Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett live Tweets run in with the cops–OWNS them (11 Photos)


  • Alex McGlone


    The man speaks the truth.

    • Alex McGlone

      Also, He didn't pass the Bar but he knows a little bit. Enough that you won't illegally search his shit.

      • bling306

        i got 99 problems but the cops aint one!

      • theoctopushamstring

        Solid gold.

      • Blumpkin

        It's probably not his first run-in with the cops

    • johnj

      Clearly this man is a well spoken genius. He is a constitutional scholar.

      All cops are racists. 100% of cops want to harass everyone all the time for everything. No one ever committed a crime. Cops frame people and plant drugs every day.

      This guy totally owned the police. They are stupid fools. He is an amazing role model.

  • yo yo ma

    I thought cops just needed reasonable suspicion to search a car, not a search warrant? But then again, I'm not a pro ball player so how would I know.

    • Surgere


      Also, refusing to allow them to search cannot legally be interpreted as Probable Cause (i.e. "He must have something to hide!" is not a valid reason to search). Supreme Court upheld that awhile back.

    • BeccaB86

      In Virginia they can search your vehicle without a search warrant or permission only if you've been taken into custody, and only what's within reach of the driver. Speeding isn't enough to be taken into custody. I don't know the law where he was, but I assume it's probably pretty similar.

      • Ben Dover

        You are somewhat wrong nice lady. A person may be taken into custody for speeding. When a person is stopped for a traffic violation they are being detained, not able to leave. However, a person may be arrested for refusing to sign or take custody of the summons. BY signing a ticket you are not admitting guilt, you are simply promising to appear for court. This is basically being released on your own recognizance.

    • shelbymac

      If they can see something illegal in plain view then they don't need a warrant. If there is nothing in view then they either have to have permission or a search warrant.
      I don't know Mr. Dockett personally but I would figure he has a pretty tricked out Escalade, most of the pro players around here do, so the cops probably figured they'd have a pretty easy drug case or make a name for themselves by taking down an NFL player.

      • Blumpkin

        They can also search your car if they smell booze or drugs of course.

    • Guest Commenter

      Apparently you're also someone whose never read the constition (&/or one case dealing with search/seizure law). Cop needs to either arrest him and search incident to an arrest, have probable cause (violations on his license/license plate/dog smells drugs/cop believes (REASONABLY) that driver is dangerous, he can "frisk" the car, etc). Cop here clearly had none of this so he decided to harass with some of his buddies. Don't worry though, you don't have to be a pro ball player to educate yourself, just not an oblivious sheep.

      • Jak

        Obviously you live in a fuckin' wonderland where everyone but criminals follow the law. The cops do shit they shouldn't all the time. It's whether they can cover their tracks good enough for it to hold up in court.

    • Stafferty

      That is why they didn't search the car. They can ASK, but if the driver says no they are stuck. They could have if there was reasonable suspision i.e. marijuana smell, visible paraphenalia, obvious smell, evidence of driver intoxication or influence, and "Drug dogs". Also, in the event the the driver is being taken into custody, a search of the vehicle is allowed.

      Odds are the cop wasn't getting a judge to sign a warrant (Most Judges wouldn't sign that warrant due to lack of evidance), so he was probably trying to get a K-9 unit on scene.

      • klltxd

        Maybe, but a K-9 unit would have been a pretty plain violation of his 4th amendment rights here. If the dogs were already out at a checkpoint sniffing at random, then that's usually ok. But you can't call a dog unit in to confirm your suspicions after you've already pulled a guy over.

        • kennyg

          Actually, you can, as long is doesn't "extend the stop beyond reason."

          • kennyg

            *as long as it

    •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

      They didn't force him to let them search the car, they can ask and you can volunteer to let them they don't need suspicion for that. They are asking more and more people if they will accept a voluntary search. Good for him, i don't have anything to hid but they don't need to break apart my car!

    • Tony

      Whatever the technicalities actually are state to state, if a cop wants to do something and you don't let him, he'll make sure at least the next few years of your life are annoying at the least.

      • ern

        Any cop who actually did this would be guilty of harassment and likely lose their job, not to mention opening the police (and himself) to civil lawsuits.

        • Cake is a Lie

          Your dreaming if you think the cop would lose his job. Cops kill innocent people and just get a slap on the wrist.

          • TheNoid

            Yeah, innocent people that carry guns and commit crimes. Fuck the police and my communities safety!

          • beau

            i know of a cop who sho and killed t a drunk college student for running away and got an award the same year. BULLSHIT

            • beau

              *shot and killed

            • HollarPeenYo

              Where was this "crime"? I think you statement of the facts might be a little biased…

  • Randy


  • bling306

    that is awesome! cops always tryin to harass ppl

  • Irishstephen

    Handled that like a BOSS!!!!

