Best sports bars in ‘merica (25 Photos)

  • dougie

    its MURKA… not merica.

    • equalizermax

      That's what those Mexican says…

    • JinPeoria

      Sorry to hijack but Funugyz in Peoria, Az is an awesome sports bar with amazing food. Deserves the recognition

  • Tokabwl

    #20 Hell's Yeah!!! Go Detroit!!!!

    • equalizermax

      red wings sucks!

      • Remus

        4 cups in 12 years….Man…what a shitty team.

        • Kyle Bartley

          Man, don't feed the trolls. Equalizermax is obviously just trying to piss people off.

    • Chim Richels

      Yeah, go Detroit.

      Gotta love a town that looks like a set from The Walking Dead and has 98% unemployment!

      • Remus

        We may be down, but we're far from out.

      • @wassupitaly

        Half of the people talking ISH about Detroit have never been there. It's not great…but it's not that bad

        • Chim Richels

          Umm no, we've been there. Face it, dude, it's a shithole.

          My wife grew up in Royal Oak, so there at least once every 6-8 weeks.

          Royal Oak/Ferndale went through a bit of a surge a few years ago, but back to reality. My brother in law's house in Ferndale is worth about 35% of what it was 4 years ago.

          Suburbs are decent. Not great, but decent. There are nice suburbs everywhere. Suburbs are lame. The city sucks donkey dick. Everyone knows this. No sense trying to rationalize it away.

          Detroit (city, not Royal Oak or Ferndale or Grosse Point or Brighton or Novi or fucking Warren) is a complete and utter shithole.

      • Kyle Bartley

        Hey, our suburbs are the best in the midwest! Tons of lakes, great shopping, amazing bars and some of the best metroparks in the nation.That has to be worth something. Poor people have to live somewhere, it might as well be south of 8 mile.

    • Mick

      Ok they're not talking city they're talking sports bars. And this bar sucks unless there is a home event going on and even then they are ALWAYS understaffed. The post has more tradition than that does and that's on it's way down as well. We need a real sports bar around here where you can go watch all events the HockeyTown is not one of them.

  • @unicornsRnice

    Dives>sports bars

    • Jak


      • Raunchy The 1st

        being from the UK and saying "cheers" > being from the US and saying "cheers"

        • Paul

          being from the US in general > being from the UK

          • Blumpkin

            been to both. i'll take the UK any day.

            • TRON


              • Sleez

                also agree.

        • Christian Lander

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          By far and away the biggest reason white people start talking with British slang is the films of Guy Ritchie or Trainspotting. It is scientifically impossible for a white person to watch the first half of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and not start using words like "shite" and "wanker". If you have any familiarity with British slang, it is essential that you keep your mouth shut around white people. It has been proven that British slang expression spreads faster than chlamydia among a group of white people.
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    • Paul


  • Westy

    YAY! LODO's!!!!!!!! #16

    • konaehukai

      Hellz Yeah. I love that place.

      • Wolfsburg00


        • konaehukai

          SC is great too. Lodo has some great spots to drink. Falling Rock is my fav. Plus it's right across from Hooters.

          • j_rizzo

            That Hooters has been closed for years – The space is a revolving door; I don't know how so many restaurants manage to fail being a block away from Coors Field

            • konaehukai

              Shit I could have sworn that was open last time I was there. Must have been too many beers at falling rock.

    • LODO's Blows

      I'd rather drink in an alley in my pajamas than go to LODO's…. D-Bag Central.

      • hitman219

        Giggling Grizzly or El Chapultepec are the place to be. If you think Lodo's DT in D-bag central, go to the new one in Highlands Ranch. Went there once, never again.

        • R-Dub

          El Chapulatepec is a total shithole, but I love it!

    • AdamTKO

      Love all the posts on Denver! If you're a Michigan fan,,, then LoDo's. But if you're a fan of sports, and more specifically, Denver sports,,, then Sports Column is it.

  • Chodanutz

    Nice bar, but full of popped-collared, north side douche bags. South Side bars are much better

    • shoestring30

      Haha, Kirkwood is pretty broke dick. Nothing to do with sports as well.

    • Not your buddy, guy

      But there's no IU bars on the south side

      • Chim Richels

        That's because no one on the South Side has anything more than 8 credits from Ippolito School of Cosmetology.

    • ontherun1989

      Gotta check out Duffy's on Sheridan and Diversey.

      • GrantOJ

        i hope that was a joke. that bar smells like stale vomit and piss.

    • Chim Richels

      Yeah, why go to Kirkwood and see hot chicks when you can go to South Side bars and see d-bags with blacked out challengers and ugly chicks with bad tattoos.

