Sketch Girl will ruin your day (11 photos)

Apparently this anonymous girl gets her kicks by going to chat rooms, telling girls they are beautiful and that she's an artist and she has kindly sketched their angelic faces. Tears and binge eating ensue.

  • theeemightybuck

    hahahahahah, this is hilarious!
    i want that mikita drill

    • pissmouth

      And no photo of the artist , what a cunt .

    • Bob

      No, they're shit. The batteries die and you can no longer get replacements.

    • Guest

      Chive on!

  • That Guy

    something tells me that is a dude that does that… they need a website. hilarious.

    • cheez it

      seriously? why can't it be a girl? asshole.

      • Conor

        Wow wow wow, when did this turn into a 'Women's rights convention'?

      • That Guy

        so because i can't see a woman being that blatantly rude and horrible to other people, that makes me the asshole? good call.

        • Blake

          Asshole, women are just as f'ing rude as men. Grow a pen pen vag face

          EDIT: They are just as nice as men to, sugar 😉

          • That Guy

            woah potty mouth. seeing how you are a dude and are being fucking rude, proves my point that guys are more likely to be heartless assholes then women. especially cause look how you commented and look how a girl, Kate commented below. who is more rude?

          • Snowman

            holy hell, i hate feminists. go get yourself some free drinks to take the edge off

        • Kate

          I think this post proves you don't know any women.

          • That Guy

            you prove my point to a "T" Kate… you couldn't have said it any nicer that you disagree with me. while all the guys are trying to rip into my soul. thanks Kate.

            • DWD

              I believe that should be a "tee" not the letter "T".

              • That Guy

                it was first seen as 'to a T' and is mostly commonly thought to refer to a T-square because of its precision. but it can be said either way.

        • Sarah J

          Pretty good spin, but you didn't write any of that originally. All you said was it was probably 'a dude' and that you think it's "hilarious".

          Well, back to the kitchen for me.

          • That Guy

            good… what you were doing out of of the kitchen in the first place is beyond me.

      • Kim

        Girls aren't usually funny.

        Case in point: A famous stand up girl comedian is Kathy Griffith.

        • Sandy

          So, all the girls you know are humorless & boring? Sad life you have.

          • Kim

            I don't use the girls in my life for their jokes, so it doesn't bother me that they aren't funny.

    • Adam Purcell

      Raaaaaaggggeee! Kill That Guy! Raaaaaaagggee!

    • somechick

      i love how all the girls arguing against this are either polite or over the top forced rude. "maybe if i swear a lot they will believe me bwalalalala" anyway there is a difference, women are sneaky and scandalous and men are blatant and rude.its totally a dude posting those pics.

      • Gerdie

        Obviously you are just angry that a dude came in your mouth without warning you first.

        Don' t worry, you'll get over it and have those dicks back in your mouth in no time.

        • That Guy

          that's funny you are meaning to insult her with that comment, when if she did take dick in her mouth then that would make her awesome. the alternative is being like you, a prude bitch that cock teases.

          • Gerdie

            LOL, work on your wit, then come back.

            • That Guy

              that was your response? funny it's always the ones who have nothing to say back that only say. "[insert insult] [then encourage to try again]"… awesome. you really showed me up.

              • Gerdie

                Soooo…. you have now resorted to " I know you are but what am I?"

                L O Big fucking L.

          • Joe

            I have a feeling being cock teased is about as close to getting fucked as you have ever gotten.

            Correct? (You don't have to answer, We all know).

            • That Guy

              aaahhh you got me. i'm so frustrated from being cock teased that i go on random websites and look to praise a woman for being accused of liking to like dick and insulting the person that thinks that's a bad thing. totally got me pegged. are you a psychologist? cause wow… man how right on you are about me.

              • Joe

                You're really getting worked up. Must of hit a nerve I guess….

        • somechick

          girl being over the top , then a guy being blatant and rude lmfao

          • Gerdie

            LOL, obviously somechick is that guy. And i have offended. Sorry, that you are so butthurt.

            Meh, I'm not sorry, you're a fag, so I don't care.

    • The Dude who Spewed

      Ladies – settle down…this has to be a dude. This is a dude idea. not that chicks aren't smart enough to come up with something like this or that they are not as mean as men but this reeks of testosterone. just settle the F down and come to terms that this is a guy…hell the art looks like a dudes art anyway.

      besides…a chick with a Mikita drill? case closed (just kidding ladies).

  • Jimmyhill27

    Funniest thing I've seen all day! Love it!

  • Pat

    That's some funny shit!

  • Not enough...

    Let's see MOAR!

    • hMMMM

      Yes, we need to see reactions!

  • Bannon

    Drill me mikita!

  • Miles Davis

    #10 HAHAHA

    • peckerwood

      bwa hahaha

  • BackpacksgotJets

    What a hilarious asshole… lol

  • Anonymous

    #10 FTW

  • lee

    #2 courtesy of napoleon dynamite

  • Matt

    lol the funny thing is it looks just like them!! Especially #10

  • Shawn

    Friggin great. Someone needs to draw my girl Paula.

  • _GTO_


    I dont see it. She isnt that bad looking. Still funny though

  • Frank Viola

    #10 had me rolling. Awesome.

  • duke

    Even these women are better than some Chivettes ,the chivette quality has really gone down.

    • Chris Arabian

      Ummmmmmmm yeeeaaaa no … unless you are into fatty's.

    • Adriana Byproxymoron Garcia

      Ouchhh…I'm not THAT bad looking.

    • Andrew Lahey

      Please re-calibrate your screen before this Friday, something HAS to be wrong with it…

  • Pat Overton

    There's meanness, there's cruelty, and then…..there's this guy! I think you might be going to hell, although I hope not. "Hilarious asshole" was the perfect description, but I just had to put in my two cents.

  • Demon_Cleaner

    #8 I almost fell out of my chair. The lazy eye kills me.

    • EdWood

      The dreaded "Duckface"
      See how awful it is.
      But makes a funny toon.

    • The_Dood

      That's hilarious, I didn't even notice the lazy eye. I have a feeling that she wouldn't look too bad (for pedobear) if she wasn't making that face.
      Also, I've had Demon Cleaner stuck in my head all day until a few minutes ago, it's back now, thanks. Guess it's time for Welcome to Sky Valley.

    • Dan

      Almost Disney quality…almost.

    • Miles

      nobody else thinks shes really pretty? 😦

  • urstepdad

    #1 Paula

  • tsk

    ok I am the 10th to say it, but #10 was fuckin funny

  • hmmmmm

    Finally something funny.

  • Brother Maynard

    That's quality trolling.

  • Captain Cool

    Serious funny. Hope they keep coming 😀

  • Chris Arabian

    #1 … Mind the Gap … Tooth …

    #10 classic!!! The pictures are cruel but most look very similar to the actual person! That's not good news for them lmao

  • J.P.

    Made my day… Although that looked like a Ryobi drill…..

  • eMILmd

    really funny #8 find her CHIVE!!!

    • Miles


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