Oh Sh!t (30 photos)

  • kidn

    #27 edward? is that you?

  • C-Dude

    #1 was actually at the Lethbridge airshow last year. The pilot survived the fall, his chute barely opened.

  • Kelsow Farlander

    #20 I love Banksy Art.

  • Anonymous

    #13: i’ve got a job for you………

  • Chris

    it happened eleven years ago and its not the topic that's funny its the fact its a boat on a boat you morons get your head out of your asses obviously not making fun of the bombing

    • Disgruntled Sailor

      You're fucking retarded! It comes down to being disrespectful. And the fact that you don't see that makes you a god damn piece of shit. You want them to start posting pictures of an open casket funeral under the "OH SHIT" or "crazy funny photos" with no one in it? It's fucking disrespectful. DUMB SHIT.

    • Jacob

      Some things just shouldn't be touched when trying to be humorous no matter what aspect you are approaching.

    • noneya

      Calling ppl names really must make u feel like the moron! Who died n left u n charge of passing names out? Wasn’t God!

  • Chris

    even though the gallery on the page also says "Crazy funny Photos" the gallery is actually called OH SHIT so get your story straight and maybe open your eyes also, called a typo gtfo.

  • Jacob


    Not fucking funny.

    • Jacob

      #7 too. How about a little taste?

  • Sleepin

    #7 To all my shipmates that lost their lives on the USS Cole R.I.P.

    • Anonymous

      Do you even know anyone from the Cole or are you just some chode straight out of boot camp?

    • Jacob

      I didn't realize that was what that was. I suppose it also belongs in my above post.

  • Kyle

    Some major DOUCHE PHOTO'S TODAY. Not sure why they were posted. The jet, the 9/11 tweet and the USS Cole? Is this supposed to be amusing or funny? LEO ITS KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON NOT BE RETARDED AND DOUCHE ON

  • Kyle

    Oh yeah love the categories that they are tagged under "Funny, Fail and Owned" Seriously Pull your head out of your ass

  • mattheadface

    #11 i have the weirdest boner right now…

  • Disgruntled Sailor

    Not only is #1 inappropriate, but I think I would have to speak for all my brothers and sisters when I say that #7 is highly inappropriate as well.

  • Nevenem

    #24 clever girl…

  • Cass

    Batgirl, the beginning!

  • Bret

    #6, everytime he tells a lie, she Farts on him, this is called Alabama torture test

  • Bret

    #11, Lucky Bastard, first he got Demi, now this ?

  • Treneuf

    #15- being cool, Your doing it wrong

  • ammohambone

    Dude, number 18 is sooo not funny because I used to ride a school bus and I’ve had friends that used to ride the school bus that are dead now. Not cool bro

    • Some Dude

      Get a sense of humor. On that note………9/11 was a tragedy……APRIL FOOLS!

  • Phil

    # 7 USS Cole not crazy funny… sad crazy

  • Dima

    #14 geppetto?

  • Some Dude

    Ha, get a sense of humor you guys. And on that note………..9/11 was a tragedy………….APRIL FOOLS!!!!

  • eddy

    All the rest are either kinda funny or only cost money. But this was the terrorist attack on the USS Cole where 17 American sailors died. For crap sake this pic the same photo as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Cole_bombing.
    You censor the word shit in the URL for this page, but showing a picture of an al-Qaeda attack it OK?
    I know the Chive isn't omnipotent, but this was a really huge failure.

    • doesnt matter

      I realize yes there r tragedies present n these pics yes inappropriate but u r stooping lower by using God’s name n vain and calling ppl retarded that’s a word that need 2 b erased as the pics but nothing I can do but not come back 2 this site click on the pic go thru typing name n comment blah blah! Can’t for 1 time ppl not b haters!

  • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

    #12 I just fell in love….just now

  • jsk

    #10 the biggest egg is an ostrich egg

  • Eamon

    ESU squad 2 – 1

    Tiger – 0

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