…them dames is sexy as hell (26 photos)

  • Doug

    Hot women on the Chive all day? You can't explain that!

    • Nate dogg

      one of them dames was sexy as hell
      I said "ooo I like your size."
      she said "my car's broke down and you seem real nice,
      would ya…..

      • regulators

        LET ME RIDE

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001603828333 Little Bit

      I just paid $22.87 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $675 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://to.ly/aQC3

      • its_forge

        I hope you die of terminal scrotum rot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001603828333 Little Bit

      I just paid $22.87 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $675 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://to.ly/aQC3

      • its_forge

        I hope you become paralyzed and get nibbled to death by voles.

  • jaynecobb

    half of these women are covered up so you can not tell if they are sexy or not

    • Lost In Translation

      I hate to disagree with The Hero of Canton but all these ladies look gorram sexy to me.

    • JAFitC

      Sexiness and nakedness are not the same. Sexiness is an indefinable things which can be determined by the bite of a lip, the twinkle in an eye or a particularly effective smile. You sir, if sir you be, can turn in your mancard. And if you be not a sir, madame, Y U not know this already?

    • its_forge

      Pfah, a woman does not need to be bareass to be sexy. A woman can be dressed in mukluks, a parka and a giant fur hat and still be sexy. Sexy is not boobs and butts and thighs, although those things are in fact sexy.

  • tbone

    #4 seriously ladies, stop with the implants!!

    • Glizz

      But maybe just a little anorexia is okay.

    • No Thanks

      Also, fat.

      • truth

        No doubt. Talk about thunder thighs. She's a beast and would get no attention today. Zip.

        • Sure!

          speak for yourself

        • zym

          You are both morons and we are stupider for having read you.

    • Shawn

      and the anorexia!

    • I like them all

      If you can touch them they're real IMO… ive seen just as many nasty real ones as nasty fake ones.

      • EdWood

        just because santa's in the mall and you can sit on his lap, doesn't make him real. it's just a guy masquerading as santa, just like fake-tits are blobs of silicone masquerading as fatty-tissue.

        • Dutch

          yeah, 'cuz that's hot. fondling fatty tissue.

          you guys are fags. tits are tits.

          • EdWood

            i'm sorry, if you don't find fondling real tits hot, i can't help you.

    • bbqboobs

      Am I the only one who thinks she's overrated? I mean, she's not bad looking, she's attractive, but I think she gets put on a pedestal because she died young.

      • hMMMM

        She got attention b/c she was really the first American ho to be seen in the media. I think she's hot, but she's not cracking any top-10 lists at the present time.

        • Healthy

          Despite the raining barrage of down-thumbs from angry fat women and lazy slobs who can only ever hope to date them, I completely agree. She may have been hot back then, but exercising and being healthy wasn't exactly "the cool thing to do" then.

          • its_forge

            LOL Cyd Charisse would fucking beg to differ.

      • Birdhaus32

        I'd agree with you. The only thing is her legs look larger in this pic, at one point she was like a size 8 or something like that which is definitely not fat bc those 00 girls are just waaaaaay too damn skinny. It has to be a happy medium between the two so I'm going with girls that wear a 4.

        • its_forge

          Camera was held low, it's not the woman it's the angle.

    • Jewry

      Peoples' views about sexy are so warped that they are using bitches who have had plastic surgery in motivational images to promote the message…get this…against plastic surgery.

      Marylin has had it. Chivers are morons.

    • chim richels

      Waiting for someone to jump in with 'she was a size 12'

      Bullshit. In today's world, she'd be about a size 8. Same body type as say, Scarlett Johansen (Marilyn had smaller tittays).

      As others have said, she was OK. Not great, just ok.

      In the pictures of her heyday, she was in her mid 20s but looked 40.

      Over rated.

      Oh and that Cameron Diaz pic? Can't see the fucked up skin.

    • max

      In those day, she was considered sexy cause in the 50' all women were little more chubby….Is simply different now. Everything changes and we have to deal with it….some people like it some not.

    • Ateka

      Stop giving me that bullshit. It's the glorification of this "sexy" that led to anorexia and implants. Hypocrits.

      • theederv

        Finally a man that speaks sense.

    • teh_shard

      Nevermind the fact that Ms. Monroe also had some pretty significant plastic surgery done…

    • JohnAtell

      Well despite the negative comments being said; the fact is that she was too good for 98% of the men making those comments. Weather you say you wanted her or not, you couldn't get her.

  • Mk2Vr6

    Dear Lord Baby Jesus…

    • Bryan H.

      I Like to picture my Jesus in a tuxedo t shirt it says "i want to be formal, but I'm here to party"

      • Mk2Vr6

        I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger..

        • Fib

          Jesus is my gardener's name.

          • Bill

            I just freaking watched this on you tube 10 seconds ago.

            • dub

              does anyone come up with anything original anymore? i'm surprised the the chivers aren't nuts abou lady gaga since alls he does rip shit off from other sources.

