• umpalumpa


    • M6tt

      at least type something witty

    • TJ73

      HA HA…. FRAIL!!!

  • Thunderhawk

    videos dont load for me anymore 😦

    • Ckris King

      me too….. flail?

    • Tim4290

      If you're using AdBlock Plus, try disabling it on this page or for the whole website.

    • duran duran

      it doesn't work on firefox, but it does on google chrome though

      • Benjiman

        i use firefox and it works fine, it's just your adblock

    • fhdhgjk

      Perhaps you need to see a doctor about that.

  • august west

    pretty late to the game, but always good for a laugh

    • BeerAndStupidity

      You summed my thoughts better than I could.

  • believeinJHA

    "fucking hangers"

  • Joe

    Fuck Mexico!

    • Dr3xell

      damn you got to it before me!!! lol fuck Mexico!

  • Facepuncher

    Nic Cage: The GREATEST ACTOR of our time!!!

    • DiCaprio, Streep

      nope, not by a long shot

      • Randy Marsh

        *shakes his head at lack of understanding sarcasm*

  • SharkyShooter


  • embry_joe


    • Nugat

      What movie is that?

  • Paulo

    WOW. This has been out for a while now. You guys need to get current.
    This is 10 years old internet time. Fuck.

    • ahhhhyeahhhh

      congratulations! you can attempt to trash talk. go troll somewhere else

      • Paulo

        All I'm pointing out is that this video has been circulating for a while now. I thought these guys' "jobs" were to stalk the net for new pics/vids of women and funny. They can't even handle the simple task of posting the women's name as well, if they know, for 99% of their posts.
        What's next? A woman stomping grapes falls off and screams? LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

        • Dancing Baby

          LOL! I want to see the stomping grapes lady falling! My grandma told me about it! Is it hot on the twitter right now?

    • surprisebuttsex

      Shut up,seriously shut up

      • Paulo

        Just pointing out the obvious. Seriously.

    • DWD

      Fuck you you fucking fuck!!!!!!!

      NO ONE criticizes the Chive!!! An angry mob of Chiver's who only have a instinctive visceral reaction to any criticism valid or not, will immediately put you in your place! HOW DARE THEEE.

      (Thumbs Downs Ensue)

      • lolz yer a dick

        Hey, the dudes right, the chive isnt some almighty fucking can do no wrong force- the thing, with the chive being as popular as it is they have to lower there standards- 'chivers' it would seem, are content with damn near anything. The multitude of ugly and homely bitches who you twats deem hot or jump and scream "find her" is inexcusable. I dig the chive but nothing is above reproach. this vid has been out for the internet decade the man said- new shit would be nice.

        • The Dude

          "The multitude of ugly and homely bitches who you twats deem hot or jump and scream "find her" is inexcusable."

          That's……..really the best way I think it could possibly be put. I abide.

  • timmahhh

    what song is that? playing thruout the video in the back.

    • Paulo

      Lux Aeterna from "Requiem for a Dream".
      Lord of the Rings remade it. This version kicks ass too.

      • Facepuncher

        NERD ALERT!!!

        • Benjiman

          no, common knowlegde if you watch a decend movie every once in a while

          • betamaxbandit

            Like The Core?

            • Paulo

              THAT was funny. 😀

    • thedude325

      original is mozart-summer overture (requim for a dream) something like that

  • Daniel


  • Rob Jordan


  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    nick, no one likes a crybaby. get your shit together man

  • HayzeOne

    Someone get him a stress ball.

  • Minion78

    I can't watch videos on TheChive any more,anyone got some tips how to make it work again? Please?

    • cookzone

      Try updating your browser to the latest version and then update Abode Flash Player. All else fails, Google Chrome.

      • Minion78


      • Justin Sargood

        Ignore everything but the "google chrome" part. problem solved

  • Dann

    it's missing his death scream from kick ass!

    • asdasd



      this video is actually older than kick-ass so unfortunately that clip did not exist at the time the video was created

  • Matt

    Nick, chill the fuck out!

  • ibangahapa

    Why do we let him keep making movies?

    • Jak

      Because of his family

  • Cofree

    Makes me want to watch every Nicholas Cage movie ever 😛

  • Trudy

    despite all his rage he's still just nicolas cage

    • cliqueded

      I see what you did there…

    • TitoRigatoni

      lol this would have been the perfect caption for this page

  • Demon_Cleaner

    That video pretty much summed up my month of June.

  • Sebastian Schwaighofer

    BOHOO!……. BOHOO!!

  • Pat

    How'd it get burned?! How'd it get burned?! HOW'D IT GET BURNED HOW'D IT GET BURNED?!!!!!!!!

    best scene is when he punches out the chick while wearing a bear costume

    wicker man is one of the worst movies i have ever seen. period.

    • MacNCheesePro

      Just those few scenes makes me want to see that movie now.

    • TheAndychrist

      The original was good.

  • r@f

    This is gold indeed. 2:46 is my fave.

  • Carlos

    Nic Cage and Kevin Costner have probably made the most money off the shitiest movies ever made. They both have about 20 movies under their belt and I guarantee no one can name two good Kevin Costner movies or two good Nic Cage movies.

    • wyattfairchild

      I'm not a cage fan at all. But The family man was really good, and i liked lord of war.

    • Seth

      I can think of a couple for Costner. Bull Durham, Dances with Wolves. Field of Dreams is a personal favorite and Mr. Brooks is pretty good, if you like seeing Dane Cook get his comeuppance.

    • KeyserSoze

      Bullshit!, Waterworld and Ghost Rider.

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