/Vietnam reference in there didn't ya?! I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you blame Bush for the Civil War and the fact you missed the 'american soil' part of that post.

        • Briggs

          What references would he use for arguing his point, We invaded both countries causing brutal brutal casualties Of course he is going to use the two most prevalent and pointless wars where we invaded not defended.

          • V4vendetta14

            Most of the civilian causalities came from civil war in Iraq. Sunnis and Shiites murdering each other while there was nobody to stop them. You can blame America all you want, it doesn't make us responsible for a people that have been fighting over the succession of Muhammad since the 3rd century.

            Vietnam, ok that was our bad. But if you supply the enemy, you are the enemy…

      • Fisheyes

        So, if 620,000 soldiers died in the civil war, you're telling me that 6.2 Million Iraqi's have died in war related violence since 2003? Um…no. Check again, Rob. http://www.iraqbodycount.org/ Not. Even. Close.

      • That Guy

        so i just ran the numbers. estimated is 670,362 have died in the Iraqi war. estimated death toll for the American Civil war is 700,000.
        actual counts are 170,362 for the Iraqi War and 620,000 for the American Civil War. Not only can you not read as 'His Story' clearly said 'on American soil' but you can't count either.

        • chuck

          Fucking grammar Nazis.

          • Anonymous

            No shit, when did theChive hire so many post police to criticize every person that replies to anything on here. Union ftw.

    • jojo

      fucking trolling or what!!!

  • nemesis

    Hardly rare, but fascinating none-the-less. #13

  • Bryan

    Cool. Makes it seem more real, instead of just something in a history book.

  • kris


    • JeffTheRicker

      You so failled that I pitty you!

      • Admiral Ackbar

        You so 'failled' at spelling failed and pity that I 'pitty' You!

        Sorry, Couldn't resist!

        • Jakki

          Lol, wonderful Admiral.. Though, on a serious note, who the hell says "first"? A little juvenile, don't you think?

          • Admiral Ackbar

            No, I agree with you 100%. It was a stupid post and who cares who is first? I just couldn't resist.

  • Wolfram

    Awesome shots. That was a crazy time period in the world. I really like #26

    Also, I know one good looking Chivette who is going to love this gallery lol. Any guesses who?

    • WinningChiver

      Lauren could start a few wars of her own…

    • Lauren Gentile


      Literally just made my work day 77554 times better. And that's an underestimate. xD

  • aaron

    It would have been so depressing to live back then. Everything was black/white/brown. The grass was brown and the water was almost white. Sad.

    • dub

      And then we got color photography.

      • haterade

        are you trolling? cause all these stupid comments look like trolls, but they have none of the wit of the typical troll.

        • oh4fuckssake

          It's called a joke, dipshit.

  • Kunta

    #14 punk ass

    • Mek

      Why is Robert E. Lee a punkass? He was against slavery, a brilliant general, and only fought on the side of the south because of his devotion to Virginia, he also supported reintegration of the south with the north, and became a college president.

      Read a history book. He wasn't a villan by any means.

      • Kunta

        Hes a punk ass cuz he lost, and when he lost, signed and ended the war with Grant, he sat in a wicker chair while Grant had a chair with a cushion…therefore punkass! Also they stole his house like a boss and turned his property into a cemetary, sure he was compensated later on for his land but well below market value…bitchassness

        • Admiral Ackbar

          Sad that people actually think this way. He's a punkass because of the chair he sat in? Wow, just wow.

          • memphis761

            Kunta should just go ahead and drop the "a" from the end of his name, then he'll have it right

          • BeccaB86

            I should probably get new patio furniture now.

            • Admiral Ackbar


    • KUNTA


      • Obvious troll

        well played sir.

      • KUNTA

        Admiral Ackbar probably has the biggest hard on ever, hes been waiting for a post like this for years just so that he could flex his muscles…congrats to you and your history major, have fun making 20k a year..d-bag

  • Bob

    #18…Like a boss.
    #26…Something like this makes me remember that Pirates weren't the only ones with awesome ass ships and canons.

