• lidalida

    He won, I think

    • Ckris King

      Fatality !!

    • Tman

      There are no winners in tragic goose fights. except us.

    • uberbrie

      "Hey Dave I hear you and Brian got into a fight, who won?"
      -"Well I pushed him head on into a moving car….soooooo….me?"

  • http://www.facebook.com/schulzen Federico Schulzen

    let go man let go!
    let go!
    told you to let go..

  • Dave

    Anyone else poop in the shower if they're too lazy to hold it in?

    • Billy

      No just you ya sick fuck.

    • Jack

      Yeah, that's gross. I only do it in public swimming pools, at least there is chlorine in that water…. some peoples kids I tell ya….

    • Robi5150

      HAAA….sorry, but that was so outta left field I found it pretty funny!

    • northerner

      No, actually.

    • remerules

      How the fuck do you think YOU were 'born'?

  • 4xaClown

    Honey, I picked up a goose for dinner on the way home!

  • MigraineBoy

    Ouch… Bit depressing for a Monday don't you think?

    • Jak

      Why? The goose has wings to fly. It should not have ran into the street instead of flying away. Darwin is happy.

    • Ryan Smith

      this is a depressing day of the week

    • northerner

      Animals vs. machines. Animals lose. Nearly every time. Unless the animal is bigger than the car, in which case the animal, even if it survives is too badly injured and has to be destroyed. If a horse or a steer is hit with, say an Aveo or Yaris, the driver can come out dead by the sheer mass differences. But the animal is injured enough to require euthanization. The two kingdoms rarely intermix well…

    • for realsies

      Agreed. What a drag…

  • Cake is a Lie


  • Tim

    The new cock fight?

  • bettingonthecubs


  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    theres a cartoon dog laughing that the car missed the other geese

    • OGMrWhite

      Thumbs for the name

  • Nazz1962

    That's pretty sad. Nature at work here and then along comes a damned car 😦

    • Jack

      Yes, geese fighting over garbage scraps in a parking lot. So majestic and serene.

      • SandiegoGirl

        uhm i think he's talking about the fact that geese were doing what geese do, which almost NEVER includes a car. think about your comments before u make them, u idiot

        • Edward

          So geese doing what they do NEVER includes a car, but it does Include a parking lot, and garbage. Give your head a shake.

      • Nazz1962

        It's difficult to tell what the geese were doing, fighting or fucking – who knows. Point is, it's probably a pretty safe bet that a car wasn't on the agenda, hence my comment regarding nature-at-work. Please leave sarcasm out of the comments and try to post something NICE 🙂

        • IMHO

          It's safe to say that a goose to the grill wasn't on the agenda of the driver.

          Agenda's, everyone has one… kind of like..

          • Nazz1962

            Lol you're right, I'm sure the driver (as well as the goose) was SURPRISED as ever! hehe

        • Jim

          Its obvious you are a virgin if you couldn't figure out whether they are fighting or fucking.

          • Nazz1962

            Well I dunno, Jim – I never FUCKED a goose, but apparently you have! Is there something u want to tell us here? lol

            • Melissa

              Lol Nazz flawless victory in my book!

            • Larry

              Wow, Your pic is a creepy older guy with a pedo stache, but the words are like an elementary school kid wrote them….

              Seriously, if you think geese might be breeding when they are pecking at each other, and not fucking each other…. you have problems, whether your pseudo girlfriend thinks so, or not.

              • Nazz1962

                Uh Larry, you apparently have comprehension problems when you read, because I never said the geese were fucking, I said I didn't know whether they were fucking or fighting. Now here's a bit of information you apparently aren't aware of either – when geese mate, they DO peck and pull feathers, kinda like the way I did with your mom the other night. Point is, it's pretty sad when your entire argument is opened up with a personal attack on me when you don't even know me, or the breeding habits of the geese you're commenting on. Did you eat a giant bowl of stupid for breakfast? If I were to guess, I'd say you were a wet-behind-the-ears punk-ass bitch, am I right? Fucking pwned, get used to it!

                • Earl

                  Right – you cant tell fighting from fucking = you're a virgin. Someone who has fucked something knows they put their dick into it. You do not. I'm glad we are both clear on that fact.

                  Also, MALES peck at each other when mating, and despite your confusion ( I'm aware man on man is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear sex), its males and females that do the fucking.

                  Get it? Males fighting = Pecking Males+Females = Fucking.
                  Next time, dont try to end an argument with a rant that school boy throwing a tantrum might make. It sounds desperate.

                • Earl

                  Really, though, You're very dense. I think a retarded chimp might understand this by now. I'm truly astonished that you are able to chew and breathe at the same time without choking.

                • Larry

                  My mom doesn't have feathers, I'm not sure what you fucked. Also, I'm not sure you even fucked it.

                  Are you sure you didn't just get into a fight with a guy in a chicken costume?

              • Melissa

                you should just stay down, lol

                • Earl

                  Should i be surprised your fake persona are always women?

                  No, because Its easy to tell that deep down, you wish your outtie was an innie.

    • Your Face

      Maybe that goose should have invented his ass a car

      • Jay

        They should of chosen a better venue to fight.

        • TitoRigatoni


          • Melissa

            Nice – finally someone else who recognizes the proper form of a non-contracted word, "Should've" as being 'should have', and NOT 'should of' 🙂 Excellent and thumbs UP to you!

            • Henry

              Get a life

            • Gary

              Yay, Lets explain in a paragraph what everyone else figured out with a single word. BAHAHAHAHA.

    • Urban

      No doubt this parking lot and ajoining neighborhood are on the bird's migratory path. Yep, pretty sad for the goose 😦

      • Canada Goose

        Not as sad as the fact the U.S has been rounding them up and gassing them.

    • Goose for tea?

      Are you saying it wouldn't have been sad to see a goose die if another goose had killed it.
      You can say anything is natural, if it happens it was meant to. So the car is part of nature.
      I never thought I'd get into a philosophy debate after watching a goose get hit by a car…

  • waaat?

    I think I saw a PETA bumper sticker on that car.

  • i.glove

    There needs to be 5 to 10 more seconds….I wanted to hear their reactions

    • IMHO

      I'd go with HONK.

  • lol

    wow, the chive actually posted something funny for once.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    this video almost made me as sad as when Goose died in Top Gun

    • Del

      Hey? Do you post GOWIII videos?

  • Lars from Norway


  • SkyVader

    Actually, I was hoping that he flew into the guy filming the fight.

  • engine911

    Needs to happen more often, hate those things.

    • IMHO


  • OGMrWhite

    Darwin Knew

  • Dahm

    Fatality into traffic…poor thing

  • TherealJoel

    i also thought they where going to fuck

  • Richard

    "he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day" … well … except in this case.

  • tsk


  • vernsolo

    so why is it tagged with beautiful and nature? not to mention mind blowing? son i am disappoint.

  • KeyserSoze

    Stoopid goose. ALWAYS look both ways before crossing….

  • Troll of Truth

    How can it be sad and funny? Those are polar opposites.

    • IMHO

      Sad for the bird, but funny (in a guilty way) for us.

    • distractedindividual

      Sad in the sense that the poor goose got smashed but…I laughed my ass off[:

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