              • dub

                *about* *all* *he-she* *is*

                • Mk2Vr6

                  Go smoke another dub sir.

              • Boooof

                Jesus is my brain surgeon's name. More original?

                • max

                  if you need to try to be(original), you aren't.

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Edward

    #2 hot!!!!

    • Brad

      tattoos on chicks like this are like bumper stickers on Bentleys.

      • NebraskaGuy

        That would really depend upon the woman, much like it would depend upon the car.

        • Brad

          no shit, that's why i said "on Bentleys".

          • luke

            good thing only pretentious assholes like Bentleys. She's incredible.

      • Craig

        No one cares what you think, Brad.

      • AussieJones

        You're bloody off, mate!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    I wish "dames" would come back in style.

    • Seldi84

      I prefer Wenches.

      • Sean


    • First Time Caller


    • Tits McGee

      i don't. most slang is annoying enough as it is.

  • absolutcarcrazy

    I've said it before and i'll say it again, #13 is damn sexy.

    • Mattyfaye

      I agree.

    • drewby

      Can we find this hottie?

    • Bucky Jones

      she is hella sexy but this picture has been floating around the internet for years.

    • FunKoMaN

      #13 was in the January 2006 issue of Maxim. Page 82 to be exact. It was a contest for guys to show off their girlfriends….her name is Amber.

  • I keeps it real!

    #4 there's a lesson there for you ladies….start living for yourselves and not for your idiotic mindless fool boyfriends, i would say "Men" but we both know that isn't the case.

    • http://www.gfys.org/ guest

      But the chivers love skinny crack whores with boyish ass.

      • I keeps it real!

        I bet a very low % of actual chivers like that, but hey to each their own. Me i prefer a woman with a brain and some curves.

        • oliver

          The problem is all chicks are half retarded. So when the looks fade at least you had a half retarded chick that was hot for a while rather than a half retarded chick who was never hot.

          • quasipickle

            I lol'd

    • EZEE

      What if she lives for herself and weighs 5,000lbs?

      • Dustin

        That's called living for bacon…which is a gray area.

        • not a chubby chaser

          good call!

      • I keeps it real!

        i said "some curves" not ONE GIANT CURVE…..

    • Fitter is Better

      No thanks, I prefer fit women.

      • Smuggler

        It matters what your definition of fit is. A fit girl to me is not the skinny fat girls who only run on the treadmill for hours, but are weak as shit. A fit girl has to have muscle and sometimes that comes with curves, which is fine with me.

        • Fallacies

          Never heard of skinny fat girls before, must me a new thing or something. Also, anyone who runs on a treadmill for hours is not weak, by definition.

          • iloveQuatchi

            That's more endurance, not strength. She might be able to lift a 5 lbs weight a bunch of times, but try a 25 lbs weight and you'll get nothing.

    • Healthy

      Good lesson indeed. I am glad to see that there are men out there who like fat slobs and encourage that sort of behavior; mostly, because this leaves the goal-oriented & motivated, in-shape women for the rest of us.

      • I keeps it real!

        ok dipsh*t, where does it say anything about liking overweight women or "fat slobs" as your low self esteemed mommy paid too much attention to worthless self so eloquently stated? You have a lot to learn about reality and real "women" but hey keep on with your fantasy of obtaining an actual woman and not your right hand for a change. A true in-shape woman has curves and doesn't suffer from anorexia and probably doesn't require the ego crutch of implants. Say hi to your mom for me when you come out of the basement…

        • Umadbro

          Art thou irascible, brother?

        • Healthy

          You sound deeply offended, which only leads me to believe that everything I said is true.

        • FNBdidd

          "and probably doesn't require the ego crutch of implants."

          or submitting skanky photos to the chive.

      • truth

        Preach on brother! Marilyn is a whale. Period. Goodnight.

    • Tomas

      Yes, that's right, ladies. Instead of implants and anorexia, just change your name, color your hair to fake platinum blonde, act really dumb, become a media whore, pop a bunch of pills, and die of an overdose.

      Sorry, but emulating Norma Jean is NOT the answer.

      Instead… be yourselves, treat yourself and your body well, treat others well too, don't be phony, don't be crass, get an education, it's ok to look sexy or sensual, just don't be trashy or make yourself look cheap, be strong in mind, body and spirit, dump asshole boyfriends, and finally, try really, really hard to at least attempt or appear to be emotionally stable.


      • truth

        Perfect! Well said

      • Red

        Stand O for that one…

        The sexist girl I have ever known was one of the smartest too.

    • Ryan

      Actually…despite the manipulated picture Marilyn Monroe was tiny. What made her sexy was her extreme curves. 36 – 22 -36. Not exactly large…the way so many fat girls want her to be.

    • Red

      Monroe had plastic-surgery, dumbass.

      • 4 Chan Admin

        and if it was anyone else, the chivers would be bitching about how much make-up she has on.

    • Master Shake

      the chivers are fucking morons, the bitch didn't even have her real name. or hair-color. or nose(among other things).

