• asb


    • raf

      (last part) TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!

  • Wavien

    "In this episode of Man vs. Wild…"

    • McBeastie

      Who's piss does he drink though? His own or the moose's?

  • jdbu

    so those meese are all talk huh?

    • cedrik

      the plural is moose….. you learn it when visiting Newfoundland.

      • rekevohn

        if goose are geese, then moose are meese

        • iWould

          Wrong. Plural is Moose. Like Deer, like sheep. Meese isn't used.

          • pat

            its actually meeses

            • Meese O'horny

              meeses are mice with antlers. they can be found way up north with house hippo's and tiny giraffes

          • dub

            Wrong, it's Moosi when they're in their pod.

            • GK-4

              Stop debating about the Moosacracy

        • bettingonthecubs

          I really hope this is a brian regan reference. I gave you a thumbs up hoping that it was.

        • Hey_You

          Your logic is undeniable…

    • Mr. Jinks

      I hate those meeces to pieces!

      • TomorrowByStorm

        Many Much Moosen!

  • Wilson

    Why is he bothering the moose? I would have befriended it and put a saddle on its back.

    • Cog

      Better question yet is. Why isn't he eating it? Moose are delicious!

    • wuzzman16

      and it would kill you

    • ShakeyTheMoyle


    • .sdfg

      The dude and the moose were cool, it was the chick that upset the animal…

  • Nicnac

    The point of that was? Impress the girl? Were they on the moose's land or was it on theirs?

    • sdfghdf

      Did you see him hurt the moose? Me neither. Moose attacks can kill you. He's defending himself/his friends. If they are on the "moose's land" I doubt it was deliberate and it doesn't validate letting a moose attack them. Animals come into my back yard I don't attack them; it's not outrageous to expect the same in return 😛

      • Nicnac

        Did I say I saw him hurt the moose?

    • ROK247

      this is a classic example of the initial stages of foreplay when attempting to lay with a swedish woman. this was an example of great success, but sadly, for the man, it gets much more complicated from here…

    • Ken

      No Nicnac – people are making light of your comment because you had a pretty hard accusatory tone in your message, the whole "The point of that was? Impress the girl?" followed by the obvious question of "were they on the moose's land or was it on theirs?" in the hopes that readers would see your comment and suddenly think, "Yes NicNac you're right! Man is BAD!". Say you were on a hike and a large moose (baby or not it's still big) suddenly charged at a girl in your group, and you happened to be holding onto a stick – what would you have done? Smacked the girl in the head (knocking her out cold) so the moose would think she was dead and go back to eating berries?

  • Jimmy5923

    it's a baby moose..big deal.

    • 5dave

      A baby moose can still kick the crap out of you

      • Jimmy5923

        yeah true but lets see him do that to the full grown mother of this baby moose, or an adult male. His ass woulda been on the latest "When Animals Attack" episode.

        • Buwinkle

          ^This. The baby doesn't have the experience yet to deal with that encounter. Being that young, the mother should have been close and he could have put up a brick wall and the mother would have run it right over on top of him. Not ballsy. Just lucky.

    • ROK247

      yes full grown bull moose ( 1500lbs) will kill the shit out of you and then hang the pieces from their gigantic antlers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/spence.hutchinson Spence Diamond Hutchinson

    thats just a baby moose. an adult moose would fuck his day up.

    • Leif-Arne

      remember that the scandinavian moose is smaller than the north-american moose..
      This is not a baby moose -> this is probably just a young adult male.

    • musetv

      i know nothing of nature. what is this beast you talk of?

  • 50-50


    • CAT21


    • aleXTC

      THIS… IS…… ALASKA!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan

      Best comment of the day, you win the Internet.

  • disturb

    Can't out run it – not much choice really.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    im trying this on the next Jehovahs Witness that comes to my house…

    • Brandon

      I tried that a while ago, it dosent work, thoes people are unstopable!!!

      • truth

        try answering the door naked, and never break eye contact

    • mileses

      Hahah. thats the best thing I've heard all week thanks.

    • dbones

      sweetAwsomeness wins comments.

    • Brandon T. Anyzeski

      You just made me bust out laughing in the middle of the Barnes and Noble cafe; many stares. Thank you, thank you.

    • shaunvw

      I heard a story about a guy who invited the jehovahs witness in for brownies….they stayed and chatted for a while and when they left they couldn't figure out why everything was funny…guy gave them pot brownies

  • Dan

    Moose are mean, and hurt or kill a lot of people every year. FYI.

    • guest

      but they sure are tasty.

    • Lucas

      MOOSE can be defensive but they dont just go looking for people to hurt for no reason…

      • dub

        I can sleep easier tonight knowing this.

  • Kdub

    I find this difficult to masturbate to.

    • George

      I don't. Not in the slightest.

    • peanut3603

      That's odd, with the load I just shot it woulda killed the moose.

    • 123

      holy crap, I literally snorted when I read this. Comment of the Day without question.

    • VedHead77

      Difficult, but not impossible. Challenge accepted.

  • Gosh

    Stupid girl filming is giggling the whole time, she must not know how lucky they were not to be trampled to death

  • Tim

    A timeless struggle between man and moose. When it will end?

  • krimpy

    Moose are responsible for the majority of injuries caused by animals in Alaska.

    • krimpy

      wild animals

    • Jen

      thank you for that tid bit of information.

    • dub

      I think Alaskans are responsible for the majority of injuries caused by animals in Alaska.

    • JPJ

      But usually going through the windshield after being hit on the road.

  • John

    What a tool, leave the moose alone… I'm sure the skank was going to give it up regardless if he tried to impress her or not

  • kieranski

    not that impressed it was a cow(female), so not really going to be that huge threat of attack, if it had been bull(male) that guy would be trampled

    • RufioRufioRuFi


      • dub


        I go to Rufio for all my moose questions.

  • Will

    What a champion

  • http://www.facebook.com/heberc Heber A. Coll

    Should have yelled


    • ffokcuf

      I thought he was gonna go all Tuskan Raider on him….

  • capthook

    Im not sure that would work on Daddy moose and even though that one is small it could easily kill a man yelling with a stick.

  • DNC

    Thats how you do it… Make yourself big

    • CND

      this video made me big and hard.

  • Martin K

    Jake Sully: "What about this one?"
    Kate: "Run, Definitely RUN!!!"

  • dpitty

    next time just sacrifice the woman and save yourself the effort of lifting that bar over your head.

  • Barry

    I was really pulling for the moose to kick his ass.

  • jayman

    And the dolt just scared off dinner for a month…

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