Best sports bars in ‘merica (25 Photos)

  • Citizen_Pa1n

    At first I thought it said "Greatest Sports Bras" but… but… bars are cool too I guess.

  • Mahoney21
  • incrediawesome

    #4 is a dump, I was there in June and will never go back

  • Micky

    Any list like this that includes ESPN Zone should be ignored.

  • Rick

    #8 hometown gotta love it

  • Anonymous

    terrible list. No Fours in Boston or any other Boston bar. List is awful

  • Shane

    They were right by putting Kirkwood in Chicago on the list. Fun atmosphere, fun staff, the best patio, and it’s a Nebraska bar!

  • Mydogsdallas

    I’m from Baltimore and I would never accuse Max’s of being a sports bar. Great beer selection with a few questionable bartenders, but sports bar? Nope.

  • Mattsh

    Sportsman's Lodge is where I had my Bar Mitzvah reception 32 years ago. It is sleepy and full of old people, if there is anyone there at all. It is definitely not one of the top sports bars within 10 miles of its location, let alone the US.

  • Sports-Glory

    What about Sports Column in Denver, CO? Way better than Lodo's.

  • Ava

    #19 Jakes!!! had many many intense beer pong games there!

  • murika

    STATS is terrible!


    some more incredible videos
    thank you

  • Lisa

    South Philly Bar & Grill over Chickies n' Petes? Really? REALLY?! O_o

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