Keep Calm and Chive On has arrived

keep calm Keep Calm and Chive On has arrived

Keep Calm and Chive On is finally here in both men and women’s (scoop neck) at theCHIVERY. We’ve been really excited over here for a while about this awesome new design. It really brings the Chivers out of the woodwork wherever you go in our experience. Oh yeah, and it’s as soft as Lauren Gentile’s bottom… true story.

We have a lot in stock but we don’t expect them to last long. Good Luck. Here you go!

Keep Calm and Chive On,


UPDATE: We had hundreds in stock. Unbelievably, they are about gone. Won’t last much longer.

Second Update: SOLD OUT

  • genesis

    BAM. i've never typed so fast in my life. I'm pretty sure i misspelled my address

    • get a life

      you people are pathetic…do you also camp out at your electronics store awaiting the arrival of a new WoW?

      get a life. its a t-shirt fuck.

      • devon

        ^^^ get a life is too poor to get a shirt. him sad.

    • jake

      i've met some of my best friends on the chive, it's a great community and I'm happy to support it. I'm guessing you don't have too many friends there. get a life indeed

      • get a life

        well if you have to resort to meeting friends on the Chive….you clearly had none to begin with.

        touche huh?

  • makers mark

    fuck yes. i'm more excited than i should be about this

    • Jason Ciotti

      The only reason I even wanted to get up today….

  • MOAR


  • jakubwrobel

    Whew!! That was damn fast. Even Usain Bolt would be surprised. Now the wait begins for it to arrive.

  • kati28

    how did the womens small sell out fast then they mens all together?? not happy

    • lando

      hm, check again, they're available

  • Eastwood

    Sweet! Got mine! And if it reall is as soft as Lauren's bottom…send her with my shirt please. kthxbye.

  • Michael

    Woot INB4 Out of Stock, I'm ashamed how excited I am about this.

  • Jason Ciotti

    Bought! Chrome Auto Refresh Plus FTW.

  • snoobs89

    soft as lauren Gentile's bottom.. Thats a bold Statement John.

    • ROK247

      i call false advertising unless i get to feel both

  • sarah

    i got one!!!

  • Allenavw

    I thought they were sold out already and then depressedly went back a couple minutes later to check again and they were there! It was a Christmas Miracle 😀

  • matt

    If you have Firefox, check out the add on Check 4 change. Makes like easy. Also, when are you guys gonna print some v-necks?!?!?

    • Ninjack

      You will take what they give you and you will like it!

  • Justin Stout

    finally got a Chive shirt!

  • Anthony Equila

    Done and done.

  • Allenavw

    Like right fucking now. The exact same thing happened to me, but they're there.

    • alysinwunderland

      Me too but finally got mine!

  • RubberDogTurds

    y u no less expensive?! Rly want but $25 for a shirt? I'm in between jobs, help a fellow chivette out whydontcha =/

    • patov40

      Grammar troll no like silly words no can find in giant word book. Him go complain other trolls at fire water drinky place.

      • 4everDistracted

        I lol'd…

        • patov40

          Thanks! I was pretty proud of that comment. Chive On dude!

  • Question_Mark_

    I gots mine!

  • SteveJ

    I was hoping they'd re-stock the black ones. I refreshed from 7:58 through 8:10. Did I miss it again?

  • Doug

    Did you guys order more than 7 of them so you don't sell out?

    • pics

      they're last order of chive logo tees was 900 shirts. that's a ton btw. there's just a lot of chivers out there

      • RubberDogTurds

        L-2-take a joke

  • Rick J. Schlieper

    I got mine!

  • Escobar

    It is a glorious day! I will start wearing this t-shirt to bring all the Chivettes out of the woodwork and convert legions of Chivers. Like a Jehovahs Witness doorknocker on meth.

  • Thomas Butler

    Order placed….will get it just in time for T in the Park!!!!!!

  • Sadie1182

    OMFG I cannot believe I actually got my order in before they sold out this time!!! Now if I can just get a black logo tee in black, women's small I will be all set lol! :p

  • Mark

    I am glad I was able to land one of these shirts unlike the Chive logo tee. Thanks, guys.

  • AsciiAdam

    Got one!!!!!!B)

    • amrith777

      I probably shouldn't put this here–but I just noticed your pic and your info and I'd PM you if I had a way to tell you that I think that's great.I recently commented to you earlier about something else and wanted also to tell you that your user name is cool.
      Anyway–to be on topic–CONGRATS ON GETTING A TEE!!

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