These people exist (29 photos)

  • paul

    #5 takes balls

    • MrRushing

      …or the complete absence of class

    • Mark P Constable

      I don't think that has balls, if you catch my drift…

      Yeah, things that make you go….bluhhh

    • EdWood

      I'm not sure.
      But it could be Paula.
      She should stay under the bridge.

    • Zach

      #5 Looks like a woman or a cow. It's so hard to tell with this photo.

      • Zoey

        whatever it is, I'd say that cloak-of-invisibility is malfunctioning.

    • Grammar Ninja

      That picture is not only not safe for work, it's not safe for anywhere.

    • Seriously

      And then devours them.

  • Brad

    #25 this girl can continue what's she's doing, all others must be stopped…

    • Shannon Coverdale

      I agree kind sir!

    • Monk

      I would definitely mess up that paint.

      • ...

        Imagine that for a living, painting hot chicks nipples all day. Poor guy.

    • jamie

      because someone has to say it…
      nice body job

    • Sethry
    • Sarcynical

      I can usually find something to bitch about… This is not one of them.

    • Kombat_Kory

      Then what should we do about her? #12

      • besley

        I'm not sure that is a her

      • Penrath

        I think that #12 is a "he"…just more creative than #8 …lol! :p

      • Mitzone

        worth the while to untangle her clothes imho

  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    #9 looks like bono

    • Brad

      new broadway play "Green Goblin: Turn Off the Gay"

    • equalizermax

      I'm sure his Mom is very proud of him

    • Eeik5150

      Sorry, Goth is someone you are afraid of because they look like they are going to murder you for no reason. This is Emo, someone you want to laugh at until they finally cut too deep to be saved. Too gay for goth.

  • Bubbleal

    Some of these are just sick. Bubble on

  • Edward

    #25 This is completely ok with me.

  • bettingonthecubs

    #22 & #28 know whats hot about pregnant chicks? you know they put out

    • Brad

      and their boobs get bigger…

      • mmhmm

        and then smaller…

    • white man

      classy black people. really nice

      • Guest

        Once you go black, you become a single mother

        • j22

          wow, u just made my day

    • reqllowquuintwit

      and if you fuck them, they can't get knocked up

    • mikeofla

      And you know you can't knock them up!

    • Herro

      pregnant women who drink should go to jail for child abuse. I'd rather have a scar from getting the shit kicked out of me by my parents while I was an infant than to become autistic because my mom drank while pregnant with me.

      • BeGoneWhackCommenter

        I've never seen a preggo chick drinking in public, but if I ever see one, I will flip my shit. This is disgusting.

      • Drea619

        ? Lol not that I support pregnant drinking I just needed to point out what an idiot u are lol first of all the 'idrather have a scar blah blah' doesn't name sense and also autism is not caused by drinking mothers you fool, drinking while pregnant may cause some birth defects but no not autism

        • Dick Richardson

          Wow. YOU are going to point out what an idiot someone else is?????

          People in glass houses shouldn't call the kettle black.

        • Alan

          it's called FAS – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    • white man 2

      ahhh no. Only dumb black girls would do this…..

      • thisguy?

        keep your mouth shut and no one will be able to judge how stupid/ ignorant you are

        • white man 1

          why? because he speaks the truth? STFU

          • Drea619

            The truth is that stupid comes in all colors and doesn't discriminate.

            For instance see white man 1&2.LOL

          • White man 3

            You other two guys are retarded. Your sister/wives are probably drunk and pregnant right now.

      • Good White Guy

        White women smoking while pregnant:

        White girl drunk and smoking while pregnant:

        White Pregnant Drinking Pictures:

        So stop being a racist cunt. Their are trashy people of every race, yes including white. You are proof of that.

        • white guy 4

          you mean "white guy apologist"? Got the old slave guilt? You really are good. We should all aspire to be you or maybe obama

          • Negrodamas

            Oh the struggle of the downtrodden white man. I'm sure you'd trade places with any black man because they have it so good, right?

            • bigdeal

              i honestly wonder what would happen if a person were to go up to one of those whores and confront them about it…. yes trashiness does come in all colors but i think the reactions to someone asking them wtf would be different.. i would be inclined to think that the reaction of these 2 lovely young ladies would be multiple neck swivels and loud, brash voices .. and dont forget the 'boxing stance" they would take to try and physically fight you for your meddlesome mouth… such class.. such beauty..

              • wowsers

                And guess who gets to pay for those babies? The taxpayers you can be sure

    • Steven

      We need a new plague in the ghettos, get rid of darkness so we can go back to being a prosperous country.

      • phideauxe

        Uhhh, ok Herr Fuhrer…

  • jason_in_pc

    #27 everyone likes to jet ski, its just awesome!

    • I'm Sorry

      How do solve a problem like Maria?

      • ssstoopid

        "Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy a wave runner. Have you ever seen a person frown on a wave runner?" ~ Danniel Tosh

        • I'm Sorry

          We're all sorry your cousin died but he was prick, and he tried to splash us.

  • laxcat36

    #9 goth snobbery at its finest.

  • Mero

    Whats wrong with #25?

    • Randy Marsh

      There's too much paint on her chest.

      • Travis

        And it's lead based

    • Firefighter23

      She's not wearing a helmet, duh!

      • theNakedDwarf

        She's facing the wrong way?

    • It's true

      My dick is not in her.

    • AlanPanas

      She is sitting on a motorcycle instead of on me!



    • DWD

      The chive doesn't hate gays, but it doesn't mean we can't laugh at you if your a dressed retardedly. There are plenty of normally dressed gays, and frankly they aren't that funny. Take out whatever is jammed up your ass and lighten up and laugh a little.

