The World’s Largest Squat – In A Window by Julio Bittencourt (25 photos)

Jullio Bittencourt photographed the inhabitants of this 22 story Sao Paulo, Brazil building in their windows, from which they communicated with one another. This abandoned building has since been cleared of it's estimated 1,630 people, including 468 families and 316 children. Bittencourt had this to say about her work, "My intention was to show a symbolic and a physical barrier, the decay of the materials, the dignity of the people who survive behind them, and the decay of a system that doesn’t integrate its inhabitants into society."

Learn more about Julio Bittencourt HERE

  • dougie

    everyone is looking at hump day… therefore, no comments.

    Go Patty!

  • Sizzle

    The whole thing looks staged. Cheers to her if it isn't.

    • popo

      these are portraits, the people knew they were being photographed.

    • TitoRigatoni

      Cheers to *him. Pretty sure Julio is a man's name.

      • Mike

        "Bittencourt had this to say about her work…" Next time, read the description before posting so you don't seem like such a dumbass.

        • sniggi

          hey dumbshit, chive made a typo because this is actually a male artist. check the link

    • 123

      I agree. This is totally fake. I also call bullshit on the Mona Lisa. That bitch ain't real.

  • 123

    Pretty awesome

  • I..

    like the colors.

  • Marley is the Man

    Here comes the cliche' comment:
    Find her. ha haaa

  • DistractedIndividual

    Love the colors used, adds to the feeling of disparity.

  • rbfn04

    Mmmmm, there is no socialism is Brazil, sir…

    • Captain Obvious

      Mmmm, You need to understand more about what Brazil's government has done to achieve growth. Indeed government hands on industry is a huge aspect of Socialism and it exists in Spades in Brazil.

  • zighawk73

    Dude, there goes the Chive trying to give you Philistines some culture and all you can do is…holy shit that does look like a vagina!

    • Mike

      Since when is culture defined by a photo that has been 'shopped to hell?

  • Liberal

    Honestly? Lame…

  • Lisa

    Starkly beautiful & hopeful. Makes me grateful for well…damn near everything in my life. Thank you Leo.

  • disturbed

    District 9 in a highrise. Sad.

  • Charles


  • Bacon1981

    looks massively overprocessed in photoshop

    • Ass Grease

      Agreed. The after processing overshadows the subject.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    makes me realize that even in the most stuffed, bleak and dark places there can be happiness

    • xXbeergorillaXx

      just like between your ears! cheers beers

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        ive spawned a clone!! my life is accomplished now, welcome beergorilla
        cheers, many beers

  • Junior

    I know this is artsy and all and it does depict poverty we have no idea of in the US, but I gotta admit it's difficult to make the emotional shift from hump day to this…chive on and thanks for trying to raise our consciousness

    • Guy

      I dunno. This building is nicer than pretty much any place you'd find in Detroit.

    • Mike

      You act like Brazil is a 3rd world country. Brazil has the 8th largest economy in the world and is up there in terms of alternative fuels (ie. bio-diesel, and power plants that aren't run on coal). Compared to various other South American countries, Brazil is rich!

      There are people who get by somehow on 5 dollars a month in this world. They probably aren't Brazilian though.

  • force kin

    is it an advent calender

  • 2cool4skool

    Very nice work.

  • Lia

    Wonder what happened to all those people once they were put back on the streets?

  • lasso

    The photographer could probably buy the building and with the cash from how much he is selling his prints for…. $4,300 for 40×33" or $11,500 for 79×95"

    • lasso

      *and save it from being demolished* typo



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