Mmmmm…that sounds good. I’ll have that (20 Photos)


  • Griskaill

    Great, now I'm hugry…

    • Mister H.

      I've actually tried #13 and #15 and they're good…both in mexico.

    • kidn

      no one gives a fuck.

  • James_UK

    thats horrible


  • Bill

    I'll steal time from this yummy post. Does anyone else have trouble with Monday's FLBP posts loading up. Almost every week, I get no pics with comments and not all of the right side pics show. I'm on an IPAD and I've tried several browsers. It is only FLBP, so you can see the gravity of the situation. Any help appreciated.

    • Bill

      Help me Chive ,i reallyyyyyyyyyyyy need to Fap.

      • Chubby

        Google Justin Bieber

    • Bill

      Thanks for your childish responses to a legit ?, jerkoffs.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        can't tell if for choice coincidence or intentionally appropriate retort.

    • Lou

      have you tried erasing all the cookies from safari? the same happens on my iphone

      • Bill

        Thanks, Lou, to no avail. I appreciate your suggestion.

    • Candybabe_66

      You're using an iPad. There's your problem.

    • Harhar

      Give it some time, the page is pretty top heavy

    • Ambush Steve

      Gravity, Ha. I see what you did there.

    • CruzLara

      @me I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37" HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use

      • anonimus

        but you can't load flbp on ipads..

  • Joe Moore


    • CrazyAzn89

      In your opinion it's disgusting but others cultures see it as a delicacy

  • Ben Muirhead

    The bugs are bad enough, but bird spit and placenta made me ruin a perfectly good keyboard

    • Spence

      Why, is it now caked with semen?

  • English Gent

    There goes my breakfast…

  • Harry

    #19 chive, i love you. but of all ppl i would've thought you would at least accept someone else's culture? I also too think its digusting but still…!

    • Ben Muirhead

      Like when those playful Nazis gassed all those silly Jews… Can't believe people didn't just respect their culture. Or when goofy women are routinely beaten and devalued in many cultures… not our place to say anything!!!

      Some things are objectively wrong, and its morally irresponsible to "accept" these things just because some backwards people think its ok.

      • Capitalsfan74

        Your analogy sucks, you're blowing this far out of proportion. First, Nazis are a political and social organization, NOT a culture. Second, there is a BIG difference between accepting a culture that has odd food choice and accepting a governments policy of mass murder.

      • Travis Sutherland

        How did you ever make the connection between cultures eating their respective foods and the Nazi's killing Jews? That is one helluva segue!

    • @FilmPsyche

      I agree. Food is engrained in culture, ethnicity, and identity. Dismissing another culture's food choice as disgusting perpetuates a discriminatory mindset.

      America has "disgusting" food, too. Have you ever eaten a hot dog?

      • Fawx

        Its clear people have entirely missed Ben's Valid point.
        It is irresponsible as a society to tolerate the intolerable simply because it is someones culture. While an article on Food isn't necessarily an example of this, nor appropriate, his point is still valid.

        Something to think about; if it went beyond human placenta to actual people, like old head hunting tribes of Papua New Guinea, would you accept that in your society because it is there culture?

        • simon

          I agree with your argument in theory however the difference with plancenta is that it is eaten (after being cooked) by the parents of the child, hence the claims of preventing post natal depression. Given that it is the mothers tissue anyway how is it is different to sucking the blood from a cut finger, or biting your nails?
          I will admit that the consuming of placenta is about as extereme as extreme food gets but it is still the right of the parents to do with it what they choose. In Maori culture it still very popular to bury the placenta under a tree when a child is born. I dont see any problem with it.

          • T-Payne

            Agreed. Speaking up when the actions of one person or a body of people cause harm to others is necessary. A woman who willingly consumes her own placenta after giving birth, whether cooked or not, because it is part of her culture or belief system to do so is not hurting anyone. Unless it is not tested for blood-borne illnesses or viruses. But that's a more technical matter.

            So it's disgusting to us, sure. But some people in India think its monstrous that we eat cow meat, and on top of that, we're slaughtering their beloved holy animal.

            A side note: We all love dogs here at The Chive. After a dog gives birth to a litter of puppies, she will eat the placenta. It is part of nature's way of not wasting, but it also triggers the proper hormones necessary for that mother dog to feel affection for her puppies and to produce milk.

            • amrith777

              Made all my arguments for me–thank you.

              • tophernator

                Made one additional pointless argument about testing for "blood-borne illnesses or viruses" which the mother would already be carrying since it's her own placenta!