    • Srgt Stupid

      He obviously had an oz of weed and some crack rocks or else he would have let them search.

      • dub

        Or he has a well-placed sense of distrust for police. Minority or not, he is protected by the constitution and anyone who trespasses his rights as stated in said document is an enemy. Don't trust enemies, duh.

      • blurr95

        he's sitting there, waited for 2 hours for a search warrant. if he really has something to hide, don't you think he'd be calling his lawyer instead of tweeting??? man, you must be one of those guys who are biased against black athletes. if this was a white athlete, then you'd probably call him god. sheesh!!!

      • 4SOC20saint

        fuck that shit…im not letting some punk ass go through my shit whether im doing anything wrong or not

  • Dennis

    the only minority left in this country are white males

    • Guest Commenter

      Really? 79.5% is a minority (64.7% if you remove white hispanic) now? OH MY GOD!! THE SKY IS FALLING; RUN!!! Boo-fucking-hoo.

      • gtub

        Actually, according to the 2010 census, guest commentator is right. It's 80% White with Hispanic and 66% white without hispanic.

      • That Guy

        it's skewed because the illegal immigrants (by this i mean immigrants here illegally from all countries) wouldn't participate in the census and who is to say that any of the information would be correct that people put down. in Texas and other border states Caucasians are definitely the minority. when the Federal Government impeads on state laws to give equality it ends up being the new racism in some areas where the minorities are the majority.

        • crashfest

          illegals are included in the census. The bureau goes to every home and puts out word everywhere they can that illegals will not be deported for answering the census.

    • Ninjack

      Almost positive that isn't accurate… but that's only if you're talking about reality.

  • bman

    I'm sure the po po loves it when a person says "hold on a second… I need to tweet"

  • JD Marsh

    lol..he's killing me, two hours dealing with cops bullshit then "what up with planking?" hahahaha

  • guy

    I am now a fan of this guy for life!

  • Yessir

    haha FTP!

    • SkyVader

      File Transfer Protocol?

      • dub

        For the Pope!

  • Bullets

    how did he punk them, the cops just made him sit on the side of the road for 2 hours just because, I'm sure they are laughing about it

    • TheSWEDQueen

      Because they did all of that and still didn't get what they wanted. That's why he punked them. Do you have the ba**s to do it! Betcha ya don't!!!!

  • Bless1

    FUCK the police!!! What is up with planking?

    • guy

      Fuck the police coming staight from the underground, Young nigga got it bad cuz I'm brown….

      • aaron

        and not the other color so' police think…

  • Guse

    That's one possibility. The other is that a police officer that pulled you over for speeding is suddenly asking you to look in your car with no probable cause whatsoever, is hoping you don't know your rights and/or are too scared to say anything, and you don't feel like being taken advantage of.

  • Lisa Ruffolo

    I think he is an ASS!! If you have nothing to hide then what is the problem? Being an idiot to the cops is only cool when your 15, GROW UP!! Wonder how many real calls went ignored because he had to tie up their time. Be a real man and have respect for authority.

    • Guse

      Respect for authority != being a doormat. They were operating outside the scope of their authority by attempting a search w/o a warrant. They were hoping that Dockett didn't know that and would simply allow the search (bypassing the requirement). As stated in a post above, there's nothing wrong with making an officer operate within the confines of the law.

      Also if there were real calls that went ignored because of this, the fault is hardly on Dockett.

      • Tori

        He also claims that he wasn't speeding. If he wasn't speeding but still got pulled over (for most likely dwb – i don't want to assume the worst of the police, but come on), why would he give them consent, they're already wasting THEIR OWN time, by pulling him over unnecessarily.
        I would have done the exact same thing in his situation.

    • Gern Blansten

      Virtually every defense lawyer in the US will tell you to NEVER let the cops search your car without a warrant or "probable cause".

      As for the "real calls" being missed, that was the choice of the officer on scene. He chose to "flex his authoritative muscle" by calling for backup. He could have easily said OK, have a nice day, or just written a speeding ticket.

    • shelbymac

      Sounds like he did have respect for the law, he made the cops do their job within the law. If they did not see any incriminating evidence in plain view then they had no right to search his vehicle. He did exactly what he should have done, minus the tweeting and bragging.

    • The Tooth

      They tied up their own time you dumb ass!

