• equalizermax

    First: Haters Gonna Hate… ————->

    • troy


    • musetv


  • Patrick Wichert

    holy SHIT! that is gangsta!

    • Anon

      no you moron it is not gangsta at all… know what is not gangsta the name Patrick

  • BaJezzus

    I hate shitty parking jobs as much as the next guy, but that might be going a little overboard.

    oh…who am I kidding. I would do that to every bastard I came across double parked too. Wait for them to come out, and look at them like, "what?" lol

  • Random

    Yakov Smirnoff is having a field day with this video…… wherever he might be.

    • William H Macy

      in Russia, Car tows YOU

      • ryan


      • uberbrie

        really…that applies to America to…I mean…REALLY?

  • Scumbag Steve

    Borrows car, gets it thrown away.

    • jB!


  • Henrik

    If the cars had'nt been destroyed, he would have gotten a good prize too.

  • uberbrie

    I know what I'm asking for for Christmas

  • floscar

    That dude must own at claw games in stores.

  • Eric Harding

    I don't think that those cars are being towed. First, they are both the same exact car. Second, they don't have license plates. I have a feeling that they are cars that are rejects and are not to be sold so they are being destroyed.

    • Nicholas Warner

      I would have to agree with this!!

    • HiItsMe

      i was just about to say the same thing. plus how are these two cars double parked???

    • 27bslash6

      Agreed.. No towing going on here. This is something else entirely.

    • Steve Shaw

      Both cars are Mazdas, and the next car over looked like a different model of Mazda… I'm with you on this one.

      That and… what fucker would be stupid enough to DESTROY two perfectly good newer model cars. Give them away, use them for government vehicles, auction them off… anything!

      • Animal42

        Also at the beginning, the silver cars roof already looks damaged to me..

    • turbosmurf

      or some sort of weird Russian Mazda marketing campaign.

    • LeonadroB

      Rejects? Are you fecking serious?

  • NothingToSeeHere

    I'm amazed the roof is capable of supporting the weight of the entire car. Under compression is one thing (rollover, etc), but under tension? That's unexpected.

    • Wolfram

      Metal is extremely good under tension. Standard 1020 cold drawn steel can withstand 64000lbs/sq. in. (yield strength. 75ksi ultimate strength)

      I mean just look at how small the neck on the claw is.

    • Burpo

      that's the reason why concrete got steel bar inside. concrete=compression, steel=tension 😀

    • poe

      Dude, I'm betting you're a structural engineer

  • Sean

    It is quite obvious that this car is not double parked.

  • lidalida

    You ain't nothing against my claw of power! Bitcheeees.

  • WinningChiver

    My ex needs her car towed too…

  • ssf

    If a car is a reject they would strip the car down and reuse the parts that are fine.

    • Eric Harding

      Not true at all. In America they donate them to schools for auto tech programs. Once the auto tech programs are done with them they are to be destroyed. No parts are to be removed or resold. Chrysler and GM are big into this program.

      • Yucky

        At Nissan in Smyrna, TN, This is what is done with most of them. Paying workers to tear them down isn't worth it. And although some do get donated to automotive schools and high schools, the vast majority are indeed scraped.

        • alf

          That's sad it's cheaper to destroy then tear them apart. If you're going to destroy them and get nothing back for them, then just sell them to someone who will take the time to tear them apart for spare parts.

  • boatdrinks4u2

    Ah bleen! eta moya machina!


    they are cars that were damaged during shipping….so they get destroyed

    • ryan

      hungry children in africa need cars. And look at how we just waste ours.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Look like Mazdas from the Cougar Ace

  • Dr. Claw

    HAHAHA I've got you this time Gadget!

  • ACon

    I call BS on that. They were two identical cars, and even the one next to them looked to be the same. There had to be a reason to destroy to brand new cars.

    • qwertz

      They were used in illegal drug trafficking – special compartments were made in their bodies and frameworks. Can't be sold, because they can be used for another drug trade stuff. Besides, driving these is too dangerous, because frameworks are damaged from cutting and welding.

  • Evelyn

    omg i'd be so fuckin mad, thats a nice car too…

  • Yucky

    This is at a automotive plant. Whenever something goes horribly wrong in the manufacturing process, the cars are scraped. I used to work at the Nissan plant and this is almost an everyday occurrance. Not strange at all.

  • Airwalktdk

    refreshed and seen this vid soo many times. Waiting for DAR

  • Messiah

    thats just badass!

  • egnaro

    not even save the tires?

    seems like a waste to me

    • musetv

      yeh i worked with someone who used to be the foreman at the toyota factory nearby. he said if a miniscule imperfection (like a dropped stitch in the fabric) was in a car they would trash the whole thing instead of replacing the affected part.


  • sniggi

    assuming this is genuine, I'm not surprised at the Russians' stupidity. What part of damaging a vehicle and smashing it makes more sense than towing it and selling it wholesale? DERP

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