            • JMikeH

              Dogs also eat their own feces.

              • lessergod

                Some humans do that too, sadly.

        • Pouet

          There is not a valid point here. As disgusting as it seems, eating placenta is something common among all the mamals, it's a fact. Now you may think it's wrong to eat it and so on, but a lot of you are actually wearing it ! What ? You didn't know ? The placenta is selled by the hospital to the cosmetic laboratory… Yes the collagene is good to put on our face…

          • Renee

            Foreskin as well!

        • Ben Muirhead

          Thank you! I guess placenta is ok, just gross (hot dogs, as far as I know, contain no human tissue). I was mainly pointing out that too many atrocities are comitted under the guise of "can't criticise that, its someone's culture and therefore uncriticiseable". (aka religion keeping evolution out of schools, etc)

    • thatguy

      At what point was the chive not accepting another culture? The point of this post is discusting foods, PC or not, they look discusting. Political correctness has run it's course, time to be honest and not take offense to every little comment.

      • thatguy

        Not trying to sound snippy btw

    • CNG

      Shutup dickhead

    • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

      Animals do it all the time, no biggie'… I personally wouldn't do it but whatever.

      • sooper yooper

        yea its really not that big of a deal, i met a local guy where i live in michigan whose wife delivers babies for the apostolics in the area and he said they eat placenta all the time. Its human flesh but if its not attached to a real person its a little different than cannibalism. If i grow human cells in culture (which i do at work regularly) and then kill them thats not considered murder.

    • Brandon

      i could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better conversation

    • Pants

      Fuck culture, disgusting "food" is still disgusting.

    • amony

      Not seeing the problem here? Its not like there's a fetus still in it while being consumed.

      • Renee

        *attached to it

    • Renee

      It can also be dehydrated and ground into powder, then placed into capsules, takes away the ick factor for many. I would not have cooked mine, but I had planned on putting it in a smoothie, more potent, but you don't notice that it's in there. I never got the chance, but you can google placenta smoothie to read about other people who have.

      • Nardee


    • Mitzo

      Thank you. Chive, did you do any research into this at all? You do know that placenta is basically a waste product and not a fetus?! I'm guessing not. I'm so rapidly losing interest in this website.

    • Devin


    • Ghost of the future

      Moral relativism will be the downfall of civilization. But at least you kept your warm and fuzzy feelings of being "accepting" there Harry:)

  • Josh Gorter

    #5 seems pretty badass

    • @The_Scofield_

      Especially since it's still beating when you drink it.

      • Cree Whittingham

        And he's going to drink it like a boss!

    • Holmespump

      I love that this guy looks like he was on his way to class and decided to stop off for a quick cobra heart.

  • jpp407

    Im usually pretty experimental when it comes to eating other cultures food, But I genuinely wouldn't try anything on this post.

    • Herp Derp

      the fried tarantula seems legit…

      • JstevensF

        available in Cambodia, along with every other creepy crawly fried.

        • asia

          if your lucky, hair comes in most the cambodian dishes too

    • dfsfds

      you don't know what you're missing :p

    • gerbear

      #2 actually tastes good. seriously. eat it warm, and with salt, and you're good to go! 🙂

    • Tim

      There are a few I would try, with the Coffee being my first choice…

      • jpp407

        I would give the horse milk a go, Purely because of its alcohol content lol.

  • Just sayin...

    Chive…what is this ….i don't know if i'm the only one, but only 2 posts yesterday then this….i love you guys but holy mackerel…

    • Josh Gorter

      The lack of post yesterday was because it was Labor Day. I don't really want to go into why this is a holiday but please feel free to look it up for yourself.

      • Just sayin...

        ah thanks! me n my ignorant european ways! sorry to anyone i offended!

        • CNG

          You are apologizing because you were unaware of a public holiday on the other side of the world and that may have offended someone?

  • bigjohn

    not hungry anymore.

  • kate_the_gate

    I had fermented mare's milk when I was travelling in Mongolia – not as disgusting as you might think! Also, I live in China where the saying goes they'll "eat anything with four legs except a table and anything that flies except a 'plane"!

  • JP Souza

    Nothing wrong with most of these. So it's not a Cheeseburger 'Mercuh. Really want to try #8 #9 #20
    Eating Placenta is quite normal in a lot of places #19
    I suspect #16 is fake. You'd skin it first.

    • @The_Scofield_

      #16 not actually, in many tropical countries, they are simply spitted and roasted in a fire or wrapped in banana leaves the heat makes the hair fall off. You have to think that a bat is a small animal, skinning it would lose a lot of substance.

