Behind the scenes Sunday (23 Photos)

  • lol cat

    MNL, PH

  • uptooearly


    • Paula_

      Coooongratulations, you ARE first!
      Now why don't you celebrate by cracking open a beehive with your head?

      – the one you love to hate

      • Firefighter23

        I still hate you Paula_, even if you are correct about losers

    • whatwasitagain?

      Can sumone help me name the movie where 2 college kids get sucked into a black and white movie. Then things started turning into color and they were hated by the black and white characters?

      • kate-the-gate


        • whatwasitagain?

          YAY Thank you!

  • JDubs

    #23You Stay Classy San Diego

    • HectorGum

      Best Will Ferrell Movie!

      • capitancoolo

        Go fuck yourself San Diego

  • Turduckenn

    #23 milk was a bad choice

  • E in MD

    Don't suppose we could convince Chive to post who these scenes contain and what movies they're from… most of them i don't even recognize.

    • Paula_

      Yeah most are a bit old and you a bit too young it seems.
      But hey even I am surprised that there's no BTS of The Flintstones… The original Flintstones.

      – I'm so old I used to have a dodo as a pet

      • WarPIG

        Please don't comment if you can't add anything worth talking about

      • Beau Young

        Dododododyodoododododod! Love that episode with porky pig. Good reference, Paula.

    • no name necessary

      that would be great!

      also I think it would be cool if on the nature galleries
      its time to get away..
      with the scenery photos they would say where it was taken

    • Court Montgomery

      Easy E: I tagged them all (below) and I think they're all accurate, if you're interested. I meant to do it here but as I was typing it out I must have hit "Submit Comment," apparently, before I could cut-and-paste it, as it ended up doing a separate post (and before I was completely done–so it's complete with typos!). Oh, and Paula, if you happen to return to this: I recommend reading _I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski_, and in the words of another great comedy, "Learn it. Know it. Live it." The Dude Is Life.

  • Pissed off Badger

    #19 When im choking someone, this is the face i make baby

  • ako

    #12 That was a mindf*ck of a movie.

    • Foley

      Great book as well.

    • Dan

      The old Ludwig Van. If they hadn't used that, their psychic manipulation might have worked.

    • ryan

      what movie is it?

      • Nelson Costa

        a clockwork orange

  • teh_shard

    #10 … brilliantly understated movie. It was made one of the biggest impacts on my youth.

    • Ryan Aubin

      Beautiful movie.

    • ryan

      what movie is it?

      • quasipickle

        Looks like Bottlerocket

    • Ash

      One of the greatest movies ever made.

      • chris

        I miss schlotzskys sandwiches!!!

    • Fredrick VonBone

      congradulations on your landscaping career

  • Iran_Cyber_Army

    #17 Are you touching yourself? …Yes!

  • 888

    Dog Sun

  • Dan

    #4 and #5 Taxi Driver. If you have not seen this movie, go out and buy it and watch it. Today!

    • DocIcetea

      Today is Sunday. Shops are closed. You want me to steal it?

      • Dan

        What kind of third world country do you live in?

      • Arabiannights

        Go ahead and download it – I have alerted the internet police and they won't bother you – but just this once okay?

  • Dan

    #12 A Clockwork Orange. Also a must-see.

  • Hellequin_Bull

    #8, There will never be another Audrey! So elegant and beautiful!

    • Dan

      She was one of a kind.

    • jimbojones

      And a smile that can melt the coldest of hearts.

  • Paula_

    Oh and since we're talking about movies; last week I watched The Big Lebowski because of the many references to it on The Chive, but that movie sucked ass! Could barely sit it out. Boring, slow, incoherent. Had to fast forward trough Donnys funeral to cope.
    I usually agree with ratings but 8.2?? Seriously, what is it that people like about this movie?

    – the one you love to hate

    • DudeSweet

      It just is. Now you don't like it the rating has gone up to 8.4 on IMDB.

      Says something eh?

      Love from England xx

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Try and be a bit more subtle….

    • Court Montgomery

      "The one you love to hate"? Paula, I served with Erich von Stroheim. I knew Erich von Stroheim. Erich von Stroheim was a friend of mine. Paula, you're no Erich von Stroheim.

      Just kiddin'. I just wanted to say I didn't mean to call you out in a post I made–it was supposed to be a reply to those earlier posts from E. from MD and you, not a separate post. Also, I'm a big fan of The Big Lebowski (and the Coen Bros., in general), but to each one's own and take heart, you're not alone: like many a great film, it was considered something of a flop in the theaters (it made it's money back but scarcely "only" a couple million more), there were walk-outs at its premier at Cannes, and some notable critics whose work I admire panned it at the time (e.g. Jonathan Rosenbaum, who typically champions cult films and Lebowski has certainly become one).

      • Paula_

        Good catch on "the man you love to hate", didn't know that. Go Wikipedia.
        As far as Lebowski goes; putting a lot of (well) knows actors in one movie hardly ever produces a memorable movie. I would have walked out of it (can't fast forward in cinema).
        Props for knowing all movies. Now fuck off 😉

        – the dark side of The Chive

        • Court Montgomery

          Von Stroheim is kind of a hero of mine (some day a cut of the 10+ hour version of Greed will be found, and that will be a good day, indeed). Forget Wikipedia… go Billy Wilder for casting him in Sunset Blvd. as a kind of redemption after he was banished by Hollywood.

