Hilarious soccer dives (12 GIFs)

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  • Frank

    Soccer is for pussies

    • Biggus Diccus

      I'd say it's ruined by pussies. I hate soccer anyways because I am a real man and watch football (American of course).

      • You Suck

        American Football is where they wear heavy padding…… like a girl right? Man up play rugby.

        • footballisking

          Fuck off Americans. Football (soccer) is played and followed by three billion people from China to England, Africa to South America, throughout Asia and Europe. And fuck your stupid american sports.

          • Catbra

            I'm Australian and we play Aussie Rules. Now there's a mans game.
            Soccer, oops, sorry "football" is so boring and there are 13 reasons shown here why soccer sucks on dog turds, swallows, spits them out and then eats them again.

            • Rolofhof

              WTF are Aussie Rules ? Chessboxing is the mans game. brains and brawn! suck it.

              • marcomar81

                you americans will never understand. for you your so-called sports are just entertainment. for us europeans (and also the south-americans) football is RELIGION!!!!

                • TheBoris

                  Religion is stupid.

                  • Gooner

                    Your a fucking idito. Your mum is stupid.

            • EnglishMan

              Australia is full of thieves and criminals. Fuck that wasteland and every game is played on it.

          • Fritz

            WOW!! You really love your "Lawn Fairies"

          • davidM

            Rage much? Your over-the-top rant shows you are trying to compensate for a boring, child's game. Woo…you think the stereotype "fast food/fat nation" thing works on Americans? It's like us calling you out on your typical lack of personal hygiene and bathing in general. Sure it might sting but get over yourself. As for the sheer number of people that play the sport, who the fuck cares? If that is the best you can offer, then your argument sucks. Explain why your soccer is better than any other mass-produced sport. 3 billion people play soccer? By you definition, masturbation is more of a sport.

            • Constantino

              Football or "Soccer" as you Americans like to call it is the biggest sport in the world, and for much reason .
              No other sport can match the drama, intensity or emotion that the game brings to both players and fans. Hell, in many countries it's like a religion. During a world cup for example, entire nations are coming to a standstill to watch their respective teams live out their hopes, dreams, and at times, greatest fears on the field. For one nation the Cup ends in a epic nationwide celebration. You have never seen a party like that. None of your sports comes remotely close to this. Football is the most loved/watched/praised/profitable(for the best of the best)/you name it sport in the world. Get over it.

              • truth

                Soccer is a big sport, can't dispute that fact. As mentioned in other posts, 95% of the world watches and probably 2/3 of those play the sport. The fact "entire nations are coming to a standstill to watch" only further proves it. However, that was never the point. The post was, "soccer is for pussies". This statement only referred to the fact that soccer is not a manly sport. If it is the only sport you play that comes close to the term "manly", then more power to you. It is not, nor will it ever be, a sport that can considered manly by those that actually play obviously more physically abusive sports. If you can't accept it, then let it go. By your own defense, the majority of the world will happily welcome you back into their fold. If the day should ever come that you want to join a real man's sport, American football will be here waiting.

                • Sparkie

                  then u cud say american football is fo pussies!! with all of the padding and kak! PLAY RUGBY!! that take some balls!

          • Footy Flopping Fags

            you know how i know you're gay?

          • footballisking


          • i hate england

            how about hockey?
            GO CANADA EH?


        huh, call the american football (rugby) players MAN > real men don't wear such fat ARMORS to win the match for pride/country/club , unlike FOOTBALLERS ( SOCCER) , they are fearless …. they don't hide behind heavy Fancy Armors …. and whatever it takes ,
        I say, American Football( RUGBY) 's for pussies , Pussies like to hide behind PADS so that they dnt bleed during PERIOD , idiots, get used to shake your body a little … all the time eating fastfoods , and enjoy THE BEAUTIFUL ART OF FOOTBALL …. PEACE 8|

    • Capitalsfan74

      No, not really.

      • Jordan

        Yea.. Really. Play hockey and football.. Then give all the real men a call. These dives are so funny. one of them was prob you. Ohh.. and Ovechkin Sucks

        • Capitalsfan74

          Tell that to his Hart Trophies, Pearson Trophies, Richard Trophies, and Art Ross Trophies.

          • Rich

            The only trophy that matters is Stanley's

            • Elijah

              hockey sucks I'm not afraid to say it

              • Specks

                You're a dumbass. I'd love to see half the people out there stand on a blade that is 5 mm thick and move at the rate they do. Played for nearly 15 years.