  • http://jameskruger.blogspot.com/ JAMESJ

    Another time.
    Horrifically to think about that war.

    • Lisa

      Made me ashamed of the woman at Starbucks today. They didn't get the extra caramel in her cappuccino.

      The sacrifices & lives of our grandparents mattered. I'm not so sure if all of ours will. :-/ I'm gonna go make sure today matters for me. 😉

  • nygenxer

    #19 – is the American flag being used as a table cloth? Amazing photos; thanks for posting.

  • orely?

    is #11 abe too?

    • matty


  • Kunta

    probably, with all his army of southern redneck queers behind him, one on one this punk bitch gets ownd by every black man that ever lived

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Why so much hate? Not one person alive today has ever been a slave, just saying. And the Civil War was more about State's Rights vs. Federal Oversight than just slavery. Why we Americans need to dumb everything down amazes me sometimes.

      • Penelope

        Go Admiral Ackbar! =)

      • LOLWUT

        Ya damn right, Admiral. +100 thumbs up for not being ignorant.

    • Paul

      Lee was also against the was and leaned more to the North as far as policies were concerned. He was not in the war because he was pro-slavery. In fact many scholars today believe was against slavery and that his wife and daughter worked to educate and free slaves.

      Lee was asked to head the Union Army by Lincoln but refused because he He refused to raise arms against his home state of Virginia.

      Pick up a book and learn your history before making ugnorant comments like that.

      • Paul

        says the guy who misspelled "ignorant"

        • concernedededed

          ugnorant! this guy is a easy troll

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #6 – "I'm just a Buffalo Soldier in the heart of America." ~ Bob Marley


    not really all that funny, nice try tho


    I believe you are correct, thats exactly what I thought of.

  • Lauren Gentile

    HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU CHIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, a hell of a lot!

    Honestly, you guys just got so much more awesome in my book (which doesn't really matter, but you get the point)!! Picking a favorite is pretty difficult but #19 is just…amazing!

    • aaron

      Were you meaning to post on the "Mind the Gap" gallery?!?! You should not get that excited over this. Mind the Gap, most definitely.

      • Lauren Gentile

        As much as I'm a fan of lady parts, Civil War history is seriously an obsession of mine! In plus, I have a gap but I DON'T have tons of Civil War photos to look at on a daily basis!

        • Admiral Ackbar

          Awesome! Hot and a history buff to boot. Impressive, most impressive.

    • ClariseStarling

      Pretty famous photo of Lincoln with little mac, general McClellan, at Antietem in '62.

      • Admiral Ackbar

        That was when he basically fired him as General of the Union army and then appointed Grant in his place.

    • Honest Joe

      I think I fell in love with you a little more today Lauren.

    • Poontangler

      Ole Abe doesn't even notice the photo being taken. He's pretty easy to sneak up on. Booth Photograph circa 1865.

  • ss396maxx

    Your 100% correct. The hangings were held right outside the court house and the road that this court house sat on is named gallows road still to this day in Fairfax VA.

    • dub

      Drop some fucking knowledge!

  • Bumblerbee

    #2 sent shivers down my spine.

    • dub

      #2 sent chivers down my spine.

      • Bumblerbee

        I must have read your reply about 6 times before I caught your play on words. Nicely done!

    • Sarge

      Don't mean to NERD on everyone… but in case anyone is interested, this photo (#2) was taken at the hanging of the 3 men and 1 woman, convicted of having a hand in the Lincoln Assassination.

      Mary Surratt, the first woman ever to be federally executed and also the centerpiece of the movie The Conspirator, is the one on the left. Interestingly, there was never any hard evidence she had anything to do with it.

      • Bumblerbee

        The Civil War: True American Story, next on History.

        Nerd on home slice.

  • Irelevant

    "white girl pancake ass" LOL

  • Wing Zero

    How sad. I just wish this entire chapter could have been averted.