      • DWD

        *you're (I know, I know)

      • Spagheddie

        You know, I have no problem with gay people. I'm all for equal rights. I say if you want to get married, have at it. But when they and GLAAD or whatever flip out every time someone says "that's gay" or a celebrity tweets something poking a little fun at them, I start to not want to support their cause so much. I know you're gay and all, but seriously…nut the fuck up.

        • bigdeal

          lol for real! everyone else has to man up when their particular .. what word.. i dont know.. 'status/situation' whatever is brought up but no.. wah wah.. you guy are mean! you said thats gay.

          so fucking gay.

    • twisty

      I hope they find a way to block your computer from coming on this site and posting ignorant crap like that!!!

      • TheTruth!

        Ignorant crap? Hey asswipe – you wanna preach tolerance for other people's ideas and beliefs? Try TOLERATING those who DON'T agree with you! You expect everyone else to embrace being gay, well not everyone does. So show some fucking tolerance for those who are not gay and don't care for that shit.

        • Steve Smith

          Don't worry Truth, LibTards only practice tolerance when it suits them. They have no problem being in tolerant when someone disagrees with them.

          • Markus

            Are you asking others to be tolerant of your intolerance? If so, you're doing it wrong.

            • Spagheddie

              Do you even know what tolerance means? You can disagree with something and still be tolerant of it. That's the whole idea of tolerance…you put up with it even if you don't necessarily like it. Word definitions: You're doing them wrong.

              • big deal

                i like spagheddie.

                im going to go ahead and tolerate him! yay!

                tolerate means agree WITH right?

    • Pat Overton

      Those same gay people are laughing at douches in Ed Hardy, Affliction, and Tap Out shirts. Shame on them!:p

      • not gay guy

        heck yes. screw the intolerant fags (just not up the ass)

  • lemurfart

    #25 looks like any other kit chopper but that paint job is awesome. on both of them

  • mattythegooch

    #17 – What kind of car is that??? ( sarcasm )

    • Ryan

      All of those stickers add 23 hp.

      • jake

        at least 23 hp, some of those are like 50 hp stickers

    • Adri

      A Romanian car -_-…i are dissapoint in my own people T_T

      • Alex

        Romania!! Fuck Yeah!!!

  • disturbed

    #12 My kind of action figure

    • DWD

      She male?

    • ssstoopid

      That bitch LOVES to go to KISS concerts!

    • mali_sapun

      Taylor Momsen cut her hair

    • dcw

      if it were a chick, i'd have no problem with it irl or otherwise.

  • Just Sayin'

    #20 hahaha!! Photoshop win!

    • Spank the Monkey

      Are you sure? I don't see any pixels. Maybe just a lucky man.

      • gumball

        Doesn't look photoshopped to me

  • Guibombe

    #20 These hipsters will do anything to be different!

  • Billy

    #7 who started this shit? A girl in my office just showed me pictures of them doing it last weekend. She said it's fun. I don't get it.

    • Dominican
    • Bob

      Planking needs to go the fuck away

    • FreakyBobo

      I would kick that dude straight square in the balls.

    • Rosie Fay

      Australians started it. I know, I'm sorry. Stupidest shit ever.

    • Texas

      Well if your going to pull off a plank, this guy is doing it right.

      • ERERGEG

        no. the right way is not to do it.

  • seth

    What's wrong with

    • Dapper_Dave

      It's just a fail out fit….the girl is pretty

      • Lev

        Yeah, panty-line pulled way higher than skirt. Just a slut-move, that's all

    • Faptastic

      Well, either really small boobs or that is a man. After what I have done, I really hope its not a man.

      • Sniff Tester

        I think it is just an outfit fail – masterbate in peace my friend

    • Fasteddy14

      Wondering the same… Maybe a tranny? I don't think so, but I have been fooled before. …

      • Tranny Joe

        Fooled? You said I was special! 😦

      • Michel Payette

        No tranny there…just a hot girl who can't dress. But I'd still buy her a drink 😉

    • Bdrizzle

      Her face and legs are forgiving the dress failure imo

    • AlliKat

      Her clothes are still on?

  • knuckalicious

    #27 is quite an obvious 'shop, just look at the reflection 😉

    • Event Horizon

      I can tell you've seen a few shops in your day. #20 is also shopped, in case you didn't catch that one.

  • Pinky

    The things you can find with metal detectors these days…

    • Vagina Jones

      Lemme help you out.

      The things you can find with with metal detectors these days…

      #6 #10 #15

      • Pinky

        lol thanks… still kind of a noob 🙂

        • Vagina Jones

          Hey, no problem! Chive On!

          • Felicia

            look at this fellow chiver love going on! I love it!

  • Pinky

    #11 The things you can find with metal detectors these days…

    • AAArrghhh!!

      Damn Somali pirates!!

  • DWD

    #9 Clearly Paula

  • j22

    #15 FIND!

    • guest

      those are girls???????

    • Gross I tell you

      No she is gross.

  • kng_nthn

    #2 WTF?!?

    • WTF?

      No shit, lol I guess they ran out of ideas on how to be complete dumbasses and now this.

      • dutch

        who are the "they" that you refer to?

        • Drea619

          He means black ppl…
          Cuz hes a bigot…
          And hasn't figured out stupid comes in all colors…

          • him

            thanks for reading his mind, madame zorba… you're probably a racist black

          • Gay

            He's talking about "they" in picture you idiot only racists would say what you did

    • Cocrates

      how many people in the club do you think have tried snatching those hundreds out of his head haha

      • Felicia

        the one with the money in it creeps me out.

  • JDub

    is #15 and #16 same girl?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #29 no stoner, youre doing it wrong! first you dry it, them cut it and then smoke it

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