• Jabroni


  • Casper

    I would drive from AZ if you really needed a ride.

  • Mr. Simmonds

    what a little hottie!

  • Terry Burke

    the "carmageddon" thing was just as wrong as the armageddon in may… but you are really hot.

  • Fletch

    I… think… I … love… her ….

    • j22


      • Paul

        Me three..

  • E.V.L.

    Amazingly beautiful!! I'd give her a ride wherever she needed to go!

  • gene

    i don't think you guys understand what the term "high res" means… 920px wide is not high res unless everyone is on their phones.

    • Terry Burke

      dude… shut up

    • BGP

      Geez I never noticed the High Resolution thing because unlike you I was too busy looking at the hot chick. You Douche.

      • sankyd

        that comment actually made me laugh haha. "You Douche."

  • @putzeh

    Come to Canada?

    I swear it never gets cold here

  • j22

    This pic makes me wanna break up w my gf…

  • Tim Karre

    The girl is hot but the real question is how do you get a picture on an empty 405 in LA. That road is never empty.

    • Kevin

      Closed for construction for a day or so

    • ush

      Its closed, obviously. I'm from the UK, never been near the west coast but a quick google explained all within seconds

  • Scott

    Find her!!!! Moar Moar Moar

  • Paul

    They made such a big deal about the 405 being closed for 53 hours that I figured EVERYBODY knew it… even cave people… even the live under a rock people…etc etc

    • Terry Burke

      dude i cut my socal trip short cuz they said traffic would be horrible…. i have never gotten threw L.A. faster then i did that day

  • Viejon

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