      Kirkwood may not be the best for 'sports', but it's always chock full of hot chicks, and that is a good thing.

      • shoestring30

        I don't know, I was in there two weeks ago on a Friday night and the ratio was pretty bad. It is really good on the patio during the day.

        • Chim Richels

          Haven't been there for a while, but I recall watching the NCAA tourney there a couple of years ago and Kansas was playing. Apparently, it became a 'Kansas Bar' and it was fucking crazy with hot chicks.

          Now, for dudes, go to Schoolyard (same ownership group). I'm 40 and even when I was going there in the mid 90's it was nothing but frat boys in baseball hats.

          Wearing a baseball hat to a bar on a Saturday night is a good way to not get any poontang.

    • Don

      Yeah, much better to get murdered in…

    • Markus

      Like what, Jimbo's?

    • TRON

      looks like a Chive get together.

  • Joe Strubachinkoskow

    Not one from Boston, i.e., "Title Town"?

    • Boston Sucks

      Green Bay is "Title Town".
      Pittsburgh is the "City of Champions".
      Boston is…. just Boston. Sorry.

      • r@f

        Boston Sucks eh??! Who had the most championships this decade alone. Waaaaah. Cry me a river.

        • Paul

          You guys are a buncha queeahs. I'm puttin this whole conversation in my reahview.

      • caleb

        Originally named City of Champions is Edmonton, Alberta. Not Pitt.

      • Joe Strubachinkoskow

        "Boston Sucks" is "Fat Un-Athletic Interwebs Chat Board Commando with Micropenis"

      • #7rings

        I suppose we're a little too busy planning parades to come up with a cheeky nickname.

    • AGM

      Joe- a lot has changed for us since Feb 3, 2002…A lot of haters out there now.

    • sully23

      or 'The Fours'?

      • Chuck

        Or the Cask, B.B.Works, Who's on first?

      • brett

        I love ordering a Doug Flutie and washing it down with a Boston Lager!!!

    • Brett Casey

      Sports aside I was sad not to see Boston represented here. Plenty of Chivers like a good drink now and then.

    • Tits McGee

      fuck boston.

    • murph

      Regardless of how many titles Boston has won this decade I think Boston should have at least two up there.
      ps- anyone that was in Boston the night they won the Stanley Cup can agree with me that every bar in Boston that night was the best sports bar in America.

    • Buford_Justice

      Green Bay is the original title town…super bowl champs, title town brewing company, Lambeau field, Vince Lombardi trophy. It is all that is good.

  • Chris Arabian

    Nice bars but some of them look too clean and prissy to be a sports bar.

  • Doug

    Are any of them topless?

    • equalizermax

      These are all sports bar not a strip bar

    • truth

      douche bag

      • Doug

        Right, because making a joke asking if they show tits is totally wrong of me. Next time I'll be sure to check with you before I hit submit.

        • Darkseid

          You should check with him. Douchebag.

    • iGaucho

      Yep, just full of guys flashing you with their painted chests.

  • Coldzilla

    #17 ok I GOTTA go there!!

    • tomcaronsgoatee

      for a 20 lb burger or the underage girls?

      • Coldzilla

        Sorry but it was all about the name – a smarter Goatee would have put two and two together. 😉

        Underage girls never crossed my mind

        As a goatee you must get punched alot

    • equalizermax

      I was surprise when it's in Tennessee…

    • dave

      I'm from Memphis. It's more of a restaurant with lots of beer than a 'sports bar'. Still great though.

      • downfall616

        yeah, i'd stopped by there on my way through a couple months ago and was surprised when the waitress stressed the fact that they're a "sports bar". bar and grill all the way.

  • ABB

    I've been in NYC for 11 years and never head of the Mean Fiddler. So many better sports bars than that. Lil Disappointed. But tomorrow is Hump day so I won't be disappointed for long.

    • anon

      if you've never heard of it, how do you know the others are better?

      • ABB

        Because I know some of the people in that picture.

        Not the coolest bunch around.

  • Raph

    #16, lodo's i think not, sports column much better

    • Wolfsburg00

      agreed and was going to say the same thing

      • hitman219

        Even though it's not a sports bar, I prefer The Giggling Grizzly myself. El Chapultepec is bad ass as well.

        • marshall

          Swankys in denver is the shit for a small bar!

    • Ziggy

      Overpriced crap. How did Lodo's make the list? Obviously someone not from Denver compiled this list.

  • Josh Peters

    Not even close to the best sports bars in 'merica

  • jeffurry

    no love for pittsburgh?

    • R.Pgh

      The best one was down (dahn) in the Strip but I think it closed up a few years back. I think it was called the Sports Club. there is a decent one in Robinson now, although I can't remember the name.

