How to build your dream desk? (24 Photos)

Via coolermaster

  • Andy


    • truth

      Nerds = Forever Alone

      • Right

        LOL he's from holland and isn't alone 😉

  • Herp Derp


    • fact

      Thats why you will die a Virgin.

  • calm

    Wow, liquid cooled everything. Looks like he's even got a cool spot on the desk? *Cool*

    • Greg

      Its doesnt show it in these pics, but the water cooling loop goes to an array of radiators under the foundations of the house.

    • calm

      My bad, the cupholder is just a cupholder with green lit plexiglass. But a cool spot on the tabletop would be an amazing idea.

  • Mark Mulligan


  • J Dog


  • James

    #5 to #6 aww yup you just put that over there and this just there…!

    • Mike

      Quite the step between 5 and 6. I think we got the cliff notes

    • @ABQLifer

      Was that first cut made at 24 3/8" or 24 1/2"? Dammit

  • Iowa

    If I had the money to even pay tuition.

  • Abtimus

    I know this guy, goes by the handle L3p, he lives 2 streets down from me.
    Chiving from The Netherlands

    • Abtimus

      He also has a collection of 50 blow up dolls and lives with his 10 cats.

      • Pwithc

        pics or it didn't happen

      • Peter Brands (L3p)

        Dank je 🙂

      • aaa

        I think you're the one with 50 blow up dolls and 10 cats…

    • Mick

      Hollanders! altijd leuk om mede nederlanders te zien op the chive!

  • Stunt_R

    GREAT job!

    • thebadone

      Great pathetic Geek.

  • Hansen

    Although it's a little too techno for my taste it's a goddamn impressive job!

  • edertef

    Megadesk !

  • Paulo

    Fucking Sennheiser. Love it.

  • Advocatus

    I love it! As a gamer still confused about the possible screenglare from the green light…

    • Peter Brands

      Don't worry about it, check

  • mooseknuckle907

    I'm jealous

  • Anonymous

    OMG i want one…. Now!!!!

  • Kcruz09

    Not gonna be able to hide those jizz stains.

    • eddie

      There's probably a jizz catching device built-in somewhere on it.



  • Helmet4

    It's cool but it seems like a lot of work

    • nate

      most cool things are

  • Fraggy

    HQ photos plz =D

  • BSS

    Ok, sure. How about for those of us who don't have a metal shop in our garage and can't turn on the computer w/o the help of a 5 year old?

    • Name

      Those ones don't need a desk like that

  • MrSkyline

    Thats the L3p D3sk, made by a dutch dude, here's his website:

  • Dude

    Thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to put together the most awesome desk in the world

    Still sitting on a $20 ikea chair

    • VooDoo


    • ozzy

      thats only about $300 at most for the metal, and thats about 2 days of work .__.

  • Diego Colafabio

    What a great job, stunning. Congrats! 😀

  • Snorkle

    Yah… that ultraviolet light is going to tear up his eyes pretty quickly. Not really worth it.

  • DeRaNgEd

    can it play playstation 2 games?

    • Ahnold


    • gingerqueer


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