• http://www.facebook.com/kylelarsgjolberg Kyle Lars Gjolberg

    If you met my girlfriend, you'd be choking on your words.😉

  • AllieD

    Q should be Quail Man.

  • Luckyguy

    Want hot chicks? go to http://www.oneadayporno.com

  • Stephen

    Z should have been for Zatanna

  • Rick

    He should've used Zatanna

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    […] Can you identify these Alphabet Superheroes? (2 HQ photos) : : theCHIVE. […]

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  • Jefferson

    if he's your boyfriend and he's the 40yr old virgin, why don't you fucking fuck him?

  • http://pagebandits.com/superman/s-is-for-superman-obviously-but-can-you-guess-the-rest-of-the/ Superman » Blog Archive » 'S' is for Superman (obviously), but can you guess the rest of the …

    […] conflict reposting this shot from a overworked fellows over during TheChive.com. Artist Fabien Gonzalez made an overwhelming upper-case rise designed to impersonate a dress of a […]

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