• Backpacks Got Jets

    Kid Rock?

  • disturbed

    Kill it before it grows.

    • Jak

      Ha She probably has more talent at that age than you have

      • Wilson

        Hrmm… You have one strange definition of talent.

  • docswilson

    still better then 99% of metal music

    • Nicholas Warner


    • some guy

      Right, because it sucks so bad to be versed in music theory and be technically proficient at playing instruments. o_o

      Gimme a friggin break.

      metal owns music.

      • Jason R. Smith

        yes, they are technically proficient but the music is annoying and aggressive. try out some phish or keller williams for technically proficient musicianship coupled with groove.

        • droopaloop

          Phish? Seriously? Take a fucking shower and shut the fuck up you hippie.

          • Jason R. Smith

            yes. seriously. trey anastasio will likely out perform most metal musicians. furthermore, the band phish will play longer sets, shows, over periods of days. show me a metal band with that stamina and dedication. and for what it's worth, i am not a hippie. hippies lived in the 60s. i am a successful i.t. professional who also has a solid background in music theory. if you don't recognize the symbol in my avatar then you are likely not 'in the know'

    • Adam Sandler

      what do you know about music? Lets see your faggy Kanyes and Lady Gagas have half the musical talent and instrumental proficiency and dedication that the average metal band has. Just cuz you dont like it doesnt mean it sucks, foo

    • Boone

      also agree.

    • mick

      This guy obviously never heard of Between the Buried and Me …

    • crackerface

      up your's ya wierdo

  • Guy

    Future heroin overdose.

  • Quixote

    Her black heart is adorable

  • BaJezzus

    Rock the fuck out little girl!! Nice power stomping too.

  • @jamieluvstea

    I would much rather listen to her than Rebecca Black.

    • over it

      come on, the rebecca black jibes have been old for awhile now…..

      • Charles In Charge

        didn't you know if you have a female in your avitar you get 1000+ thumbs up no matter how fucking stupid you are.

        • over it

          *sigh* yeah, i know. it is the chive after all.

  • aosux

    Arch Enemy?

  • thechevron

    reminded me of queen adreena

  • Dylan Termeer

    Do i smell a grammy?

  • Blake

    Chive videos are so epic, especially since my work computer doesn't have sound

  • Mr_Rob

    Still better than Justin Beaver…

    • Lun Din

      yes yes, we get it 'justin bieber' sucks. i agree, but come up with something new.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    awwwww….shes a little angel

    of death

    • Dave


  • @Calibad

    The result of letting your children look my way.


    • Glen Danzig

      It's like you've got 20 Eyes in my head……

    • Sappercrg

      Thanks for the Danzig quote. Everyone listen to Danzig or you will die a bloody death!!!!!! 777

  • todd

    I think she is absolutely adorable… Haters gonna hate!!

    • dott

      well, i am now that you said that…

  • yup thats me

    nothing screams metal like a disney princess teeshirt…ROCK ON TILL YOU PASS OUT…then have a prince wake you up with a kiss…THEN ROCK SOME MOAR!!!

  • bisketz


  • Sheoncebelieved

    I like how she went over and took a swig of Jack Daniels half way through the performance, just like all of our favorite musicians.

  • TattooJunky

    Reminds me of the Kiddie Iron Maiden….

    • Honest Joe

      Nice. These cats had pretty solid drummers for being 3 years old.

  • ryan

    the first thing?

  • iambigd42

    These two have more talent the Justin Bieber…. just saying

  • Dave Blanchette

    Still better than rap, pop or electronic music.

  • Floopa_Joopa

    This is like a female, midget Henry Rollins circa '81.

  • scharfy

    She should ditch the family band and go solo straight off. Her brother is just holding her back…

  • V4vendetta14

    Awesome!!! Got to sing about what you know… Her brother, I assume, wasn't bad on the drums…

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