Avatars vs. Reality (16 Photos)

For those who haven't yet seen this, photojournalist Robbie Cooper has created a book based on gamers' avatars juxtaposed against their creators. The project is called 'Alter Egos' (available here). Here is a very glimpse at the amazing book...


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cristi-Palincas/100001225207844 Cristi Palincas

    Only one Guild Wars pic? 😦

  • b-ry

    same with #7

  • femtrooper

    I wanna play too.

  • yum


    • duh

      Remember when anyone that owned a computer was a nerd? Yet here you are "yum"…online. Strange isn't it?

    • Voice of raisins

      Dunno if you have stopped watching Michael Bay films long enough to notice but nerds tend to grow up and run the world.

    • yum

      Hahahaha I love it NERDS keep it coming.

  • jason

    #3 is actually pretty close

    • http://www.facebook.com/will.moog Will Moog

      I was thinking the same thing. I guess I am not much of a gamer. Every time I make an avatar it looks like I do; skinny and white….and male. Seems like the vast majority of people that are photographed want to be very different from themselves.

  • http://www.thechive.com Azrrael

    #10 his true self

    • Mr. Milk

      I think we are underestimating this man. Look at the number of desert-beverages he has.

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    All are pretty much complete losers except #14.

    • Meh

      Why? Because you feel bad calling a handicapped kid a loser?

      • Biggus Diccus

        No it was the mask that did it

        • 888

          He wasn't asking you

      • Scott

        Or because in that condition it’s hard to go out and be social so this is a pretty respectable way to still lead a life of being social

        • Bacchus

          That, sir, if I may be so bold, is a pile of male cow faeces.

          • Vagina Jones

            You, sir, if I may be so bold, speak like a dorky bitch.

            • Bacchus

              Touché, Vagina.

              What I was trying to say is: why would you call everyone in this post a loser, "except 14". I don't think being singled out is what he's waiting for.

              Anyway, Chive on!

              • V4Vendetta14

                Because #14 is leading the best life he can regardless of physical limitations. Seeing #10, aka "the dairy queen" and his elf-girl avatar doesn't conjure up the same feeling of inspiration.

      • derp

        He said except the handicapped kid…

    • icya

      This coming from someone that makes fun of a guy's lazy eye (or false eye) with his user name…

      Yeah, they're all losers (excpet #14)…because they like to play games. How's that Farm in Farmville going? Have any games on your phone? Watch sports at all? Tell me you've never played solitaire or mind sweeper on your computer. So they like to play games. How does that make them losers?

      • Jak

        Whoa, simma' down nah, killa

    • http://twitter.com/StrongAsMeat @StrongAsMeat

      His avatar kicks ass.

      • AtomManhattan

        Holy FUCK what a bunch of judgmental fucking retards that visit this site. I'm glad I'm not nearly as much a cunt piece of shit as half you people. Id rather be a gaming loser than anything remotely similar to these wastes of sperm. And not all gamers are shut-ins fuckface, some of us are actually talented artist/writers/musicians that also have lives, even a repuattion for nailing hot chicks but I guess it must take a real dumb fuck to think he knows everything about peope they've never met. Put a bullet in your head please.
        I understand now why my friend never reads the comments. He's right- you people are dumb fucking losers.

        • kornerr

          Wherever you go, you'll meet that kind of people. Just have to know it to be prepared. I like gaming, one of my most cost efficient means of entertainment ! Where other people watch a movie, TV or whatever, I'll be playing game, reading or laughing around TheChive (these days around). I also like a lot of other things, but those cost more generally so I don't get to do them as much as I'd like.

          I sometimes come around here for a laugh. I noticed that the kind of comments left in a post will often depend on the kind of post (yeah, thanks for stating the obvious, nerd :P). Right now I'm seeing the comments I was expecting 😛

          People often have strong convictions when they're on the Internet. I can only hope for them they do not behave in real life as they do here, they are clearly anti-social and unable to make friends. Don't let those examples ruin it for you, go check other comment, sometimes you'll laugh if you can sort through the mess … you might even find people that make sense, cause they're around sometimes. Happy Chivin ! Take it for the good and the bad, THAT'S the full experience, lol.

