Food is the quickest way to my heart. True story (25 Photos)

  • The Flint Skinny

    #5 The gun that took down Osama.

    • MigraineBoy

      Death by heart attack?

    • Navy Seal 6

      The joke that took down Flint Skinny.

  • Random

    FLBP or hump day is the quickest way to my ….. um…. heart

  • disturbed

    #14 Imma have to try that.

  • Royce

    #25 Awesome!

    • bunedoggle

      I hope that's vodka.

    • Blake

      See..I thought this was kinda gross…like it was supposed to be at a baby shower or something.

      • bubblerider86

        my first thought was "Baby?" eww…creeped me out a bit

        • dub

          It would probably be less fleshy than the last baby I ate.

          • dub

            .. seeing as how it's still a fetus.

            • Step

              Jokes are funnier when you explain them…. really…

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #14 flying spaghetti monster?!?

    • Erich Backhus

      The Spaghediety reveals Himself in many ways.

    • zighawk73

      Welcome to the loving embrace of His Noodly Appendage.

  • DistractedIndividual

    definitely going to try to make #21 this summer!

  • mrjimmyos

    #6 if you liked that then checkout this dudes gallery, he probably took that picture…

  • Artex

    #14 is horrifying to me….

    • Dan

      reminds me of the sentinels from the Matrix in food form

    • Billy Bob

      No shit that looks gross by I will still try it when I get home.

  • mitter78

    #23 .. shushi?

  • Seannerz

    #15 Yeah, no thanks.

    • A guy

      #15 says turtle egg.

  • Urban

    #15 So where do you store this? HA

    • GK-4

      … in a freezer.

      • dub

        Sarah Palin' Vagina?

  • Holly Sands

    Is it bad that I was only bothered about the Moomins cup in #1?

  • Oasis

    #10 This is just bad ass.

    • dub

      Step 1: Sugar Beet
      Step 2: Artistic Skill
      Step 3: Find a way to preserve it.
      Step 4: Profit!!!!

      Very cool, indeed!

  • Exiliado

    #2 looks strange… but kind of tasty

    • dub

      Could I get that without the anal sex?

  • pdiddily420

    Those pancakes are out and proud!! #2

    • Blake

      If you wake up to these pancakes…you're doing it wrong…or maybe doing it right, guess that depends /shrug

  • EdWood

    #11 Best of both worlds collide.
    #14 I'll pass.
    #24 Now that's cute.

    • BentWrenches

      actually tried #11 last night not so great really. just sayin

  • James

    #14 My kids love these!

  • First?

    Alexandria, mn

  • Mr_Rob

    #25 Genious.

    • Skippy

      Genius is one of those words that is more embarrassing to spell wrong than your average word.

  • GK-4

    #5 Junk Food Gun!
    may not fire bullets
    but it'll still kill ya

  • misschris

    #11 – Does this classify as art? I'm gonna go with yes. Well done sir.

  • Your mom

    #4 – Is that supposed to be the Jolly Green Giant? Looks like him.

    • dub

      Uh, nope. That's a watermelon.

  • PoorDawg

    #9 Calvin & Hobbes FTW

  • Rebel_Soul

    #25 that is just wrong, but kind of funny.

  • Basement Cat

    #14 looks awesome

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