How to make strawberry beer via GIFS…no really (9 GIFS)

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  • Cristi_P

    I only like strawberries if they're freshly picked… but I could make an exception for that. An hourly exception.

  • Rodd Hungwell

    Less strawberry more hopps

  • Cory

    What?? How does it taste?!

    • BBL

      Like strawberries I'm guessing!

    • leotris

      Like shit, man up and drink a real ale, larger, bitter or stout. If you want something fruity have a cider.

    • K dog

      If you want something fruity have Justin Beiber.

  • Capt. Obvious

    WHo the hell needs fruit in their alcohol. I think those people just got the right to be married in New York…the rest are women.

    • Calvin

      Man Rule: Don't fruit the beer!

      • BigHate

        Hopefully you don't mean you can't put a lime in a Dos Equis. The most interesting man in the world would like to have a word with you.

        • HankVatican

          If you have to put lime in your beer to make it taste good, then you're probably drinking the wrong beer.

        • Capt. Obvious

          Who drinks that baboon sweat??

    • Beer

      Just because you fell for some Miller/Coors/Bud advertising doesn't make you more "manly." Why not class it up a bit and try a Belgian lambic? Learn to think for yourself sometimes.

      • Brad

        this guy (original poster) would spit out a lambic and say that it's beer gone bad…

      • Capt. Obvious

        Belgian Lambic? What did you find that crap at a 120 Beer restaurant? Do yourself a favor and try a Belgian Ale. This is the original eer and blows the pants off any fruity pretender.

    • KUI

      "WHo the hell needs fruit in their alcohol"
      Like wine?

      • Capt. Obvious

        Yeah, like wine. Fermented grape jelly is not needed.

    • Special_k

      Poor guy…He never enjoyed a cool sangria in summer days before…

      • Capt. Obvious

        Nope, I prefer to enjoy alcohol withbits of produce floating in it.

  • steve

    hmmm Berry interesting..

    • Brand_n

      I "seed" what you did there.

      • r@f

        I straw what you did there too.

  • David

    The guys at Dogfish are awesome. They always make interesting brews.

    • Nerfherder

      Indeed. Home of the $9 I.P.A. four-pack : ) One of the best damned I.P.A.'s out there though…….. Life is far too short to drink Bud Light.

    • Thumpybass

      Amen. The Indian Brown Ale is one of my favorites from them.

    • hMMMM


    • jakubwrobel

      My favorite micro-brewery so far. Had 120 IPA over the weekend. Let's just say it's worth every penny of the $10 price tag per bottle.

  • Fat Chiver

    Man, these GIFs freak me out….

  • stolen_art

    So to make Strawberry flavoured beer, you make beer with strawberries in the mix? Fairly sure I would have guessed that

  • Mike Easter

    Thats not beer! I abide strictly to the beer purity law of 1564 — beer has only 3 ingredients : water, hops, grain. That is it! I grudgingly allow yeast…

    • Grammar Ninja

      Reinheitsgebot is from 1516, not 1564, and only allowed barley (not any grain). Also, it didn't include yeast as a permissible ingredient because brewers didn't know yeast was in there. It wasn't until Pasteur's discoveries in the 1800s that people learned of yeast's involvement in the fermentation of beer.

      • Troll name ninja

        you corrected a historical fact..not grammar

      • Beer

        Also, its a strictly German law. The Berlinner Weisse style was invented just because of that law. Nothing like that was ever put into law in the US. I believe the only law is beer must have an incredibly low level of hops to be called beer. This is being brewed in the US by DFH so I doubt they care about German law from the 1500's.

        • V4Vendetta14

          If you ever watch BrewMasters, Dogfishhead goes to great lengths to be authentic in most of their brews. They have one limited edition brew, that was culled from a hieroglyph from the wall of a pyramid. If they made a German-styled brew, it would be authentic, down to the goose-stepping delivery man…

    • That Guy

      grudgingly allow yeast?… no yeast = no beer. you know nothing.

      • tsuru

        Well, I'm from Germany, and all my friends would laugh at you for that statement. Just fyi if your search for real beer ever takes you there. ;>

        • That Guy

          and being from Germany does not allow you to skip the laws of science.

        • jake

          The most important raw material for making any alcoholic beverage, including beer, is yeast, a single-cell organism that is responsible for all fermentations.

      • V4Vendetta14

        I believe that the grain itself used to be the only source of yeast in the old days, though that was not intentional. Yeast was an accidental discovery… The original beer makers didn't realize what caused the fermentation.

        • That Guy

          ya i understand that. but just cause it was an accidental ingredient doesn't mean its not an ingredient. what's insane is he excludes the most important ingredient.

  • Mmbeer

    Yep, thats the owner of Dogfish.

  • keithp420

    yeah, but does Becki approve?

  • Ian

    I love this cause its a never ending supply of beer!

  • floscar

    I am tired of fruit beers. What ever happened to beer flavor beers??!!

    • EQK

      You should look into the company that is making that – Dogfish Head ( – they are really trying to bring beer back from the waterdown piss that Bud and Coors are putting out.

      • V4Vendetta14

        Micro-brews and generic swill don't exactly the same audience. While I love micro-brews, they are tough to use when playing beer pong…

        Check out Brew Masters if you haven't already. Probably catch reruns on Discovery Channel. Like a reality show, but they chronicle Dogfishhead's creation of a new beer from idea to inception. Pretty damn entertaining if you are a beer lover.

      • Chris Scharff

        Well said, friend.

  • Robert Opennheimer

    they take it WAY too seriously…for god sakes they aren't building a nuke

  • Shannon Coverdale

    MMMMMM, Beer! D'oh

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #10 look at that! rich, bubbly, red, looks delicious!

  • Jonathan

    Knowing the chive, I truly thought this was going to be a trap of some sort. Neat though

  • JJJ

    Knowing the chive, I truly thought this was going to be a trap of some kind. Neat though

  • the dude

    I work with guys that build nukes they are not serious at all. Also sam is here to change the american beer scene. Mass respect to the italian brewer.

  • ZombieBootParty

    Wow add strawberries to your brewing process and your beer will have a strawberry flavor. This is completely amazing and I just can't comprehend how it works. Fruit flavored beer is for chicks / fancy boys.

  • JacksonMcNasty

    You lost me at step 3 when i noticed you need a strawberry crushing/juicing device and a full-on brewery

    • Jeff Dearing

      Just because they have a full-on brewery and a large juicing device, doesn't mean you need those things. If you are a home-brewer and realllly wanted to make that beer (not that I would, not a fan of fruity beers), get a juicer and you are set.

  • Ilya Josefson

    Its….. ok

    • not paula

      beerfest ftw

  • Charles

    #4 awkward boner. sorry

  • yo yo ma

    Strawberry beer gifs would be more interesting if they had tits (preferably bouncing).

  • KeyserSoze

    I got really thirsty all of a sudden. Even though it's only 8:12 am, and ice cold brew in a frosted glass sounds pretty good right now.

    • Matt

      Couldn’t agree more. Since they posted the Bites n Brews chick, I’ve been craving a strawberry beer. This just furthers it. =\

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