    I've always wondered if the events that occured in England had taken hold here in the US, would we have averted this horror. (Abolition of the British Slave Trade)

    • K-Mac

      It wasn't about slavery. That didn't even become part of the issues until well after the war started. Keep in mind it was the Northern states who imported the vast majority of slaves. Also, Abraham Lincoln's wife and her family owned slaves during the war as well. (Not something taught in the history books!) Still, it's sad that it came to blows even over the states rights issues.

      • TheDarkKnight


        It definitely was not about slavery, it was largely a battle over states rights…. it is wholly inaccurate to claim that the northern states "imported the vast majority of slaves"

        Abolition of slavery was, essentially, an afterthought as Lincoln saw the opportunity and (thankfully) took it

        • K-Mac

          Didn't mean to imply that the north was using the slaves. Only that it was northern shipping companies that were purchasing them and delivering most of them to the south… my bad.
          The north had plenty of cheap Irish labor they didn't have to house a feed.


      it is important to remind ourselves of these types of events, for it is through this history that we could be able to avoid repeating them… the blood shed is only wasted if we've learned nothing from it….

  • equalizermax

    And we call our self Merica as a democratic country separated from the monarchy British Empire…

    • TiminPhx

      uhhhh, What?

    • TheDarkKnight


      WE call ourselves the United States of America .. a constitutionally based representative republic who rebelled against the British monarchy

  • Chris Scharff

    This post made me sad on a few counts. 1) It was a dark time in our history. The war pitted brother against brother and father against son.
    2) Reading through the comments today, I see that our normally open minded Chivers have devolved into party line holding racists and sheep.
    3) Just look at the bodies. That's enough to haunt me for the rest of the day.

    Having said all this, I did enjoy this deeper than the usual fare post today. Chive on guys.

    • eyeguy

      well said Chris!

    • ClariseStarling


      Thank you for your service.

    • jeffzero

      Chris, thanks for your comment and your service. The comments today reflect a true American problem, ignorance. Ignorance about critical past events, and ignorance as to why those events are really important. We could all do a TON better by doing more research on this topic, like reading speeches by leaders on both sides. More than just the normal popular fare. Our history books are all about the viewpoint of the victors, but the words of the leaders on both sides are illuminating. I think a good starting point to see the other side is starting with the Cornerstone Speech on Wikipedia (or wherever) then following the sources or related links from there. Its an easy starting point. If the information is lacking, update it. Trolling comment forums is a dangerous place to get your history lessons.

    • Lisa

      Chris, to start off with, I thank you and your family for the sacrifices you all make just so you can do your job. It means the world to me.

      When looking at the comments, please remember that the noise boxes are exactly that. Noisy. As much as I love the other Chivers…as much as y'all make me laugh…sometimes y'all are idiots. I've been there too. Take the good comments…hold them near…let the b.s. slide away.

      The posting of dead bodies is unusual for thechive but if we don't remember our history, we will eventually re-live it. I'd rather remember than go through this version of hell again. Peace.

  • Sgt

    #18 Made me LoL

    Guess some things will never change

  • TiminPhx

    Yeah, that whole other thing about the Declaration, his presidancy, what's that matter when someone can take a predictable shot at one of America's Founding Fathers. You know, one of those folks who designed our rights to write comments ever so desperate to impress others with how clever we are…

    • aaron

      It's funny because of the hypocrisy Jefferson displayed. Lighten up. Don't think Jefferson had anything to do with the first amendment.

      • Thomas Jefferson

        I actually was dependent on slaves, just like all the other plantation owners of the south, but was actually against slavery. The only reason I kept salves, once again just like all the other plantation owners, was because the plantation wouldn't have survived if the slaves weren't there to work it. I was more for keeping our quality of life and economics rather than condemning black people to a hard life of slavery. My love for the African Americans and that I thought them my equals was never more noticeable with Sally Hemings…

        • haterade

          that's the reason I keep slaves! I am a true hero…

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