• Bob Hendrix

    Thats ridiculous

    • r@f

      Boom. No Train Tracks.

    • sheoncebelieved

      That's where Paula lives

  • Paul

    I bet that food tastes DELICIOUS

    • Jesse

      you mean…DERICIOUS?

  • LansingMI

    Mmmmm, nothing spices up a bell pepper like diesel exhaust and brake dust.

    • wat

      no such thing as a bell pepper there…

      • LansingMI

        Which is exactly not the point.

        • jue

          lollll this shit is hilarious .. comments like these make it twice as funny. gz

  • BrownNote420

    My mouth was wide open the whole video.

    • Zman

      That's what she said.

    • j-5

      choking on a giant dick

      • btard

        obvious joke is obvious

  • Brother Maynard

    Yeah, the NTSB is completely overrated.

  • Junior

    We're pussies in America, this is hard core living….

    • @chrisneufeldt

      No, that's just disgusting.

  • shwan

    looks like jersey.

  • Yucky

    Seriously? Was there not a single better place to have the market?

    • Tweds

      The market was there already – the train track was built through it, but they didnt want to have to move where their market was, so they just came up with a clever solution to the problem.

      • @chrisneufeldt

        or stubborn.

  • Picard_

    They've got that shit down to a science!

    • LansingMI

      Because the ones who didn't have all been decapitated.

  • gig em

    This is a market in Thailand. When the train is coming everyone just moves their goods out of the way, then moves them right back after it leaves

    • Greg

      thanks for the additional info.

    • bob151

      How did you know? You must live in Thailand or something…

    • dub

      No I think you have it wrong. Have you seen the video?

  • saltygary

    Human beings are out of their minds.

    • bob

      i concur

  • MacNCheesePro

    Why are we giving money to countries that hate us instead of people that need help like this one?

    • dup

      What, that country with thriving markets, plenty of food, running trains and responsible, efficient residents? Yeah, they really need our money! Savages!!

    • dash

      i'm sure this country hates us too

  • lidalida

    …. So anyway, remember when trains had their own space for their tracks?

  • Captnjack

    Goin off the raiils on a crazy traaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnnn

  • hansi kursch

    the toilets in some trains in thailand are just openings onto the tracks, does not mix well with this concept.

    • McBeastie

      You are full of shit.

      • hansi kursch

        that was the case on both the trains i rode there. im sure there are nicer ones with real facilities but this train doesn't look all that extra nice to me.

    • dub


    • northerner


  • SeaBassEX

    The third world at its finest.

  • Ken

    Not much room for shoppers…hell, not much room for anything!

  • Evo

    fuck being poor

  • vinomonom

    looks like jersy alright

  • venom

    imagine if it derailed

  • huzrdaddy

    That's why everyday I thank my lucky stars I live in the U.S.A

  • Kevin J

    Coming soon to Merica if Obama gets reelected.

    • HateKevinJ

      You're a complete fuckwit. Bush drove your sack of shite country to where it is and the republicans will take it ever further down. Specially if that alaskan crack-pot half term twat palin ever makes it in.

      • Steve

        For the record, not all Republicans like Sarah Palin. Just throwing that out there.

  • dave

    There is like literaly no room in India

    • McBeastie

      not India.

  • Rob

    Of course you can tell this isn't America, that's a vegetable market!!!! not, macdonalds, BK, Wendys

  • divido

    Here is the complete story about this unusual market.

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