Apparently, batmaning is the answer to planking. What’s next, Russian rouletting? (37 photos)

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    planking, owling, and now batmaning. what next, your sack hanging out and calling it braining?

    • MAX_POW

      yeah….And how many people are gonna break their necks because of this?

      • jeston23

        A lot.. hopefully.

      • The Pict

        Less than I'd hope, but I'm mean like that.

      • Spivias

        not enough….

    • sheoncebelieved

      I think it's actually…lost boys-ing….

      • edgar frog


      • bigmikeskinsfan

        major +rep for the lost boys reference.

    • nope

      THE GOAT!!!!

    • Obie Slice

      its called "sneaky nuts"

    • Russel

      what's next? headless horsemanning

  • Billm

    This won't end well. At least with planking you're lying flat not head down by your feet. Incoming concussions in 3.2.1…..

    • isawoj

      Some of those idiots would be getting off lucky with just a concussion.

    • Ambush Steve

      Well, at least the gene pool will be a little clearer as a result of this.

    • lena

      but one young teeanger died from planking on an escalator…. : (
      so planking is/wasn't safe either

      • BloodScrubber

        Its things like this that when asked why I work in healthcare, I usually respond with ….job security. 😉

    • Spellwvr

      You have to have a brain to injure it, let darwin rule!

      • aaa

        Darwinism FTW!

    • Bluto

      I actually really like this one for just these reasons. Way more potential for serious injury to this jackholes.

  • dan

    F'n Morons

  • EJK

    I think we should call this shit "Dumbassing" and leave it at that.

    or better yet "Attention Whoring"

  • Pat

    #4 Michael Jackson ?

    • miles


      • Meh.......

        Bring your kid to work day……..

    • Ronniew Civella

      couldnt be MJ, thats a little girl not a little boy

  • BSS

    So many retards, so few bullets

    • spears

      Wow. You went straight to 1st degree murder. Impressive. I would hate to find out what you do to your wife when she's not in the kitchen.

      • The Pict

        Like she'd ever really leave.

    • Bill57

      Russian Roulette is too 70's

  • AsciiAdam

    These are all stupid!

  • new


  • maggiemay13

    #8 I like the poster. Probably the best part about this thread.

  • BMW

    FAIL #29

    • gutterville

      you meet win!. best oen

    • Anthony Roybal

      I was jus gonna say da same hahaha

    • bryainiac

      This one was just funny.

  • jrey81

    Let's see some burn bra gals doing this on glass doors or windows…

    • sureman123

      just what i was thinking !!! 😀

    • bryainiac


  • maddjoker


  • DemonDan

    hopefully they all break their necks and this fad will die quickly…. #37

  • Çreep

    sure ill take a massive headach with a side of broken neck, looks neeto'.

  • thechevron

    guaranteed fatalities with this one, can't wait

  • Brandon Blake

    so stupid

  • Timis

    Dumb, just stupid.

  • Shawn

    why #29, why

    • Saw it coming


      Because "Fuck You!" that's why…

  • mmmhmmm

    i say all these people try the newest fad "cobaining" aka shoot yourselves in the fucking head.

  • DaBa

    nah i guess the next new thing is "human apocalypse"…. GOD SAVE US!

  • not sure if....


    Mezut Ozil or Adrian Brody

    • Moselo

      adrian brody for sure.

  • KevinMcBerger

    Just a matter of time till someone gets really hurt or dies

    • maxis

      someone already did die from planking. fell off a balcony

      • Meh.......

        Not my problem…..

  • disturbed

    #6 #36 Pick any of them. Momma always told me. Stoopid is as stoopid does.

  • NebraskaGuy

    With the exception of #2, I hope they all fall on their heads and break their necks! This is just stupid.

    • Pinche Manny

      i'm still asking myself from where is she grabbing herself from???

    • Donovan Colbert

      #2 calls for a hybrid trend – Reverse-Motorboat Batmanning.

  • wotisthat

    #19 eh wtf

    • ChiveATL

      Even the underwear says "WTF?"

    • billshakes626

      I can't tell if this is a hipster or a potentially attractive female.

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