                • Henrik

                  And only god knows where the puck is.

            • Rich

              Who the fuck is stanley?

        • Vegeta

          Jordan go fuck yourself. Anyone who scores 301 goals in his first 5 seasons clearly does not suck.

    • theruzz

      More gay than Twilight…there I said it

      • P90

        You being the expert on all things gay I suppose.

      • Birmingham Zulu

        Theruzz is busy cleaning the shore picking up used condoms and sucking the jizz out of em

    • GreenStreetHooligan

      Fuck off you fucking Yank cunts… AND FOR FUCK SAKE, STOP SAYING SOCCER! PS: I hate this fucking diving cheating cunts.

      • Waylon

        Hey the Brits are the ones that named it soccer, not us. Look it up.

        • GreenStreetHooligan

          We didnt give it the name soccer, that sounds crap, we called it football as you kick it with your feet. if we gave it that name how come us ENGLISH call it football?

          • Specks
            • Dead embryonic Cells

              yet the organisation is still called the FOOTBALL association. Go figure

            • Buzzer

              this is the dubmest explanation ive ever read in my life. (Assoc) to soccer? wow.

          • jdb

            Because you stupid Brits have to abbreviate shit. Dumb ass.

      • kent

        Fuck off you angry, bitter limey cunts. Your favorite sport is for pussies and women. And the fact that we don't like it drives you absolutely crazy, because you're obsessed with Americans, like the jealous, inferior little monkeys that you are.

        • Birmingham Zulu

          yanky fucking prick! shut up and fuck off you little, cock sucking fag !!

          • Vlad

            Yeah! what she said

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva

      Let me just add some numbers. The world contains about 6.94 billion people. The united states population is about 312 million. So if u do the math that will give u about aproximately 5 % of the world who thinks that your american football is indeed better or tougher or whatever. The rest, i mean the other 95% of the world says otherwise. Sooooooooo. I'm just saying maybe you guys r wrong. 😉

      • davidM

        5% of the world thinks American football is better/tougher/whatever. If we are to list toughest sports first; Rugby (no pads at all), American football (pads but injuries still happen regularly), Lacrosse (almost like football with sticks), and finally football(soccer)/tennis/golf.
        Just because 95% of the world can only afford a soccer ball doesn't mean it is a manly sport,

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva

          man, let me indulge in something. The american footbal is played for around 60 min with 4 breaks ( correct me if i'm wrong). "Soccer" is played for around 90 min with only 1 break. An american football team posesses an offenssive and a defensive team excluding substitutes. A "soccer" team is only formed by 11 players. A "soccer" field (100 meters) is acltually bigger than an american football (100 yards) one. An average "soccer" player can run up to 13 Km in a game. The american football is indeed played with armour, something that's not present in "soccer".Let me ask u then, how many fatalities hav there been in the american football? (i dont know the answer) But in soccer theres record of 70 deaths only in the last 5 years.
          And now since the majority of this website viewers are american i'm probably gonna get a lot of thumbs down. But these are hard facts, the truth. So still think its a game for pussies? i lol a lot when i see people talking about what they dont know 😛

          • Cheesy

            Ya…what he said

          • davidM

            By your logic, cross-country runners are manlier than European football players. By your earlier math, if the majority of the world plays European football then I would expect a higher level of injuries and fatalities. Just a simple mathematical fact. However, if you would like to know the fatalities of American football I am willing to provide them.

            From 1931 to 2006, the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research has reported 1,006 direct and 683 indirect fatalities resulting from participation in all organized football (professional, college, high school, and sandlot) in the US. These deaths have a downward trend due to better pads, or armor, and better protective rules in place. If we take out fatalities directly attributed to lightning, how many fatalities does European football have annually?

            Not that I am calling European footballers pussies or saying it lacks endurance, but I wouldn't classify it as having the same physical demands as Rugby/football Americana/Lacrosse.

            • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva

              *sigh so less players, more time playing, less breaks, bigger field and it still doesnt qualify as having the same physical demands? damn i'm loling a lot today. if anything u need higher endurance to be able to sustain such strain. Its like comparing a 100m runner with a marathon runner. Which has higher endurance the guys o runs 100m in 11 seconds or the guy o runs a marathon nonstop.

              • Pwithc

                we're not talking about endurance. The whole point of american football is to kick the ever loving shit out of your opponent. I'm a Steelers fan, but please look up a Ray Lewis highlight reel on Youtube.

