• Sinjin Lewis

    that's what he gets for being a coward

  • Mitch Moseley

    Am I the only one that was expecting the battle to be settled with lightsabers?

  • wuzzman16

    hope somebody ate that goose, but im that guy that swerves towards deer when they run into the road

  • Krysta Lee

    D: Poor flying goose thing.

  • Aaron Blumberg

    Brazilian Goose-Jitsu

  • Disgusted

    I love the Chive, but I feel sorry for those (including Bob the author), who find this sort of thing funny. How is watching a living thing feel pain and suffer a needless death funny? And to laugh at that simply says how insensitive we have become as a human race. It's actually a sad statement on our society. Now, let the haters start their hate… but as you write something, I hope you remember it for years to come, because maybe, just maybe, you may look back on it and be embarrassed for what you say.

    And Chive?……… not cool. Boobs, gifs, fun stuff…… bet! But as a web site that promotes itself as "the best site in the world"……. you're sending the wrong message.

    • Lia

      My phone isn’t compatible with the viewer this video uses…I can’t see most of them, actually. Most of the time I find it annoying, but I’m thinking it’s a good thing this time. I have 0 tolerance for some things and this video sounds like it’s one of them….

  • Gaz


  • cheez

    Not cool… very un-chive.

  • Appalled

    That's horrible! What the hell is wrong w/ you all at Chive HQ?

  • Mike

    Hahaha! That's ONE way to win a fight. Hopefully it didn't bust the headlight on the driver's car. Though it would have been funny to see the face of the driver when it happened.

  • @anewsnolin1
  • LazyTheKid

    Am I a bad person for finding that hilarious?

  • chuklut finger licka

    lame, boo hiss boo

  • rene

    Not cool

  • I was expecting Bill Murray


  • Sullan


  • bluewaffle


  • divido

    Poor goose 😦

    Lost the fight first and then lost life 😦

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