    • Sadie1182

      It's called the fourth and fifth amendments to a little thing called the Constitution… just because you have nothing to hide does NOT mean one has to stand for an unneccessary search and seizure. It is the police's JOB to obtain a warrant for a search, and if you want to blame someone for the delay in police arrival times and possible calls that went unanswered, blame the police for 1) pulling over someone for no reason other than being a black man driving an Escalade and 2) for wasting time trying to obtain a search warrant that no judge in his/her right mind would issue… It's not being an idiot to stand up for your constitutional rights; however, letting the authorities run rampant and ignoring your rights IS being an idiot… So methinks perhaps YOU need to grow up… and maybe read the Constitution…

      • dub

        Thank you, Sadie. 🙂

        Pocket constitutions are as low as $0.30 each

        It's a good read. Maybe we can talk John and Leon into buying a shit ton for everyone. They seem to appreciate the constitution.

        (P.S. that's not my website, so don't think I'm trying to make money)

        • dub

          err… LEO – pardon.

    • bling306

      There would have been just as much time tied up if he allowed them to search the car…be a woman! and dont lay down for the law

    • Emil

      With all due respect, YOU are the ass here. The police assumes that they have rights other people don't. They are equals to everyone else in society and if they accept the idea that they have a right to search through other people's property, then they would be hypocrites to deny other people the right to search through their property. Authority is the poison of society, so fuck authority!

    • Chris Arabian

      With NO due respect you are the idiot here. Do you like the idea of going into airport security and having yourself x-rayed naked to see if you are holding any potential hidden weapons? You don't have the right to argue against that for the sake of "Homeland Security". The government tells you if you don't like it then don't fly.
      Now, what if the same rules applied to your driving a vehicle. We are going to search your car whether you like it or not. If you don't like it, then we will arrest you or you can just stop driving a car. Sound fair? THINK before you post. Police have strict rules of conduct they must abide by, including rules about when and how they can search private property, which includes a vehicle.
      Without these rules, the police could tap your phone or internet connections, knock on your door and come in to do a search of your property without a warrant, pull your vehicle over or set up check points and search every vehicle, and seize property without a warrant. You wouldn't like that very much now would you?

    • andyg8180

      "anything you say can and will be used AGAINST you" with AGAINST being the key phrase when you are arrested… You are not helping yourself. You are helping the cop prosecute when you openly allow them to do anything.

      Will you let me go thru your stuff if you have nothing to hide? Probably not because i am a stranger. You treat a police officer with respect, but you do not allow them to go thru your things because they too are strangers…

    • dub

      "A primary object.should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing.than.communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?"
      -George Washington

    • Pat Overton

      Uh Lisa, you owe Sadie, "Distracted" and Shelby a major thank you for saving your gender after the damage you tried to do. Go look at some cat pictures and save this kind of talk for the grownups, 'K?

    • Wade Wilson

      Twits like you are the reason they muscle idiots into this type of shit. Kierkegaard's Leap of Faith is a philosophical belief that intelligent people don't need the law to tell them what is right and wrong, that unless you're a complete brainless automoton you are smart enough to recognize the law as being needless, if only to control those too dumb to know any better…perhaps you see where I'm going with this, perhaps not.

  • OGMrWhite

    wtf is planking?

    • yep

      Even though we've seen it, we're still asking ourselves that…

    • Matt

      Instead of voting you down for asking a question like the other tools did, I'll help you out here. Check out

      To plank. To lay horizontally in a strange or unusual place. To plank you must lay horizontally straighten your body and point your fingers and toes down (towards your feet), then you must name your "plank" and post a picture of the creator (of the plank) performing the pose on Facebook.

      The purpose of planking? Who the F knows? It is retarded.

      • Sko

        It's an abdominal workout. Typically, your toes and forearms are touching the ground and your abs flex and straighten out your body. Not fun for fat people and/or defensive lineman.

      • OGMrWhite

        Right, simple question. Thanks bro chive on

  • Nick

    What a douche bag.

  • Ummm

    Im so sick of the "If you've got nothing to hide" arguement. What about a persons right to privacy? It's just the principle.

    • Wade Wilson

      Considering the cops are our employees and are paid with our tax money they should find a better way to do thier job. If I had noting to hide, I'd be less inclinded to waste my time with these idiot cops, so no, I'm not letting you just randomly search my car without a good fucking reason.

  • Derek Lutz

    Good for him. Just because you don't have something to hide doesn't mean they can search your car. We have this thing called the "bill of rights", maybe you've heard of it?

  • McBeastie

    I don't know. Maybe I don't want other people up in my shit without any reason. But if a police state sounds good to you…to each their own.

  • Gern Blansten

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    People like you are the reason for the erosion of liberty today.

