Unintentional racism at its best…errr worst? (21 Photos)

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  • umpalumpa

    Haha thats just to funny! But I'm quite sure most of these were not meant to be so wrong!!

    • OldNads

      I wouldn't be too sure of that =/ Subliminal messages and such…

    • elbruces

      Hence the designation "unintentional" at top.

  • James

    #4 never fail to laugh out roud!

    • Brian King

      Dont you mean Raff out Roud?!

    • jDong

      HEY! Thayts RAYCESSS!


      don't you mean, raff out roud?

    • Matt

      I think you meant: "#4 never fair to raugh out roud!"

  • Eddy

    #3 is a photoshop joke from Cracked.com. The cracked.com watermark was just cropped out. Still really funny though.

    • 4everDistracted

      Cool story bro.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos

      Cracked.com is my 2nd favorite website, after TheChive of course

    • Steve

      here's the original image from Cracked.com: http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_140_17-counter

  • ambalance driver


    • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos

      i LOL'd for real haha

  • Dark Passenger

    #13 but the people on the sign are black…

    • loso

      It’s an endorsement

    • NebraskaGuy

      Uhmm… it's called a silhouette, dude.

    • Paul

      I drive past that sign all the time and have always wondered about that

    • spanish fly

      I love white people. Slavery. Racism. Lynching. Hate Crimes. Nazis. Neo-Nazis. Let's drag a black man to death. Let's terrorize a family because they are black. Let's burn crosses on a Jewish family's lawn. Let's pretend to not be racist at work when the minority walks by, but think we're better than they are.

  • Capitalsfan74

    #20 It's ironic because they creator of Facebook is one of the whitest people in history.

    • Mike

      How is that ironic? The captcha (which is a totally different company) is telling all non-white people to piss off.

  • Bryan

    #18 so wrong, yet so funny

    • unionjack

      I thought it was a pretty accurate description of Oprah (more about her weight than her race, though).

  • Lahoree

    yeah we get it brown sugar has black kids on it. How many friggin times am i gonna see this shitty pic on the chive ?

    • Guse

      The answer is 12. 12 more times.

      • Jen

        until the image is burned into your brain!!!

        • cincy o


    • Fasteddy14

      It was funnier when it was a gif and at the top a little black kid was mouthing "thats racist"…

    • Rikki

      quit being so angry. it's not ruining your life. sheesh.

  • south

    #18 that's hardcore racism

    • LineHog

      Call it what you want, I call it true….. oops, did i say that, I mean that's funny!

    • DickHammer

      Sure it is, yet that is why we laugh.

  • LineHog

    #15 Now thats intelligent, super convenient for ghetto kids to finish that homework assignment and still have time for a quick visit with daddy.

    • Mike

      Look, everyone will thumbs you up since you said ghetto kids. But if you said black kids, you'd be so thumbs downed.


      HAHA, this is in Wichita, KS.

  • Ralph

    #19 Good ole Indiana. I have a picture of a mixed kid with a confused look on his face standing under that sign

    • Chivetian

      Submit pic to Chive or it didn't happen

    • http://gypsy-whisperer.tumblr.com Bella

      ^ Agreed

  • BMW

    Dang…. LOL #3 #4 #17 #18

  • Oliver Klosov

    Great post all funny as hell 'specially #12

  • NebraskaGuy

    #2 It's interesting how easy it is to find racism when we LOOK FOR IT.

    • DickHammer

      Good thing though, it makes it easy for my kids to know which cereal to buy.

    • elbruces

      It's also easy to laugh instead of complaining about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/timothy.kaul Timothy Kaul

    #15 is Wichita KS

    • Brandon Bredda

      I live there. lol'd so hard when i saw.

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    i really enjoy reading all these picture, all are funny.

  • misschris

    #5 Awesome, my last 2 just escaped.

    • levitating

      thats not true, you put us out after we asked for grape drink and chicken sandwhiches just because we told you we couldnt speak ape language like oprah. you cracka:P

  • ChiTownChiver

    #18 Going to take a sip of my delicious coffee when all the sudden… I read this. Coffee all over my keyboard and comp. At least its a work comp

  • CaracasChiver

    Greatest post ever!!! Just Hilarious!!!!!

    Especially #4 LMFAO!!

  • Cecil

    #15 I am going to hell because I can't stop laughing at this. The camera thing at 4 is just classic.

  • Sarcasm

    Hahaha, we can all laugh about this because we are white.

    • Buns

      Pass the biscotti please, Chad.

      • bigdeal


  • KyndigAzhei

    I grew up about a mile from number 19. Funny thing is, it's north central Indiana, both towns are pretty vanilla.

  • Honk

    I worked at Wal-Mart during college and the princess and the frog dolls went on clearance and we put them next to regular priced white dolls on accident. I felt so terrible when I noticed..

  • Bryan_W

    #18 made me lol, hard. I feel bad about that


    • BScaller

      I you really felt bad you would have never of laughed in the first place. That is all.

    • http://gypsy-whisperer.tumblr.com Bella

      I thought your comment said, "#18 made me hard, lol."

    • bigdeal

      your gay for feeling bad

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