• Zip

    i swallowed my gum, damn you!

  • Da Sandman

    'i got urine all over my private parts' …. this chick is weird

  • Alex

    she really glued your hat to your head!? or your hand to your head!? sounds like she deserved it

  • Brian Freedman

    Meh… wasn't really funny. Seemed a little fake, her getting mad at it getting all on her private parts? It comes out of your private parts…



  • Jackson

    These (fake) videos are getting old.

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  • gwal40

    So fake. How people still buy into these after all of this time is beyond me. They have their own website for Christ's sake. She's not that good of an actress…..

  • Todd.S

    Its your own piss,whats the big deal?Never pissed while in the shower?
    Now if she shat,that would be a diffrent story,but she didnt look like she was in the shat no sound effects due to shat,,,,

  • Greg

    I travel a lot by car, and I do this to at least two or three toilets in every rest area I stop at. So beware…hehe.

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