  • Mikey

    Funny while 3 cops sit around jabbering for an hour on what to do with a guy supposely speeding a crime is being taken place that one of them could have possibley stopped. Don't get it and I don't get why some people have to be rude as hell to the cops when getting pulled over. Ive learned through experience be polite and honest or they will screw with you far worse than you can scew with them. Like rippin you out of your car and slamming your face on the ground for calling them a worthless nut….damn Buckeyee cops!

    • Wade Wilson

      Yeah unfortunately cops pretty much everywhere are exactly like this. I get stopped walking home all the time, just because it's late at night, and I'm not some shithead teenager, I'm a grown man. Needless to say I hate the cops where I live because they are bored and not too smart.

  • Spoony_Love

    what a dipshit.
    I can't even understand his ebonic talk.
    …and a guilty conscience to boot y'all

    • Brian

      Racist much?

    • Gern Blansten

      Retard much?

    • Pat Overton


  • Geoff

    Better grammar would be awesome

    • aaron

      Jeff, you spell your name wrong.

      • medtxpack

        so do you Erin.

    • Scott Haggar

      Someone has never heard of texting or twitter.

    • ZombieBootParty

      Really? Would you be awe struck (awesome) if better grammar were involved?

  • drewdeze

    he has definitely moved into one of my top 10 nfl players of all time because of this $#!T, too bad he in the same division of my team

  • Mike

    I fail to see any ownage here….Cops obviously had a "reasonable suspicion" or else they wouldn't have wanted to search his car in the first place. However, since that burden of proof isn't enough to force compliance with a search, they likely sat there and tried to figure out what they could use to constitute Probable Cause. After long enough, they gave up and let him go. Both parties are "at fault".

    Cops: for grasping at straws to try and justify a search without cause

    Dockett: for being intentionally uncooperative just because he obviously doesn't like the police OR has something in his car that he knows shouldn't be there.

    Also…..tweeting like you're a sidewalk johnny cochran loses its effectiveness when it ends up showing everyone how little you actually know about legal issues like motor vehicle searches.

    • steve

      making him sit in his overpriced pimped out gas guzzler for two hours seems to me like the cops were " owning " him…..just sayin

      • Chris Arabian

        Intentionally uncooperative? He said no you can't search my car without a warrant. He was being cooperative while still understanding and exercising his rights.

        • Mike

          LOL and another one……cry to the cops about requiring a warrant next time you're in that situation…..that's not how it works.

      • mrbrixon

        you think he has issues paying for gas? lawl.

        • dub

          haha. If that's not enough, I'm sure the $20k sound system, comfort climate, goose-down leather seats and a variety of game consoles and entertainment options didn't suck either.

    • RamRod

      If they "obviously" had reasonable suspicion then he would have been asked to step out of the vehicle and not if they could search his car. You must not have many run-ins with the law

      • Mike

        Jesus this English thing is tough for some people……

        The police suspected (see how the word "suspected" looks kind of like the "suspicion" in "reasonable suspicion"?) he might have something unlawful in his vehicle. They requested a search. If he consents, they don't need a god damn thing to make it a good search. He didn't consent so they sandbagged trying to figure out how to provide probable cause for the search. In the end they couldn't find anything so they cut him loose.

        This post acts like this moron somehow "outwitted" the police with his extensive legal knowledge. In truth he tweeted a bunch of crap about a completely unnecessary warrant and got away lucky that the cops couldn't prove what they may or may not have seen to request the search in the first place.

        (By the way, trying to discredit my opinion by implying that my lack of a criminal history invalidates it probably isn't the most effective strategy…..but it's nice to know I'm obviously conversing with an expert who can't seem to keep himself off LEO's radar…..)

        • Blumpkin

          No! Bad commenter! Now go sit in the corner! Can you tell me why you are in the corner? You write too much and make little to no sense, that's right. OK. Now go outside and play.

        • RamRod

          I think the issue is your understanding of what was written. If police have reasonable suspicion of anything (i.e. smell of alcohol/drugs) they will ask the driver to exit the vehicle and not ask to search the vehicle while the driver is still in it. The officer here could not ask him to step out of the car for speeding which is a clear sign that the cop had NO reasonable suspicion. Was that in plain english enough for you?

    • barg

      Mike, you're the one who is looking like you don't know much about "legal issues like motor vehicle searches."

      1. The fact that officer barbrady *wants* to search my car has nothing to do with whether or not his suspicion is "reasonable". Nothing. Really.

      2. "since that burden of proof isn't enough to force compliance with a search". This sentence is unreal.

      3. Refusing to waive your constitutional rights is sure as shit not "intentionally uncooperative."

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