• Matthew Rose

    Paula as a teenage

    • Matthew Rose

      *teenager. whoops, Paula as a teenageer.

      • Matthew Rose

        damn it, too drunk to type already.

        • Paula_

          Those weren't mushrooms your boyfriend gave you…

          – the one that can spell

      • Wilson

        I was thinking a joker wanna-be, but teenage paula works too I guess.

    • Joey

      she is the whole package…. without the package…. oh Paula

    • sexualniner

      ru paula, now.

      my dick

      -the one you make flaccid.

  • metalcool36

    Someone needs to smack some sense into that girl

    • bettingonthecubs

      thats a 51-50 if i've ever seen one

      • Reed

        Is it 72 hours for a minor too?

        • bettingonthecubs


    • LuvH8fulChix

      I think her portrayal of the typical dumbass girl is spot-on,…I'd date her for the social commentary.

      • b-ry

        seconded. she's basically lampooning the kinds of chicks the dumbass chivers go for anyway.

    •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

      Problem #1 she is a raiders fan

      • Spivias

        my thought exactly


      Mom walks in………

  • scottydo

    she had a lot of makeup on from the gitgo

    • r@f

      JEZZZUUUS CHRIST! **Psycho Theme Here**

    • Yusef

      She actually didn't

  • andres


  • SlimtwigMJ

    Stupid kids

    • Chauncey

      The Raiders t-shirt should have been a big fucking clue folks…

  • JROC

    2+2= gonorrhea? iv been lied too.

    • vhr1904

      And his whole time I thought it equalled 4. WTF?

      • DCMOFO

        My maths have been WAY off. What's the square of syphilis then??

        • Grammar Ninja

          I think it's pi.

        • Redundant

          Isn't it Paula?

          • gumball

            I've tried working this out a bunch of times and I keep getting four

    • Joe

      HAHAHAHAHAH! u made my day jroc, don't know why i cant stop laughing. Keep being awesome!

      • JROC

        i would be noware without my ROC Pile

    • John

      I thought 2 + 2 was a good time.

    • thedude325

      I wish I could vote this up more than once

    • Fur reels

      she simply forgot to carry the one.

    • Mazi

      I about lost my mouthful of beer when she blurted out gonorrhea… priceless.

    • DanielB

      i would buy that t-shirt

  • Killa

    pedobear is smiling somewhere

  • Colin J. Schrader

    Never, have I been more frightened…than right now

    • Dreamy

      That makes two of us. Stopped halfway and fled to the DAR… safety 🙂

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Try going through a divorce with one… survival of the fittest favors the psycho.

    • @The_Scofield_

      No doubt. She's like a teenage girl Gollum. Terrifying.


      …Valium …MOAR!

    • Underhill

      I have been more frightened but this is a close second.
      I am also very sad. This child is in bad shape. Hope
      someone who cares has intervened by now.

  • Captain Obvious

    Every single girl is the spawn of satan and therefore has some sort of screw loose in thier noggins which makes bitches crazy.

    • Jack


      • rembrandt


    • Da Sandman


    • ORLY?

      Every single girl? You're on the wrong site if you believe that crock of shit.

    • mastodon311

      i think youre batting for the wrong team, bro

    • Bee

      Heck, I'm a girl and I can't even argue with that.

  • Martin Salas

    Thanks.. Now I will have a terrible nightmare D:

  • Mr Pinchy

    Find her!

    • newscot

      Commit her!

    • Hater_Aid


    • What?

      it's your funeral.

  • Ronnie

    She's just as normal as any other chick…

    • bisketz

      HAHHAHAHHAhhahahahah. Made me laugh.

    • Joe

      LOL!!! Really, laughing my ass off here!! 🙂

  • Guest

    Well there's your problem

    • Big McLarge Huge

      DAMMIT !! I was gonna say that. well played Guest…well played

  • Michael

    Damn, I knew I screwed something up on that math test.
    "What's 2 + 2?"
    I put down 4, but gonorrhea…man, it just totally slipped my mind.

    In other news, this is terrifying.

  • GoblinShit

    and she wonders why she doesn't have a boyfriend?