                And it's not just one 100m race. It's about 50 in a game, while at the same time bench pressing. It's a different kind of endurance.

                • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva
                  • Pwithc

                    K so some ankles get broken and stuff. Those are aberrations. People get destroyed on every single play of a football game.

              • davidM

                Perhaps there was some kind of misunderstanding with what I said, so let me try to explain it a little more clearly. Just because a guy can 13km in 90 minutes, it does not somehow grant him the ability to take being tackled by a 245-370 pound (111.4kg-168.2kg) man for 60 minutes. Run as he may, the purpose of American football is to endure the bombardment and push through it.

                Since you are so keen on attempting to beat people about the head with the analogy of 100m sprinter vs marathon runner, I've got a more realistic break-down of your endurance figures. The average European soccer player runs approx. 8.8km per game, not 13km. This study was performed by Everton FC (Liverpool, England) in the mid 1970s and spanned an entire season to get an accurate average. During that study, they found 2/3 of the 90 minute game were spent walking and jogging. The remainder was approx. 800m of 20-40 second burst sprints. That's right, the majority of the time the average European footballer spends his time walking or lightly jogging.

                No doubt the average European football player has the average American football player beat in the distance category. If sheer distance or time spent running trips your trigger, try this one on for size. The average ballet performer spends 120 minutes on their toes, leaping 48 to 60" (121.92 cm-152.4 cm). With the logic you have used steadfast so far with, ballet dancers are manlier than all other sports.

                • AUFC

                  dude, the game has changed since the mid seventies, a lot. if u watched football (sovccer) then ud know how much it has changed.

          • reepthabenefits

            Umm, what the hell are shin guards? And do you really think being able to run long distances is more atheletic than being stronger, faster, more agile, and tougher? American football players die somewhat regularly every year, but most of them die during practice. Plenty other players are paralyzed during actual games. On top of that, the retired football players can hardly walk past their 50's due to the physical abuse they put themselves through.

        • https://www.facebook.com/Jorgecm Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

          "Just because 95% of the world can only afford a soccer ball doesn't mean it is a manly sport, " — Dude , Seriously? is NOT about money or the lack of it, travel a little, get out of your dark bubble

      • Superman

        Hey chief by your logic cricket is the manliest sport in the world. Or some weird fucking chinese shit.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva

          *sigh not unless the world contains more than 100% of population. *sarcasm detected*

          • Donkeypunch

            Typing out a sigh on the internet is even gayer than soccer

      • Rukus

        Soccer is for poor countries/people that can't afford real sports.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva

          The states economy is behind germany, france, japan, china etc… they r like in 8 or 9 of the list.

          • http://www.facebook.com/gabriel.klemick Gabe Klemick

            I don't know what list you are reading…

        • Julio Loya

          The World's Richest Sports Franchises
          No. 1: Manchester United
          Sport: soccer
          Value: $1.83 billion
          Revenue: $459 million

          • truth

            Hell, Jerry Jones spent more than that just to build a football arena for his team. Your money means nothing.

        • Phil

          You, my dear sir, are a big idiot!

    • Cheesy

      Not for pussies but shit like this is what gives soccer a bad wrap

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Like one of the earlier posts said, it's people like this that ruin the name of the sport. in a lame analogy way it's kind of like how Michel Vick or that dude that shot himself in the leg because he was illegally carrying a handgun on him in a nightclub ruin American football's name.

    • Da Sandman

      haha look at all the pad wearing pussies saying that FOOTBALL is for pussies… get a life, losers.. try to actually play the game before making retarded statements like that.. i also hate these kind of practics and it's true that it's ruining the game, but that doesn't take away the fact that you're a retard by saying that it's a sport for pussies. why? because the whole world plays this game. So following your 'logic', that would mean that the whole world is gay.. which is absolute nonsence… plus: it's the most complete sport in the world aswell, challenging the widest set of different aspects of the human body… you retarded americans piss me off so much, it's undescribable -_- but that's ok cuz i can find pleasure in all the idiotic things you people do 🙂

      • yip

        I am pretty sure that most of the world is shit.
        Football is shit.

        Makes sense.

      • The Doc

        In America, 17.5 million kids play soccer and 260,000 play Pop Warner football every year. If the vast majority of Americans still say football is tougher, I would believe them. I played both. Football was way tougher. How many Brits played both?

        • steve

          yep..same here man. Played soccer and football. No comparison to the amount of bruises sustained from football versus soccer. get real people and leave politics out of it.

          • Growl

            More bruises doesn't mean American football is better.

            • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=510682091 Graham Upshaw

              Nobody mentioned better. The conversation was for tougher

    • DogoTrogo

      Football (soccer) > Rest of sports.

      Deal with it Americans!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva

      Since your football is so superior and manly, then so are your player. Superiors in everyway to a "soccer" player. Then i guess doing this is part of their daily breakfeast.

    • monty

      Fuck all of you. You want a mans sport, put on some gloves and get in the ring.

      American Fooballers have so many pads they might as well be in the feminine products aisle.

      Football/Soccer players… well, the gifs say enough. Man up.

      Rugby's a little better. But goddammit, men stand alone. Screw teams.

      All of you are a bunch of pansies using shitty sports to start America Vs. the World arguments on the internet.

    • Eddie

      Google 'ny giants fake injury' and then realize that you are a moron.

      Fake injuries happen in american football too. Both kinds of football are great games, and you,
      Frank, are the biggest pus of all.

    • YankTwats

      Enjoy wearing LYCRA pants, heavy padding, helmets – yeah real manly sport. fuckin americans……….

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.r.parnell Sean R Parnell

    I can't imagine why anyone could take this sport seriously. I love playing soccer, but the professional sport is nothing but a joke.

    • Capitalsfan74

      A joke? Yeah right. It is the most watched sport in the world. Get real, don't let the actions of a few judge the many.

      • DudeBro

        The faking injuries part is not uncommon. Soccer is for pussies. They should fine the players that pull this shit and then make them wear a shirt that says "I'm a fucking baby" the rest of the season.

        • Dick Richardson

          While these were clearly all dives, it is much easier to be injured in a sport where you don't get to rest every 45 seconds. A football player runs 30 yards and has to sit down and use an oxygen mask. Who is the real pussy? Football players and their legions of faggot fans…. like you.

          • Waylon

            I played soccer and American football growing up. Soccer takes a lot of stamina and can be tough at times, and is occasionally physical. American football is a series of seconds long wrestling matches and fighting followed by a mad dash/sprint followed by a body rattling collision followed up with 20-30 seconds of sucking wind and getting in position to do it all over again.

            Both are fun in their own right. There are a handful of professional soccer players I'd be worried about calling a pussy…there are a handful of NFL players I wouldn't be worried about calling a pussy.

            • That Guy

              you must be talking about the kickers.

              • Steamboat Willie

                Kickers are the smartest guys on the field. They get paid around 1 million bucks to play a few times a game and it's a penalty to hit them. I'd take that job in a heart beat.

              • Pwithc

                That's a kicker by the way.

                • wolf

                  who was? The guy that kicked the ball? yeah, so what's your point?

          • That Guy

            well DICK. that's a pretty interesting point of view DICK. tell me DICK. do you get lonely with your two best mates your balls? balls<arrogance<pride<inability to flop. have fun following your pansies DICK that has no couldn't last an any sport that is more manly… like cricket.

        • fred

          Well you are ignorant and obviously rarely watch or play the beautiful game

      • George

        Baywatch was also the most watched television program in the world, doesn't mean its any good.

        • Capitalsfan74

          True, but Baywatch was the most watched program because Baywatch had boobs. Soccer is the most watched because it is entertaining.

          • Blake

            Baywatch was the most watched program because it has boobs. Soccer is the most watched program cause it has pussies.

            • Adriano

              I does have pussies, not like your American dickfest sports. There are millions of sexy chicks watching, especially during a world cup.

    • dan

      i've been watching soccer for a decade now i can honestly say its the king of sports.go and watch some NASCAR if its to complicated for you

    • dfigh


      I'm sure you're totally OK with wide receivers who pretend they get interfered with every damn play. Or defensive lineman who play act when they are not being held. Did you watch any NHL playoff games? the diving was ridiculous. It's in all sports.

      • That Guy

        i call bull shit. i've seen maybe 2 times where i thought an NFL player was faking anything. you know why? cause its not tolerated by the other players nor the league. you pull that shit and you'd get fined and hazed by your teammates.
        flopping is accepted in many sports though. worst of all is soccer world wide. it is both accepted and in some cases encouraged.

      • Anon

        at least in other sports there is almost always at least slight contact and they don't roll around on the ground like they are dying.

    • Messi

      Fuck off! Football (Soccer) is the most important and popular sport in the world.

      • That Guy

        worst take ever. just cause it is popular doesn't mean it's not a pussy sport that rewards flopping. you think there would be flops if the managing league fined 50-100k every flop? no it'd get weeded out real fast. i don't know how you can call yourself a man and be happy when you favorite player takes a dive. cause last i checked you have to have balls to be a man.

