• Mr. Big Shot

    thats nasty

    • Jojo

      Only if he likes licking 😛

    • Gstr

      But it still could be worse 😉

    • Nope

      might be nasty but the honey badger does not give a shit 😛

    • Urban

      Just touching the toilet if nasty.

    • Her

      Fake as shit.

  • Andrew Strang

    Bill Hader?

    • topher

      fat bill hader

  • julio

    fake and gay….

    • Trigger

      I agree, fake BS. Why is this even here?

    • A Fan

      yeah, that's about as real as the longoria video

    • turk


    • Claude M.

      no – you seem to be confused about the word 'girlfriend' and the gender of the woman involved.

      When a guy is involved "intimately" with a woman, that is het, not gay.

      As to whether it was fake – I've never been crass enough, or fratboy childish enough, to do something like that to another human being.

    • steve

      agreed ..these two might have started off real but it's clearly fake now ..and what if she started to take a shit?

    • gman


    • tfbuckfutter

      It is definitely fake. You absolutely can not pull this prank on a girl. Unless, of course, she doesn't bother to put her ass on the toilet seat, or she, somehow, has an ass that is so incredibly small it hangs less than the half-inch between the top of the seat and where the saran wrap is.

      The prank works on guys. Not on girls. Asses hang into the toilet. Period.

  • Danielle

    haha her reaction was hilarious!

    • danrev

      her reaction was fake

  • The Biscuit

    Watching a girl pee on herself wasn't as fun as I first thought. Thanks, Nikki and John

  • Allen

    I did this to my old room mate, but he was unlucky enough to have to take a dump…..Got 'em.

    • Azurescens

      Shouldn't he have realized when his balls touched the saran wrap?

      • Allen

        I knew it would work because we had just had an argument about tucking them in or letting them flop on the seat. He thought I was crazy for tucking…now he knows better.

  • Matte Blac

    When she yells Oh my god isnt that the sample from Skrill Ex's monsters and sprites song???
    Either way HILARIOUS!!!

    • Stef

      Nope. This is:

      It's even funnier 'cause it had to be an Asian.

  • bag

    welp, looks like i need new speakers

  • jesus christ

    nope…. skrillex uses the cup stacking girl…….. This video was so incredibly fake and an obvious ploy to get traffic at their lame site…..

  • hamz


  • crackmongle

    Need to see crack.

  • nasty dB

    is it weird if i fap to this?

    • John Doe


  • 1st?


  • Fabio

    she's hooooooot!

  • chuklut finger licka

    guy looks like a douche bag, not gonna watch any more

  • MyNameGoesHere

    ….who are these people?!?!?

    oh and fake

  • Yep.

    I love this couple. They have a million more videos of them pranking each other. Nikitabana88 I believe is their youtube name. Something close to it.

  • MigraineBoy

    If you play this without sound, only then you see the terror and humiliation in her eyes.

  • turn


  • MacTheLad

    Sir, you deserve a medal. That was hilarious.

  • soupnuts


  • Laura

    Where the hell did he get cling wrap that actually clings?!

    • That Guy

      any cling wrap + porcelain = an excellent cling.

  • Kevin


    Please dont lower your standards by interupting awesomness with fake "battles" from Nikki and John. Dumb and Fake as hell.

    You complete me,

  • kayaksurfer

    maybe real, maybe fake, no way to know…
    …But it's an old, old prank. 40+ years at least

    • superpooper

      No these two people try to make their own reality show on youtube where they prank each other. This is fake.

    • northerner

      At least 45. Remember the process talked about in college in the mid 60s.

  • TicTac

    Sounds like fake to me…If it was me(and yes im a girl) I was screaming John you mother Fu** Im going to kill you you sun of a bi**h, Fu***g morron!

    • ED T


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