          But any way, I think we were already at an impasse on the Coen brothers. I just wanted to add for the record that "Now fuck off" is what Billy Connolly used to say to audiences at the end of some of his stand-up shows. Bill Hicks would tell his audiences that, too, just not at the end of the show. So all and all, I take it as a compliment.


          Qt. Montgomery

          • Beau Young

            Your move, Paula. He's got the ammo to continue suppressing fire, do you have the kevlar and the lady-cojones to step into the fire to take your shot?

    • fame777

      I'm thinking they start " douche sunday's " Paula leading the charge…

  • Matty

    #10, #13, #22

    Its good to see The Chive is as much of a Wes Anderson fan as I am.

    • PartyMarty

      The man is a mad genius in an age with too few mad geniuses.

  • Dan

    #21 Is that Rory's stunt double using the board?

    • Nickay Dudley

      Rory the Roman!

    • tawny

      Too bad this last two seasons have been terrible. I miss David Tenant and Russel T. Davis

      • Pete

        Nah, RTD went a bit too overboard with the epicness. Moffat has brought it back down again – last series wasn't as good, but this series I'm thoroughly enjoying. Beautifully shot, and even the weaker episodes have had something going for them (Amy's legs mostly).

        Still waiting for the Silence to turn up again…

  • Court Montgomery

    These are all pretty straightforward in terms of recognition, I find… and I don't seem to be as old as Paula 'cuz The Big Lebowski obviously rules and so s/he must be a grump old wo/man (and s/he obviously isn't a golfer… you know, in the parlance of our times). Here goes:

    1. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
    2. The Road To Hong Kong (that’s Joan Collins eye-humping the fourth wall)
    3. Everybody Says I Love You
    4. Taxi Driver
    5. (Ditto)
    6. The Cameraman (that’s the legendary Buster Keaton)
    7. Easy Rider
    8. Sabrina (the original—the good one)
    9. Vertigo (that’s Hitch and Kim Novak)
    10. Bottle Rocket
    11. Taxi Driver, yet again
    12. A Clockwork Orange (though that’s from the movie, not behind the scenes)
    13. The Royal Tenebaums (“Go, Mordecai!”)
    14. Vanilla Sky (Cruz and Cruise, with Cameron Crowe)
    15. Back To the Future (Zemeckis, “Crispy G.” and not Eric Stoltz—ha!)
    16. The King’s Speech (that shot Tom Fincher circulated a lot at Oscar time).
    17. Dinner For Schmucks
    18. The Tonight Show—from the all-too-short Coco era
    19. Austin Powers In Gold Member (that’s the full title)
    20. Superman Returns (that’s Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh)
    21. Doctor Who (obviously, since it’s on the clapboard and all)
    22. Fantastic Mr. Fox (3 Wes Anderson flicks and no F’ing Bill Murray pics)
    23. Anchorman (should’ve been after Clcckwork—obvious milk connection).

    • Court Montgomery

      Oops: #18 should be Tom *Hooper*, not Fincher. I was thinking of the Oscar race for Best Director between Hooper and David Fincher (for The Social Network), and as I was typing I conflated their names.I didn't mean to post this here in the first place (it was supposed to be a reply to E from Md, above) and I somehow screwed the pooch and hit "Submit Comment," before cutting and pasting, but I also served the fries before their time, as there are some typos. The others are just annoying (to me, especially), but that one obviously makes a big difference.

      • Court Montgomery

        Irony: a big typo in a comment apologizing for making a big typo. I meant #16 should be Tom Hooper not Fincher… eighteen is, of course, Conan's old set.

        • Mojo Monkey

          That sure is Tom Hooper, but the pic is not from The King's Speech. It's from his previous film: The Damned United. The guy in white is wearing a Leeds United tracksuit top.

          • Court Montgomery

            I would defer to pretty much any informed opinion on that pic; yours certainly seems to qualify and you are, in fact, correct Mr. Risin'. That one and then also number twenty were the only ones I wasn't 100% sure of (I'm not putting numerals in these damned posts any more–these have been my first posts on The Chive and I learned my lesson the hard way).

            I also plead ignorance as I'm a Man U fan, myself (have been ever since The Moz united me with other shoplifters of the world) and I'm not as familiar with teams from The Championship as I am with those in the Premier league. John W. Henry buying Liverpool F.C. has made me ambivalent, too I might have to switch up or at least cheer on both… where goes the Red Sox, so goes Sid (don't think it's lost on me that rooting for teams of both Mancs and Scousers isn't odd–Karl Pilkington has schooled me on at least that much).

            Cheers for the science droppin', Monkey Man… give Jagger a squeeze for me.

  • Terry Burke

    #8 to bad she couldn't stay young and beautiful forever. if anyone should have been able to, it was her

    • BloodScrubber

      She would have made an awesome Chivette for sure. B)

  • Arabiannights

    That wasn't sexy – you could've just recycled those Cola bottles – not shoved them all the way up there!

  • MrRushing

    #5 – Would you let Travis give you a ride? Yes, yes I would.

  • Joseph Moore

    Bring back MILF sundays

  • DutchSchaffer87

    Best movie ever #15!

    • josh

      great scott!

  • mrjimmyos

    Awesome feature this one is

  • SantiGE

    #17 This film sucked so hard… The original french movie is effin great though…

    • michelle

      i agree! the characters in dinner for schmucks are so watered down compared to the french film. its characters are so full of emotion and much better to watch. its a lot funnier without trying to be as funny as it is, if that makes sense.

      • Jen

        MMM paul rudd – fuck ME!

  • Amelia

    #21 Doctor Who FTW!

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