        • WYNTHROP

          The beautiful game. I always laugh at how the majority of Americans don't get it.
          Whats even better is, we don't want you to get it. You'll only ruin it and put an advert break in after a gol, or attach cans of coke to your hat.
          It's ours, you don't get it and we love that you don't get it.

          • That Guy

            LMAO. look at the MLS… did we put in a break after a 'gol'? ridiculous comment. we as Americans will never fake an injury to get ahead in a game. that is chicken shit. we would boo a player if they did that. so if flopping has to be a part of the 'getting it' then America will never get it. we have more pride and would have be killed before performing such a disgraceful move.

            • Da Sandman

              ROFLMFAO.. sure you wouldn't XD

            • ngtitao

              Watch again before you claim Americans never fake stuff. Clip #5 is Ghana vs USA in World Cup 2010 … and who fell to the ground as if being shot?? Proud of being American, but you didn't even realized how bad Americans can be in sports eh??

            • brandao

              i take it u watch NONE of te NBA playoffs? flopping orignated on the basketball court…in the USA idiot.

              …this is coming from a native Washingtonian

    • yup

      stupid american

    • gallafyyyyy

      You mean the people are a fucking joke, the sport itself is awesome

      • ddddd

        best sport in the world is soccer

  • Verbal Kint

    not first.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #13 peek a boo

    • Tee

      My 4 year old does this while throwing a crying fit.

    • El Diablo

      You beat me to it. LOL!

    • ggf

      I know what you do
      Cause i do it too.

    • Sweden

      Barcelona team of cheaters

      • Vlad

        all spaniards are douchebags

    • Zizuo

      fucking barcelona…diving-est bunch of bitches i've ever seen

    • leadbelly

      I fucking hate Sergio Biscuits.

    • thian

      some time must be like this

  • wino

    This is why I will always hate soccer. You're professionals, act like you've been there.

    • sixdeadelves

      i don't get it, why do they do that?

      • wino

        As competitors they are just looking for a competitive advantage, I get that… Apparently they are trying to increase the penalties for this type of flopping, which would be great for the sport. They are great athletes… just blended with some type of drama/acting club.

        • That Guy

          let me guess…. you spread rumors about others that go out for your job, or hit on their wife, or sabotage your competitors efforts. hey you are just looking for that 'competitive edge'. such a cheese lousy point of view. i bet you'd lick your bosses ass if it gave you that 'competitive edge'.

  • Htisss

    Love the sport…hate the dives.

    • drew

      Nailed it.

    • Cheesy


    • Onanny

      you sir, have earned yourself an internets

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    These dudes put a black eye on the sport I love so much….Soccer Pussies. This is why it will never be huge in the USA. What a shame.

    • Frank

      Actually football, basketball, baseball, boxing and various other sports are why soccer will never be huge in the USA. That and that fact that ESPN trys to shove it down our throats along with the WNBA. Makes me care even less about it. I have no malice towards soccer, its just not fun to watch.

      • frajaveli

        Shoved down our throats?? I don't see how… ESPN literally spends "seconds" on coverage compared to how much time they spend talking about Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Golf. They even spend more time talking about what athletes are tweeting and fantasy Football.
        That being said, I am disgusted by this type of behavior and the negative attention it brings to the sport in America. Soccer is a beautiful game and it's the most popular sport in the world for a reason.

        • Da_Boz

          They only spend seconds covering it because that is about all the action there is to cover… At least women's soccer causes a little stirring…

        • Waylon

          Yes. It is cheap to equip and play.

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          Basketball is just as bad if not worse than soccer. Don't even try to pretend that it's not.

          • yoselahonda

            It's gotten that bad because all the international players that have come over have brought that cheap crap that they learned from soccer with them. Once a few start, everyone begins to follow as long as they can get away with it.

        • Frank

          When I say "shoved down our throats," I dont mean they have 24/7 coverage of either sport, just that they have vested interest in the two aforementioned sports so they air a game that pulls in around 5 viewers, and waste 3 perfectly good hours of time that could have been spent on something people in the United States actually care about. I get sick and tired of seeing a damned goal from a soccer game making it into ESPN's top 10 plays. Are you kidding me?! If scoring a point in a sport is an automatic highlight, I'm not interested.

          • frajaveli

            I am just dumbfound by the stupidity of your response and really it's not even worth a proper rebuttal.


