How theCHIVE got its name (4 Photos)

Yesterday, we rolled out a popular post titled, How big businesses actually got their names. (That fascinating post here) Surprisingly, most of those big businesses conjured their brand names by using bits and pieces of the founders' or businesses' initials and nicknames, then cobbled the various acronyms together to form the popular brand names you recognize so well today. For example, SEGA is shortened from SErvice GAmes of Japan.

A lively discussion ensued in theCHIVE comment section and we received dozens of emails from people asking how theCHIVE got its name. Most Chivers speculate that theCHIVE (pronounced like the plant) spawned from The Onion or is perhaps shortened from arCHIVE (pronounced with a hard k)? Not at all, actually.

The real answer might surprise you. How theCHIVE got its name is really a tale of two cities. We started theCHIVE in 2008. At the time, Leo was working in Chicago and John was in Venice Beach...

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