Whistler’s Gaper Day 2011 started with a bang… and I’m pretty sure a broken tailbone (40 HQ photos)

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My girlfriend and I spent the holiday weekend taking advantage of some late-season skiing in Whister, BC. Whistler is located in America's top-hat, Canada, for all you Mexican Chivers (and Mac) out there. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a yearly tradition where all the locals dress up in ridiculous outfits (yes, even more redic than their usual every-day hipster/grundge onesies) and thrash their way down Whistler Blackcomb one last time for the season -hammered drunk.

Before hitting the slushy slopes, a small group of Gapers tore down the concrete steps of the Pan Pacific and it didn't end well...

Needless to say, we had an awesome time hangin with those crazy Canucks -I highly recommend visiting. Oh, and if anyone knows Constable Stables, Badge #164543, can you please ask him kindly to “lose” the ticket he wrote me for an illegal u-turn and an expired driver’s license? Chive Eh!!!

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