      Well if the NFL keeps it up with their fines, soccer will get a better following. Just look at what happened with Ochocinco and that dude from the Raiders.

    • Jets

      USA does not wanna compete in sports where Mexico can thrash them.. they would rather play among own states and feel happy about it 😛

  • drewscriver

    this is why soccer is not a 'merican sport

    • Htisss

      You should check out the dive in basketball or how about Jeter being a pussy faking being hit by a pitch.

      • NotentirleyImportant

        i'm glad you can come up with 1 actually example (Jeter). I've never seen a dive in basketball. Soccer is a joke

        • Capitalsfan74

          Never seen a dive in basketball? That is the single dumbest thing I have read on The Chive. Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Carmello Anthony, Ron Artest, Dennis Rodman, just to name a few.

          • AAWW Yeah

            I'll add a couple: Vlade Divac and Derek Fisher. I say this, even as a Laker fan: those two were/are ridiculous.

      • Oblivious

        Doesn't compare. Put them up side by side and see which one looks like a man and which one doesn't. 99 times out of 100, the soccer flop will look worse. At least in baseball, football, hockey, basketball, etc., there is actual contact when a flop happens. In soccer, a man will flop if a player enters a three foot imaginary ring around them. There must be closed door flopping practices.

    • Flicka

      Come on guys… the favorite sport of my geographical area is superior to the one of yours.
      Gimmee a break. People cheat in pro sports and it's disgraceful but there you are.

    • P90

      Because it's popular all around the world?, yes very un-American. (Zing!)

    • Zizu

      You miss out on something the entire world cherishes

    • Pele.

      thank god it's not a american sport. we don't want americans to ruin it.

    • http://thechive.com/2011/08/22/hilarious-soccer-dives-12-gifs/ Michael

      Its not american cuz americans suck dick at it…

    • SAM


  • MidwestChiver

    #10 must have bad breath

  • http://twitter.com/OriginalMadCat @OriginalMadCat

    #4 … everyone wishes they could. Can you imagine if this sh*t happened in hockey???!

    • mbomb

      love hockey, but its heading down the same path as soccer, dives, embellishing head "snap backs", the soccer guys take the cake, but it happens in hockey alot more now than it used to.

      • caleb

        You sir, unfortunately have a point. It's getting silly out there on the ice.

        • Anon

          If anyone ever rolled around as much as a soccer play will they'd be a laughing stock though. That is at least reassuring.

    • First Time Caller

      Could have pulled a hamstring – maybe it was not a dive….who am I kidding….

    • Capitalsfan74

      It does, Sidney Crosby the best player in the world dives. Daniel Carcillo faked a high stick in this years playoffs. Ovechkin caught a diving penalty this year. Sean Avery dove like crazy when he was with LA. Vinny Prospal, Matt Cooke, Jordan Staal. Mike Ribiero should have won an Oscar a few years back.

    • Coldzilla

      Sadly its working its way into hockey. Dan Carcillo, Dustin Brown, Maxim Lapierre, Crosby, Ovechkin… most of the Vancouver Canucks 😉

      Gotta stop this crap from infesting the game

      • http://twitter.com/sterlingsylvir @sterlingsylvir

        At least hockey makes up for it with the fights.

        • ZachBob

          and the subtle racism.

    • AAA

      Hockey players dive too

      Most notably players on the san jose sharks for the past two years vs detroit in the playoffs.

    • MonkeyMadness

      You can't even spell shit? Is that asterisk supposed to make it NOT a cussword?

    • Jim

      Evidently you didn't see Vancouver diving all over the ice in the Stanley Cup Finals

  • http://twitter.com/IceGripp @IceGripp

    Love these!

  • laxcat36

    and we wonder why football isn't that popular in the states.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      It's not popular in the USA solely because you didn't invent it.

      • That Guy

        very true, we like our invented sports more. but it has more to do with the mentality of the sports that make us love football, baseball, basketball, hockey, more than soccer. just be glad we don't like it so much. we'd play it faster, harder, and with no dives. we'd dominate the sport in a few decades if all of America wanted it that bad.

        • steve

          goddamn right dude

        • Messi

          ROFL ! you think Americans could dominate football (soccer?), if you just wanted it ? you people are god damn lunatics.

