Really unbelievable photos of the stars via photographer Martin Schoeller (30 HQ Photos)

For more amazing photos done by Martin Schoeller click HERE

  • chuck

    Not Impressed.

    • TheRealSnowman

      You try do it better then.

    • thom

      I agree. Give me unlimited money and I can come with odd scenes like this to take picture like this. Would any of these be interesting if they weren't celebrities? Even then, I don't find them particularly interesting.

      • Fun Dip

        You mean with that money you would buy ideas?

      • Tim


        I don't have creativity to make interesting art, but if I had millions of dollars, I could buy Talent!

    • Malkintosh22

      I partially agree. They are excellent photos and he's a talented photographers but I lack interest.

  • Paul


  • n1ghtstalker

    #20 Cute little pixie, come play down the bottom of my garden!

    • Mr_Zambu


      • n1ghtstalker

        Welcome to the Chive.. you must be new here! 😉

        • Mr_Zambu

          yeah i'm new. thanks…

      • hip hop anonymous

        She's 21 now I believe

      • Red

        yeah, he is. but only because he never gets any.

    • adsf

      dyke haircut for the loss

    • First Time Caller

      I am usually the first to mock Emma and those who find her tasty….but something about this photo works for me

      • Bud


      • hip hop anonymous

        Congradulations on becoming a man! Mazzle toff!

  • FloppyRocks

    #7 has the weirdest boner right now.

    • Mr_Zambu

      this usually happens when you sleep on your boner. xD

  • NateyTheGreaty


    Even with short hair, she still looks gorgeous.

  • Mr_Zambu

    #6 i knew it. She's evil.

    • DarkPrinceMac

      Trying to figure out how to turn this into a suitable background…

  • Mos Eisley

    10 points deducted for the Sean John up-skirt. No Bueno.

  • Mr_Zambu

    #9 is he shouting at his mother?

    • Dunny_

      No, he's saying "Ohhh,.. GOOOOD FOR YOU!"

    • Jesse


    • steve

      "i want you off the FUCKING SET YOU PRICK"

  • i map knees

    #26 ryan reynolds makes everything look bad.

  • DweebsterDeluxe

    #2 Got dolphin teeth

  • Mr_Zambu

    #17 I think he is one of the most under-rated/ under-stated hollywood actors. He is a superb artist.

    • Nephilim

      +1, absolutely to all you said.

    • Jordan

      Boondock Saints…

      • hMMMM

        Please don't disrespect the man for one of the very few mistakes he's made in his career.

        • That Guy

          agreed. Boondock Saints? really?

      • NotPaula

        Boondock Saints sucked balls, and you're a tool. Finding Nemo was his best work.

    • Fun Dip

      Uhhh… you think Willem Dafoe is underrated? Yeah…. I don't think so…..

      • Fun Dip

        When you have 70 movies under your belt, and numerous awards and nominations, you are not underrated.

        But its fun to think you appreciate something others don't right?
        "Hey I know this actor, you've probably never heard of him…."

        • LKDN

          stop it. you're trying too hard.

        • tyler


    • Ziggy

      Tom and Viv! Yes I actually watched it.

  • Mr_Zambu

    #22 classic! two gentlemen having fun hitting balls. lolz

  • Cristi_P

    Loving the Emma Watson shots 😀

  • Josh Gorter

    #2 He is Jeffery

    • thom

      Stroke the furry wall!

  • KyleGamgee

    #4 Beautiful mind.

    • crazydog

      VERY WELL…give him cake….

      • Ara

        I'm sorry we are all out of cake…

        • Jason

          So my choices are "or Death"?

          • Ejigantor

            I'll have the chicken then

    • Oblivious

      who is this?

      • Jason

        Eddie Izzard

  • Penrath

    Fantasy: Maybe I could inspire her to paint in color again with my…Union Jack?
    Reality: She has a boyfriend who is more wealthy and better looking than I am…

  • Andrew

    Why is this album full of win?

  • smith

    #7 I get it. Normally smoking causes erectile dysfunction but here it makes it the opposite.

    • NotPaula


  • Wade Wilson

    #1 #29 & #12
    I'd like to put these two on thier very own private island. Then set it on fire.

  • ROK247


    i would let her ride me like a petting zoo pony for hours on end. then take her out to brunch. then back to the zoo.

    • McBeastie

      and by "hours on end" you mean 15 seconds.

      • ROK247

        hey the first one is easy but i'll make her work for the next 25-30

  • sully23

    #20. Emma Watson wearing a Zepplin T-shirt. Awesome!

    • dOOb

      Yep… always had a thing for her, the Zep shirt brings her up a couple more notches!

      • Robert Plant

        wrong. zeppelin sucks. faggot.

        • tyler

          woah! just insulted one of the godfathers of metal. zeppelin maiden and sir, are a just the worst kinda person

  • Brian King

    #18 and #20 Emma is beautiful

  • Grendel

    I am very proud to say I recognize almost none of these people.

    • hMMMM


    • Ejigantor

      Oh gosh, you're so hip. Does the thin air get hard to breathe up there above the rest of us?

  • Demon_Cleaner

    #2 such a gay fish.

    • Mitch

      That's not Kanye you fucking idiot

      • Demon_Cleaner

        LMAO, Wow you don't miss a thing, Mitch. I'm so glad you're here to clear things up for us idiots. Why so cereal?

    • ZachBob

      wrong black guy.

  • grog


    I'm good for the day, thank you

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