    • SteelCityChivette

      hear hear! you don't get 6 super bowl rings, 3 Stanley Cups, and…umm… finally #1 in the division (poor, sweet Buccos) without having some kickass sports bars. Primantis n'at?

      • Shameful

        Seriously. Fuckin' french fries on a steak sub with coleslaw and an Iron City to wash it down? Pittsburgh is the home of food geniuses.

  • peckerwood

    I heart Max's in Baltimore but it's NOT a good sports bar. Go to Looneys. Who picks this stuff out?

    • peckerwood

      OR better, Pratt Street Ale House in Bmore actually shows UFC

    • Djames

      I'm from Baltimore, and yeah, you're right. Looneys is better. Plus the bartenders at Max's are assholes.

    • Dave H.

      Missed your comment before posting, but I'm with ya. Looneys, Pratt Street… hell, what about good old Pickles?

      • BmoreGuru

        Y'all nuts. Max's is the best. Fully topless women on tv, next to 300 beers (Looneys can't compete with that, and Oliver Ale is good at Pratt Street, but really?) and they have 3 bars with at least 2 dozen tv's playing every sport you can imagine.
        The bartenders can be assholes, but that's just cause you're a douche.

        • daveh873

          Max's is a good time, but a great sports bar it is not. And the bartenders are fine, so you can go douche yourself.

  • Billy

    #12 is OK

    • Jimbo_Slice

      you misspelled awesome

    • Htownpunk

      Yea, there's much bars better in Houston than this place.

  • Justin

    You forgot Chappell's in Kansas City, MO. One of the best sports museums and sports bars there is.

  • Leroy

    Cask n' Flagons at Fenway Park is not on the list? It was voted best sports bar in 'Merica by ESPN. Should be on the list.

    • Jeff

      Who cares, it is a Sox bar. Of course ESPN voted it best.

  • meh

    How does Boston not have a bar up here?

    • equalizermax

      They forgot about Boston Pizza…

      • #7rings

        You mean Halftime Pizza across from the Garden? You could make a case for that.

    • CarRamRod

      How about McGreevy's? Or CBS Scene in Foxboro?

    • Chim Richels

      Probably for the same reason some dumbfuck put an ESPN zone up there. Yes, if watching sports at a mall with tourists is fun, then ESPN zone is the place!

  • Dood

    #6 – Not sure if sports bar

    • buster cherry

      This looks like an awesome place to go grab a couple of ice cold Zima's and watch a rousing mixed pairs figure skating championship.

      • WZB

        That's because LA is a lame sports town – show up in the 3rd and leave in the 7th for the Dodgers. Lakers games at Staples are more about celebs than actual BBall, and they don't even have a football team anymore.

        • Screwdriver

          Yeah….LA is a diverse city with many cultures, which pretty much prevents it from being the redneck sausage fest of most hardcore sports towns. With the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, Kings. Ducks, Galaxy, UCLA, and USC there is really not much in the way of sports here.

      • Screwdriver

        Sportsman’s Lodge is a cool old hotel and the picture is of their basic diner that closes real early…It is far from a sports bar and is usually filled with old people.

        • Jeff Bainbridge

          Thought this was supposed to be best sports bar not best gay bar.

  • ScrotieMcBoogerballs

    Not one bar from Boston in the best sports bars in America? Im not the typical Boston meathead or anything but thats absolutely ridiculous. Im pretty sure the Fours is always mentioned and is usually number 1 and the Cask n Flagon although not my cup of tea is one of the most famous in America. San Fran has some really good ones too.

    • Bango

      Completely agree , between the area around Fenway , and the areas around the Garden I can think of 3 or 4 that are excellent and look better than some of these.

      • Jonathan Heisey-Grove

        You both took the words right out of my mouth. absurd not to have a single location out of Boston!

  • Every Stupid Douche

    Bro, I can't believe you forgot the bar that I always go to…seriously, they make the best pizza IN THE WORLD!

    • ESD's wingman

      No doubt…and they have, like, every beer in the world on tap.

  • justin

    Not one Boston bar = bull shit post

    • guy

      Dont piss of Boston Chive.. get the message? We will spam you blog , and act over Privileged

  • jakubwrobel

    I feel like The Globe Pub from Chicago should have been on this list. One of the best.

  • specv44

    #20 looks cool

    • Kyle Bartley

      Its not just cool, its epic.

  • tomcaronsgoatee

    Not one Boston bar mentioned??????? 7 titles in the past decade. Stick to pictures of people doing funny things, Chive.

    • Jason

      What does winning titles have to do with a good sports bar?

      • NiceBunBrady

        boston is the dirty-butt of the US… sorry wanna-be hardasses

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