          • That Guy

            and you are delusional if you think it couldn't happen. just look at the olympics. we dominate most sports. not the best at everything but Americans finish in the top 3 majority of the time. the only thing you need for soccer can be taught or conditioned. we also have tons of what you can't teach, speed and determination. where has england, france, germany, brazil, china, japan, finished in the olympics in track and field? America is the best because we have a melting pot of talent that was imported from all over the world. no where else is there more diversity in cultures and ethnicities. we are the best more times then not because we have the best from all over the world.

            • Cara

              " the only thing you need for soccer can be taught or conditioned." If that was true, the US would be dominating at this point. The US is good at the part of soccer that can be taught and conditioned: set plays. We dominate there. But the vision, the creativity, the ability to see the flow of play and identify creative outlets- we have none of that. Starting to get it, but everyone else in the world does it better.
              That's not something that can be taught. It comes from pickup games and messing around after school. Until that's something normal, the US doesn't stand a chance.

        • Lee

          Yeah Thats why your the Dumbest nation on Earth FACT.

    • dan

      What are you talking about? Football is KING in America. It's soccer that sucks.

      • dahm


    • SAM


  • Brother Maynard

    Anymore pussies on here and this post would be the best porn ever.


      I think you might want to rephrase your statement. It's… open to interpretation on your sexuality… just saying.

    • ysert tydtryrd

      It was massive in the USA in the 70s.

  • yo yo ma

    I'm not saying soccer's gay but every time I try to watch it it tries to suck my dick. Easy there, soccer. I don't go that way.

    • Hockey Guy

      Best reply ever.

      • That Guy

        hell yes.

    • davidM

      lol. 'You know how I know soccer is gay? It tried to suck yo yo ma's dick.".

    • Waylon


    • Cheesy

      how long were you thinking of that one? you sound like a damn child

      • yo yo ma

        I don't know. like a minute.

      • That Guy

        and you sound butt hurt and like you are about to go tattle. "Cheesy, calm down what's wrong?" "He he he saiiiiiid some hu hu hu thing mean hu hu hu about soccer."

    • lee

      And I bet you watch wrestling You DUMB Yankee Doodle Deeee.
      If I put a map in front of you I bet you culd not point out 3 Continents u pussy

  • Boomer

    Why lay down and cry when you can run and score? Female teams have way more balls…I mean, eh, whatever.

    • Duthty Rhodths

      That's the problem I have with it. At least in most "Merican sports if you're trying to draw a foul / penalty you also try to still make your shot / catch / kick.

  • Mel Gibson

    it really is a shame with all the diving that goes on in the game, it really is a great game to watch and play.

  • Brannigan

    You could make a whole post just from dives of FC Barcelona players. As many people mention in this post, these are the kind of things that make a whole sport look gay.

    • http://voyeur.posterous.com San Diego

      thank you. Barcelona is a disgrace to the game. Get the fuck up for christ's sake.

      • dan

        i swear thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard in my life!

    • laurensBarca

      I have 10 GB of dives videos of Marcelo, Di Maria and Christiano Ronaldo. They are the best when it comes to diving

  • http://www.trollpenis.com troll

    it's the same as flopping in basketball.

    • Beaver lover

      In Basketball there is at least contact.

      Also, flopping is used by European players more than American players in Basketball. Thus why European basketball is just as bad to watch as Soccer.

      Note to Europe, GROW A PAIR!

    • bgg

      completely agree!

    • Oh Hey!

      Flopping and diving are both gutless. The thing is…basketball players don't act like they were shot in the face with a rifle.

  • EasternCanuck

    They should put instant replay and give penalty shots for dives like these. That would stop it pretty damn quick.

    • Chelios

      they actualy get a yellow card for diving and a free kick for it.

      • EasternCanuck

        Yeah… i'm just saying it should be a little harsher… maybe a red card would help it and if the ref enforced it.

        • That Guy

          na they should have a review team that goes over and fines players that flop. like the NFL does with hard hits or unacceptable play. $50-100k a flop should do it.

    • elbruces

      Yes, yes and HELL yes.

    • Oblivious

      They should man up and actually allow contact.

      • That Guy

        then it would be the most dangerous sport. so many broken legs that each team would be on their 3rd string by the end of the game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.burnham Nathan Burnham

    Aussie Rules… now that's a sport!

    • P90

      Hahaha good one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=30402995 Stephen Craig

    Can I hear from a European football fan here? How do you put up with this stuff? I do enjoy watching soccer matches. I get it that it's thrilling because a goal, any goal, is basically a miracle, and the hour or so of continual work leading up to it makes it so much more exciting. But I'm having a really hard time getting over the flopping. It's ridiculous. I know it's a yellow card to fake a flop, but does it really do any good? Not trying to start a fight or a flame war here.

