Home Alone house for sale -let’s take a peek inside (25 photos)

The legendary Winnetka, Illinois house is for sale for $2.4 million clams if anyone is interested.

Home Alone Bloopers and Outtakes video:

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Allebosch/803209522 Steven Allebosch

    normal price in belgium…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Allebosch/803209522 Steven Allebosch

      and that is not good!

    • hMMMM

      Normal price in Belgium my ass.

  • bbcn22

    The owners are being super careful with it, they're not going to have any open houses and are doing background checks to make sure people are serious about buying.

    There goes my dream of going to an open house and fucking around

  • Jared

    not the same house

  • Qjeee

    There is a difference in ceiling height that you can see on the right of the stairs (longer slope). You can't rebuild that unless you rebuilt the whole house. It's not the same house.

  • paratesties


    I would'nt buy unless little neros delivered a large cheese

  • LagunaLoireLL

    i dont care who buy the house, he has to put battle plan once again……….

  • Andy Tennant

    They should've kept it in the original decor, it's a piece of pop culture history and should've been preserved

  • Sugreev2001

    It's lower than what I paid for my house.Anyways,I'd gladly pay for this house if I get Mila Kunis as a bonus =p

  • Albur182

    Its not the same house, picture 8 of the hallway is not the same as in the home alone screen. the width of the landing in the first pic is way wider than the present photo. plus the pitch of the slant ceiling from the home alone screen (due to another flight of stairs) is not in the current photo. Its a house on the same street with slightly different spec thats for sale.

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  • Eric Romero

    Somebody wouldve snatched it up quick if they left it in the original decor for the inside. It looks nothing like the movie and you’ll never find that wall paper anywhere from 20 yera ago. There was a guy who bought the house that “A christmas story” was filmed in and restored it to what it looked like in the movie. Now its open to the public for viewing and has a gift shop too.

  • Anonymous

    I love home alon can I have a howse for free

  • Quoc

    I think the exteriors of the actual house were filmed for the movie and the interior was built on a sound stage. If you look closely at the famous staircase room, you can see that its slightly different. The set in the movie is a bit taller and wider. Plus I think the director also mentioned in the dvd that none of the interior shots were filmed in the actual house.

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