• http://www.d-series.org/forums/entertainment-area/88870-random-video-145.html#post2399396 Random video - Page 145 - D-series.org

    […] figure out how to embed this one, but its worth the watch LOL Best drunk walk of 2011, so far – Video : theCHIVE __________________ D16B Turbo 377WHP 292Lbs […]

  • miscellaneous

    I know it's sad and not right to laugh,… but my sides are hurting nicely after watching this

  • http://www.killingtime.com/Pegu/2011/12/06/sideblog-epic-drunk-walk/ SideBlog: Epic Drunk Walk | The Pegu Blog

    […] Hits Big Brother watches the most amazing drunk walk home. Camper, is that you? David Wondrich decodes your personality from your drink of choice. And he's […]

  • Huge One

    He should have just ran the whole time

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