Home Alone house for sale -let’s take a peek inside (25 photos)

The legendary Winnetka, Illinois house is for sale for $2.4 million clams if anyone is interested.

Home Alone Bloopers and Outtakes video:

  • disturbed

    It's a nice home. What would the price be if it wasn't in a movie 30 years ago?

    • Gutterville

      Well its going for 2.4 million now so pretty cheap if you consider the street its on

      • Tony

        would be more expensive, if it wasn't for the grumpy neighbor with his trashcan full of salt (and dead bodies)

        • Rob

          30 years? The film came out in 1990 🙂

          • Shazbot

            Thanks Rob, I was going to say the same thing.

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Ray/513577130 Andrew Ray

      don't you mean 20 years ago?

    • Kevin

      According to Zillow, $1.4M

  • Matt

    I would check out the house, and just sled down the stairs a few times. Then run away!

  • Nibs

    awesome movie, wonder if they spiked the price

  • Dario

    The updated look seems cold. I like the old wallpaper.

    • bubblerider86

      yeah…i don't dig the updated look either…..the before was better

    • menace

      If I bought it I'd have to redecorate it the same way it was in the movie

    • Sandy

      I so agree with you. The decor in the movie was warm, cozy and inviting. "Cold" is such a great description of how it looks now.

  • bling306

    I made my parents disappear!!!

    • DaddyD

      Nope. He says, "I made my family disappear!"

  • JOhnny FEVER

    white people only need apply in that shity neighborhood

    • GK-4


    • OneWorldOneColor

      White people? When you stop making race an issue, race will no longer be an issue! Get it, people????? Come on!! Stop fueling the flames of hate and racism by calling out 'white this' or 'white that', or '<insert whatever color u want>' Look at people AS people, not by the color of their skin.

      • El Chiverino

        Thank you PBS spokesman of the year!

    • master

      that's right sambo

    • bbcn22

      Um yeah I live by them and I hope to god you are being sarcastic with the shitty remark. Just because you can't afford to live there doesn't mean you need to hate.

    • lily

      And how would you know that? Nah, anyone that has the money to buy the house can live. Just a warm human body with enough spare change to pay for the house.

  • EdWood

    Ummm. Not really A-game stuff today.
    Something special must be in the works.
    I can wait.

    • Kevin

      At least Sexy Chivers will be up today

      • garratygroup

        I LOLd.

  • Anon


    Mirco machines really brought the plan together.

    • GK-4

      did no one else feel an overwhelming surge of childhood memories after they saw this?
      especially #9

      • mrjimmyos


    • Steven D Murray

      that floor plan was created using "softplan"

      • Anon

        Can "softplan" print in Crayola, then?

  • ** PAULA HATER **

    #6 Just saw Paula naked.

    • EdWood

      Really! Where is she?
      I wanna "peak" DOH

  • NZCannibal

    A peak inside? WTF.

  • Dean Lhospital


  • jack

    yea, its a typo but really if Lauren's bewbage were being flashed around your office – would your typing be any better? LOL

    • El Chiverino

      Oh shut up

  • anon

    either assassination or poor grammar

  • mojomojo444

    This is definately not Chive worthy is everyone on holiday today? I would launch into a legendary rant but I'm gonna put in the same effort

    must try harder

  • SpecialMonkey

    Bullshit! not the same house in the movie pics as in the non movie pics.

    • miles

      yea except for the part where its absolutely the same house.

      • http://meatspin.com Pudmeister69

        Miles thanks to you i just spit my lunch out on my monitor and it was worth it

    • chiz niz

      looks like most of the interior shots were modeled after the house but not exactly the same. so I would say it was on a sound stage somewhere.

  • Chiefs420

    Weird that they filmed inside the house too. I would have thought they used that house for exterior shots and filmed the rest on a soundstage somewhere.

    #3 – I wonder if he was praying that someday he'd get to bang Mila Kunis for a few years. If so THERE IS A GOD!!!!!

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    I'd buy ti, only if they kept the laundry shoot.

    • Chiefs420

      What is a laundry shoot? Is that that what rednecks do with their overalls when they don't want to wash them? Hold a Laundry Shoot?

      • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

        Yupp, you got that right, your so smart. How about the Laundry CHUTE. I was playing off the fact the The Chive spelt peek wrong smart ass.

        • Chiefs420

          Step aside Jerry Seinfield. bisketz is the new Master Of Observational Comedy.

          • agreed

            Seinfield was so bad!

  • Birdhaus32

    There's so much white in that house now! Hope it's all Scotch Guarded!

  • Sean

    big question is…how much!?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Poole/656592111 Chris Poole

      Quite obviously $2.4 Million. I guess you were distracted away from the text because of all the pretty pictures.

  • mrjimmyos

    If I were rich, I'd buy it, and redecorate it to make it look like it does in the film 😀

  • Wha

    $2.4 Million

    • kangoskatbot

      Big Time.

    • Kevin

      I'd buy it and after signing the papers I'd thrown the pen down and exclaim "keep the change ya filthy animal".

  • Jess

    Way to misspell the headline!

  • JohnDoGood

    This brings back memories.

  • Dave

    Easy on the pepsi Fuller! #6


    YOU ARE ALL FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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