  • John in Seattle

    Some poor shmuck is going to walk right into this trainwreck someday. Poor fella never saw it coming.

    • medtxpack

      as long as she is still wearing that raiders shirt, they will steer clear…

      • Sage Advice

        never stick your dick in crazy.

        • Id hit it once

          You can stick your dick in crazy, just make sure it's at her place and she doesn't have your phone number.

          • SheriffPablo

            and never let her handcuff you to anything

    • David Wood

      Damn straight , that chick is craaaaazzzzyyy!!

  • Crazy

    I thought 2 + 2 was crabs?

  • Lulatsch

    Not above the Mendosa dagonal.

    Sorry girl, you didn't pass the Hot/Crazy-Scale

    • tico

      i think she is the Mendosa chick….

    • swarley

      I'd say she's closer to the 'Shelly Gillespie Zone' on the Hot/Crazy Scale…

      As the video progressed, she got crazier and crazier while she became uglier than at the start

      • Rule #109

        H| /
        O| /
        T| /
        | /
        | * /——————->*

  • @soy_LG

    "What's 2+2? Gonorrhea." …Yep. Sums up the whole thing.

    Some chicks made me sad to be a chick. I can't tell if this girl is TRYING to be funny or is legitimately pissed…but either way tis' a sad moment in female-dom.

    • @soy_LG

      That would be "make me sad". Typos make me sad too. 😉

    • Jason Ciotti

      That's why we are all happy to have chicks like you to ease the pain of the insane.

      • Smoochy Smoochy

        Stop being an ass kisser Jason. It is an ugly spectacle.

        • Dr3xell

          hahaha snap! Does no one else think this is totally fake?

        • captainobvious

          not to take sides here, but personally, I would crawl naked for 2.4 miles across broken glass, THEN jump in a swimming pool of orange juice, THEN I would even take little miss psycho up there out on a date, just for the CHANCE to kiss Ms Gentile's ass

          as a disclaimer – the OJ would have to be made from frozen concentrate NOT that fresh squeezed shit, that shit burns my tummy and I don't want pulp getting into my "exit only" areas

          oh and the aforementioned date with miss crazy pants would have to be in public – I'm willing to be injured NOT chopped up and put in some freezer just for a chance to kiss Ms Gentile's ass

          • Red

            goddamn you're pathetic.

      • make funny not so

        what's brown and smells like shit?
        shit, dumbass, but Jason's nose is also an acceptable answer.

      • Erik von Markovik

        Jason's attempt at message board flattery-tis' a sad moment in male-dom.

      • KeyserSoze

        *sigh* and it's guys like you that are the reason being a man isn't considered as honorable as it used to be.

      • Robert Plant

        Wow. what an ass-kissing, brown-nosing, ass-tonguing, obsequious faggot.

    • LOL

      I actually thought it was rather hilarious. I think this girl has a legitimate future in comedy.

    • GlibTongue

      Could be fake/satire, could be genuine. Either way it can be considered commentary on our society's, and social media's measurement of beauty.

      I just hope that the 2 month old girl in my left arm never has these self-esteem issues based on unrealistic standards.

  • Mike

    ummmmmmmmmm, is she really wondering why she has no boyfriend???

    • simon

      side note, she kinda looks jaundiced. she should see a doctor.

  • Tim Franklin

    riiiight… bitches really are crazy..

    • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

      most of us aren't anywhere near this crazy =/

      • medtxpack

        its the potential that scares men….

  • Rick

    future cliff diver ….with no water at the bottom…..sad

  • hmm....

    u no… i kinda would… including the golem voice at the end

    • .......

      Yeah, fuck it, I would

      • why_not...

        Yeah, fuck it… just have to bring along a flashbang and some ninja smoke bombs so you can disappear without inadvertently inspiring a followup to Misery.

        • Droc

          i like to do the lebron powder toss immediately following then dissapear like a ninja

    • Maytrix

      Maybe the fact that she's probably 12 might be a reason not to?

  • Guest Commenter

    The fuck?

  • sirforsyth

    I managed to keep watching until 1:02.

    • Dan

      You missed the best part!

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