      • not a chubby chaser

        Well, not all chivers are morons, but some certainly are. just like the world as a whole.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761074582 Jessica Condrey

          I live for video games. My boyfriend is always welcome to play ;D

  • MigraineBoy

    #19 That's how I like my women…Unconscious!

    • NebraskaGuy

      lol nice!

  • Pat

    #18 Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • ajay

      SO CUTE

  • Anon

    Despite what that one flawed picture said I still find #7 and #13 quite sexy.

    • I keeps it real!

      get used to this……….."My name is Chris Hanson, will you please have a seat"

      • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos

        if the first thing you thought was "14yr old" then i have news for you…..

      • humma da humma da

        worth it

      • Tubesteak

        If that's underage then something is seriously wrong…..or right, I can't tell but. But they are hotter than the sun.

  • Lowrent75

    #6 Is that a young Ms. Diaz?
    #12 Mila Kunis is definitely on the list

    • newscot

      Yes, Cameron Diaz.

      • Paul

        She HAS NOT aged well

    • robbybobby

      That was a long fricken time ago!

  • VinnyJ12190

    #24 Love me some back dimples

  • drewscriver

    #3 #7 and #13 should be found, and given their own gallery(s). That is all.

    • newscot

      #3: Zaneta aka Nela aka Eve aka Janetta, from what tineye tells me anyways.

      • ROK247

        i see london, i see france, i see this chicks vagina

        • its_forge

          Not without a speculum you don't. All that's there is panties. And if you were able to see anything it'd be "vulva," not "vagina."

          • ROK247

            i bet you are real fun at parties

    • ilovethechive

      #7 + #10 = #17…All Yummy-tastic!

    • legion

      I think #3 is Sarah Carter

  • Faust

    #6 = NO!!!!!

    • danny

      agreed. Apparently we are the minority. 🙂

    • steve

      oh please…..like you would kick her out of bed

    • GK-4

      why the hell not?
      for wearing make-up in the pool?

  • misschris

    #18 Well hi there cutie pie!

  • Grifo

    #2 and #7 more please!

    • br0ken


  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 Holy shit … she's got Guitar Hero!!
    Seriously, if I worked for the Chive doing this, I'd have a boner all day long!

    • http://www.gfys.org/ true story

      Jailbait !

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761074582 Jessica Condrey

        no her boyfriend has Guitar Hero. She just picked it up and he snapped a pic

        • its_forge

          You know her? 'Cuz I hope you're not saying attractive women don't play Guitar Hero, I got my butt handed to me in a Best Buy one weekend by a beautiful college-age girlie. Not that I'm Mister Awesome Plastic Guitar God or anything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000004607655 Jason Bartz

    #4 ain't that the truth. Peoples view of sexy has become seriously skewed.

    • http://www.gfys.org/ itruth

      Spcly the nerds on the site ,all school kids with fucked up taste in women.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9369362 Jared Berserker

      Yeah man. Peoples' views about sexy are so warped that they are using bitches who have had plastic surgery in motivational images to promote the message…get this…against plastic surgery.

      Marylin has had it.

      I will now watch as you Google this to confirm.

    • Nighteye

      Yes – and it'll get worse in later generations, as these fake women have artificially increased chances to reproduce and spread their genes this way – creating children in 'need' of the same. 😦

    • its_forge

      Meh, tastes change. There's tons of very beautiful women in today's world who are appreciated for their beauty and are not bony freaks and are not surgically altered. And there are plenty who are called out for being bony freaks or surgically altered. Take Megan Fox for example, the woman did a pictorial with a fucking mannequin and no one could tell which was which.

  • Tuttified

    Breeeeaaaasssssttttt mmillllllllkkkkk, you make my dayyyy-yaaaaaaay <img src="http://cdn.hellobeautiful.com/files/2009/05/chappelle-breastmilk-300×215.jpg ">

  • doublemeat

    #4 – trüdat

    • http://www.gfys.org/ yeah baby

      To hell with the anorexic skanks.

      • iloveQuatchi

        To hell with fat slobs.

    • truth

      false. fat, hair colored, fake bitch

  • MPK

    #13 FIND HER!!!

    • http://www.gfys.org/ good taste


    • Dylan

      I agree!! MOAR

      • mfpockets


    • http://twitter.com/CSmith0203 @CSmith0203

      Really?!?! Find her?? Where the HELL have y'all been???

      Her name is Amber Stratton. I hate to sound like a dick, but she's been around a while. Welcome to the internets.

      • Ha.Ha.

        Blue Hens!!!

      • Drew

        We didnt know. THanks for filling us in

  • RhodeIslandChiver

    #8 #10 #14

    • Vote for Pedro!

      FIND #10 !!!!!!!!!!

    • Derek

      #14 Lauryn Bocook sexy eyes

  • bobby

    i think you meant #13

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chance11or Jeff Chancellor-Neely

    #26 the only reason Ill accept for not being in the kitchen

    • Sick

      Jennifer Hawkins. rawr

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