    • Wade Wilson

      If we were to meet in real life, you would without a doubt get your ass kicked by this 'loser', perhaps worse. I'm not the type to throw punches, and I've studied a lot of martial arts, been in lots of fights, got jumped by three guys leaving a party (only had to fight two, the third was smart and went the fuck back inside) even got jumped delivering pizza once. It didn't turn out good for any of those people, so when you fuck with people be prepared to get fucking served you twat. Big man talking shit on the internet because he'd get his fucking ass handed to him in real life. Yeah, YOU'RE the fucking winner. Nazi peice of judgmental shit.

      • deadpool

        fuuuuck this made me laugh out loud. No worries Van Damme

      • Raymond

        WADE WILSON…Martial Arts Legend…He delivers pizza and death….Coming soon to a theater near you.

        • RobertQ

          Cant wait for the movie

    • Fabio

      His avatar rocks. Chive on buddy!

    • Edmo

      So much ANGER

  • shoestring30

    I have a huge feeling of satisfaction that I don't understand any of this.

    • Anon

      You forgot the word smug in there.

      • bud

        you forgot the word virginity in yours

    • Warlock

      I'm with you on this one shoestring30…I too went "wtf" when I saw this but didn't care

  • Fred Garvin


  • Anon


    not bad!

    • AlwaysSunny

      I'd hit it.

      • Whoever

        Sir you have my support. Fuck the haters.

    • jetrome

      I have a sick feeling that that "girl" is Harisu. A Korean Transgender singer.

      • Whoever

        Harisu is definitely a 'tuck it 'n' fuck it' situation in my book.

        You'd be gay if you didn't.

    • plop

      it's a trap!!!

    • mayon


  • Jak

    I would totally do some of those real chicks. And #14 has the best avatar

    • duh

      (showing off my geekiness)… it's a character in full composite armor in Star Wars Galaxies…

      • Cake is a Lie

        cant really say for sure if its a full composite armor. He might have marauder, or bone armor leggings with mando or RIS boots. hehehe… yeah. and I still play galaxies.

        • duh

          haha yep, and we didn't even mention the sockets that he probably has full of CA's! Check out swgemu for a free, crowded, pre-cu server!

  • Lindsey

    So interesting. Good call on the gallery.

  • Simon

    Ahh.. Classic #1

    • That Guy

      i thought they'd all be something like that one. but most are close imitations of themselves.

  • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ TheFlintSkinny

    #1 Come on guys, it's close. You know they say the camera adds 100 pounds.

    • Sizzle

      Best comment so far.

    • Martin

      Well damn, how many cameras does he have on him?

  • hahahaha

    Find #8

    • jetrome

      NO! I have a bad feeling that's Harisu… A Korean Transgender

    • oh4fuckssake

      Have the Chive Asian posts taught your nothing?!?!?

    • mrjimmyos

      I shall go forth into Azeroth at sundown!

  • Urban

    #11 Perv. #9 Which one is the avatar.

  • Sizzle

    Actually quite fascinating.

  • Brother Maynard

    I find #10 to be quite disturbing.

    • icya

      Sadly, I find it to be on par with most female characters in MMOs.

  • Sizzle

    And the girlish hot avatars that actually belong to girls?

    • oX_Animal_Xo

      Very few and far between!

    • Faux News

      Doesn't fit his narrative.

  • Tillman

    Between Chive's tranny photos and this, I trust nothing on the Internet. Nothing.

  • equalizermax

    That guy is creepy…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ingelitza-Dido/100000538937538 Ingelitza Dido

      Not at all ! The game is Lineage 2, that character is a sweet and very good one…actualy i know many guys playing that little girl character (dwarf race)

      • Just Sayin'

        you know many virgins.

  • Whine the pooh

    #16 look at that dude standing like hes competing in the ufc or some shit lol

  • Kevin

    Its funny to see people making fun of a fat person on the Internet, cause I’m sure everyone of them has 0% fat and is extremely healthy

    Why would create an avatar to look just like you? It would be like dressing up for Halloween in the same clothes you wear everyday

  • John

    #14 is the only person here who deserves an avatar. Good for him.

  • wkdfrog

    So the guys either want to have huge superman style muscles or pretend to be a hot teen girl. Where as the women just airbrush their ownlikeness a little – pictures tell a thousand words indeed!
    #2 #13 #15

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