    • Ipswich101

      trying to cheat and get a freekick or a penalty and make it easy for them to score, but its wrong and usually get booked for it, if the ref see they are trying to cheat

    • elbruces

      There's a little bit of flopping in basketball too, but not as much, and not nearly so ridiculously dramatic.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      We put up with it as the injustices get us animated, angry, adrenaline coursing from our glands and blood pumping through our veins. We put up with it as it gets us yelling at each other and with each other wherever we may be.

      In other words, it's what football is: Entertainment.

      • That Guy

        maybe your blood would pump more if there was more scoring. then you wouldn't have to get so worked up over cheating or be so happy about cheering on your team when they cheat.

    • davidM

      So European football is kinda like American wrestling? Never thought about it that way, but it makes sense.

      • steve

        nicely put david

      • Tyler

        American wrestling is fake…………..its all planned out drama. the south park episode explains it perfectly

    • BeKaY

      The flopping is kind of what makes the sport what it is today since it can, in some situations, make more people want to go to the stadium and support their team. Imagine that there are 5 minutes left on the clock, both teams are tied and a player from the other team flops, the referee gives him the penalty kick and that team wins the game. At the end of the game you're going to be pissed that your team lost in such an unfair way, you want to see your team play that team again and show them that you're much better than them, you want to see them loose in the most embarrassing way possible. You now have your rival team, and that felling will never go away, 10 years from that day you will still remember that game and talk about it.
      This sort of stuff differentiates football from other sports, it makes the sport more human, the fans live for their team, the mistakes and unfairness just make you want to watch it more and more until you feel that justice was made.

      And about the yellow card, it's actually a big deal. If he is a defender after the yellow card he can't be as aggressive (defenders are expected to use some muscle now and then to take the ball from the opponent) or he might get a second yellow and be expelled. Even if he is not a defender, in most leagues after a couple of yellow cards in separate games a player can be punished with one of two games of suspension, sometimes they even have to pay fines.

      • That Guy

        so you basically just described winning and losing but while accepting cheating as a normal aspect of the game. you must like getting robbed, lied to, swindled, cheated, wronged. so much so that you live for it. this is why American's like being independent from the world.

        • https://www.facebook.com/Jorgecm Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

          …but you are not

        • AUFC

          yeah thats why america leaves the world alone and doesnt interfere with other nations business at all, lol. nice 1 dude.

      • ChimoSteve


    • Arsenal Hater

      To be fair this kind of thing doesn't actually happen all the time, especially in England. I'm not saying it never happens here, two of the clips shown are English clubs (although one is Arsenal whose players have always been the worst sportsmen in the country). When it does happen in England it's usually by new players from other countries who don't realise that it's frowned upon here. It's not unusual for a new player to take a dive only for their own team mates to make it clear that it's not acceptable, sometimes a manager will even substitute a player off if they consistently cheat (except if they play for Arsenal when they are generally congratulated by their dickhead manager).

      • Airwalktdk666

        I'm guessing your a spurs fan.

      • theederv

        Arsenal one of the worst teams in the country? Give me a fucking break dickhead! Fucking YID

        • Arsenal Hater

          Actually I'm not a spurs fan. I support Nottingham Forest. And might I suggest a ban on the above poster "theederv" for using extremely racist anti jewish terminology? He also doesn't appear to be able to read as I never said Arsenal one of the worst teams, just the worst sportsmen.

          • AUFC

            YID is not disrespectful, its just a short name for Yiddish(jewish) whats the problem????? guess u've never said anything bad in ur life, even though what he said wasnt bad but maybe borderline considering he put 'fucking' in front of it.

            • milt

              Wahey! Casual racism at its very best!

    • paul

      Well the game has failed to embrace video technology and post mach tribunals. If they had these then 2 or three match bans could be handed out diving and soon enough this kind of cheating will be stamped out, come on FIFA get it done.

  • German

    awesome acting of these people, lol

  • specv44


  • Smokey

    This garbage makes Dan Carcillo look legit, I mean WTF is this crap.

    • Coldzilla

      +1 for the hockey reference 😉

    • n_kb

      Dan Carcillo is a piece of shit…the new Sean Avery

  • http://voyeur.posterous.com San Diego

    diving is getting out of control in the pro leagues. Bring back the smash mouth tackles before the 90s. What do you expect when you get 'finesse' players. Roy Keane used to smash people. Basketball has dives too. Such a disgrace.

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