    • mylismo

      #8 Is so disgusting. It has living worms inside it that actually have high resistance to stomach acids and in worst case scenario can cause some damage to you.
      #9 I have heard that the coffee made from those beans is actually really good.

      • Brand_n

        Kopi Luwak is definitely very good. Super expensive too. A pound goes for $100 and up.

    • Broseph Stalin

      Kopi Luwak is extremely good coffee. I bought some one time just for the hell of it. Not something you can afford on a regular basis though unless you're loaded. Pretty sure I've seen #16 on a food network show or something where the dude eats exotic stuff. It is 100% real.

    • MAX_POW

      #9 some say is the best coffee in the world, because the digestive system of the animal makes the coffee a little more richer. In some places it sells at $35 a cup

    • what?troll

      Why would anyone fake #16?




    • Michael Ricketts

      im sorry someone piss in your corn flakes this morning.

    • daisygirl81

      And you're here wasting space why?



        • willpowerthru

          Wait…Wait….no wait….now wait….no…what?..wait wait wait wait….what? Does not compute.

  • edertef

    I really need to see a big burger with bacon

  • Richard Rice

    y u no show something edible

  • Nom Nom Nom

    #2 Served with a little salt? That's disgusting.

    • Killa

      "Baby Duck" is actually really good. It's boiled so when you eat it, it doesn't look like the picture. Tastes just like chicken noodle soup, go figure…

      • V4Vendetta14

        Saw it on Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods. He breaks one open at 3:41, and it looks almost exactly like the picture above.

    • willpowerthru

      That sodium intake is for the birds

  • patov40 89p

    #17 Yummy. ❤

    • @theterryburke

      I love Penis.

    • houtini

      That's the one I'd be the most likely to eat, on that list.


    #17 I love Penis.

    • beat rice

      I love the description. Subtle but hilarious

  • davey

    What about monkey brains?
    U forgot MONKEY BRAINS!
    It's awesome!

    • amrith777

      Calvin…. tee-hee:)

    • willpowerthru

      THIS ISN'T INDIANA JONES THIS IS THE REAL WORLD! Wait. Do they let young asian boys drive cars?….They DO?

      nevermind….carry on.

  • bbqboobs

    After going through most of that list, the ox penis didn't sound so bad….

    • houtini


    • jrod

      it didn't sound bad to begin with, jk, or am i?

  • Zac

    I know that in the Phillipines they eat Balut, #2 but some of the women there will take the blood from the placenta and rub in on thier skin becuase it is supposed to be good for it or some shit.

  • Steamboat Willie

    How the hell is this not cannibalism?

    • embry_joe

      Go back and take Sex Ed again you tard. It's the afterbirth, not a human.



      • Steamboat Willie

        Go back and take biology you stupid fuck. The placenta is an organ. So if you are a human and you eat a human placenta you are cannibalizing a human organ.

        • houtini

          With your logic, eating your nails is cannibalism too?

          • @danlundberg1

            most people don't swallow their nails so its your logic that doesnt make sense. But with the placenta if it's your own (woman) then i guess it isn't, unless you eat your wifes…

            • Ball

              how about its cannibalism because its human…. would you eat a developing baby? nope.

    • Morgan

      no sentient being was killed for the meat of the placenta. there are actually vegetarians(very few) how will eat placenta just for that reason

      • JMikeH

        That's just some hippie end run BS. Going by that thought process if someone willingly donated a kidney for the specific reason that it be eaten it would be considered ok.

  • Marcus K

    If you look very closely, #11 is actually a crab leg

    • MikeK

      Correct. Looks like a piece of snow crab. Fugu is a white fish that is usually cut so thin, it's nearly translucent… And arranged in a nice floral pattern.

      • Alex

        It's important to emphasize the 'usually' part. In high quality fugu restaurants they serve 10+ dish courses, of which only one is this floral pattern composition. Which looks incredible by the way!
        That being said that picture definitely looks like crab to me…

    • Carl

      While I am no expert on Fugu (I did have it once), that does look like crab and not fugu. And I don't think fugu is disgusting – just different (and safe assuming you are not stupid enough to make it yourself). I also had Shirako. That I agree is disgusting (Fugu semen), but did not taste bad at all.

    • ABell

      Thanks marcus. Fugu is served sliced rice paper thin and i have seen it fried before. I'm pretty sure if u ate a piece of fugu that big it would kill you since the tiny pieces make you feel kinda weird.

  • Dashete

    #19 If your parents were hippies they may very well have done it too.

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