• Bernard Mamo

    Really? you think this would work?

    • superpooper

      well, maybe not in Malta…

      • bob_your_uncle

        just hope you dont come across one that uses satellites instead of sd cards

    • Udienow

      And when a hunter catches you on his land you might just become the “game”.

  • Da_Boz

    Effort and risk of being shot by hunter makes it a tough endeavor.

    • J.D.

      Usually these deer cameras will be used before hunting season, to scout which blind to use on opening day. You'd be fine.

      • APPLE

        FALSE i have 9 cameras out year around

        • 666MVH8tr

          Serious Hunter is serious.

        • Larry

          Thank you, Mr. Schrute.

      • Active hunter

        Mine are out year around. I don't blind hunt, have one week to hunt. This would seriously piss me off.

        • HUH?

          and thats why it would be fun to do. 🙂

    • Active Hunter

      Camera trolls?
      mmm…Don't remember seeing tags for those, so must be listed under varmints.
      That means no season and no limits.
      I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. You might find a boot ( at the least) in your ass…

    • tom

      No hunting at night and people don't often shoot those wearing hutner orange vests. I'm just saying and yes I hunt.

      • Pull!!

        Had a guy in hunters orange messing with my cabin last year, a load of rubber buck from across the yard changed his mind. So, don't count on it.
        I might not shoot you with a gun, but there is bear spray and frozen paintballs as well.

        • yup...

          Paintballs don't freeze….just sayin

          • Lisa

            Yeah they do. Just try paintballing in Colorado in the middle of January. Damn things leave welts & bruises.

            As for anyone who messes with cameras, best be aware that folks here follow the 3 S's. Shoot, shovel, shut up. Just saying too…

  • jason in pc

    fukin epic if it works though

  • Ben

    mmm lets give it a try 🙂

  • paul

    step 4: get shot by hunter. lol

    • jon

      yeah… take my memory card and i am booby trapping that thing

  • Trey Wiggers

    It happened in South Louisiana….the news ppl were going nuts!

    • Undershooter30

      Happened in Mississippi too, my roommate was telling me about it and then showed me the picture online and I nearly fell on the floor laughing because I knew what had happened.

      • miles

        did anyone see the leprechaun? say YEa.

        • walt

          could just be a crackhead in the tree…

  • Foreverwaiting

    Great idea!

  • pooper

    how about photoshopping some chivetts into the photos instead

    • Ghoura

      Might fit under the 'mystical creatures' category.

      • )(*W#u4

        no, that would be "Classy Chivettes".

    • Master_Rahl

      it could be an amendment to the 'Chive Everywhere' post, call it Chivette Season Everywhere. Make it happen Chive!

  • chiverMike

    I have a good troll for the Chive to do…make enough Chive logo shirts and I will buy one.

    • wka

      I have a good one, look at what time they sell them… and be on….

      • Boom!

        fuck the time!

    • AnthonySyl

      better idea – don't announce the time they will up for sale and limit 1 per customer

  • Vince Weaver

    Funnier would be to photo shop in a buck with about 100 point rack. Dude would quit his job and spend the next 6 months LIVING at that site…..

    • ron

      100 point rack is barely worth shooting. 140 is getting there, it's a ** 200 ** point rack that would be super desirable. 160 class is a big buck. But hey… nice try. Go here for some pictures of big bucks, most over 200:

      • Jon

        He's talking about actual points on the antlers I think. Not length measurements.

      • Fleeb

        Show me a 100 point rack.

        • dude

          That's in the FLBP post.

      • 666MVH8tr

        barely worth shooting……riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. You do realize he's not talking 100 on a point system, but 100 points on the rack?

      • Fish On

        Uhhhhh, really dude? I think you don't understand meaning of the word "point." "Points" are the spikes on the rack. I think that you're referring to "inches." Look at it this way: the tip of your dick is one point. So, you're a one pointer. If "point" meant "inches," you'd be a 3 pointer. Get it now?

        • Mike

          insulting while informative, I applaud you sir.

          • The Pict

            Seconded Mike. Poetic putdown genius Fish On. Well done.

        • TeddyB

          Technical Verbage Police are ON PATROL !! weee-ooooohh weee-ooooohh weee-ooooohh.

          Geezus, get it right, or die a long, painful death by comment board! Yikes!

        • Hunter X

          Fish ON…dude. There is a scoring 'point' system for antlers, based on points AND inches. If you care:
          Everyone's a little 'trigger happy' when it comes to pointing out someone's wrong. Chillax.

          • Sam Perkins

            I thumbed you down for saying Chillax

  • James

    This was from like 2006. Chive – time to fire that new intern; he is not doing his research!

    What do you guys do, just look at Reddit all day?

    Can I get a t-shirt for this?

    • Frylock

      get a t-shirt for what? being a completely unchiveworthy ass douche?

    • BOoo

      THE CHIVE is Reddit on satellite delay.

      • Feeder of Trolls

        I'll see your "theChive is blah blah Reddit blah blah lame blah blah" and raise you "There Are Sexy Chivers Amoung Us". Say whatever you want about theChive and it's content … but when Friday comes, theChive rules the intertubesnetwebz.

      • Billy

        They get more pictures from Izismile than any other place. True story.

      • Honk

        agreed. Or they just lift something straight from somethingawful forums with no credit.

    • Mr.X

      Yes James, you pretty much nailed it there!

    • superpooper

      …and Ebaum's World, College Humor, Married To The Sea

    • yup...

      Most of their nostalgia posts are from 1986, should they be fired for that too?

    • Thomas Spadea

      You shall receive NOTHING

    • ...

      F U C K Y O U J A M E S!!!! ,,!,;

    • Duvel

      Silly chiver. You do not mention reddit in here. Look at all those downvotes you got.

  • robo

    epic….just go late at night. cant hunt at night.

    • digsred

      And really hope he's only got the one camera,
      or he might start hunting at night…

      • Stan_Dalone

        if it is his own land and you are trespassing good luck to you

    • Lisa

      Can't hunt "legally" at night. If he's out there at night, you can bet your ass he just might shoot you so you can't tell anyone he was out there at all…

  • Daba

    You want a good troll? Try Paula!

  • Its420somewhere

    great idea. Go on private property- an area where people carry guns, none the less- and start messing with someone's $100 game camera.

    • freddyF

      fuckin' killjoy. bet you take candy from kids 'cuz it's 'bad for their teeth'.

      • ron

        No, just one of the few with a clue. And *most* game cameras that I've seen are $300 or so. Yeah, great idea.

        • jason

          kill joy 2.0
          I don't remember seeing physical damage anywhere in the 'instructions'…

          • Pull!!

            Kill joy #3: Hunter catches your punk ass and kicks it. Those camera's are still someone's private property. How would you like someone messing with your property?

    • HUH?

      what is it? everyone thinks that hunters are all drooling, inbread, ned-beatty-loving, homocidal maniacs? geez, stereotype much?

  • LarsfromNorway

    I think step 1 should be: "Live in a small-ass town near the woods"

  • tylrd67

    Go in armed and wearing a ghillie suit. Problems solved!

  • 2cool4skool

    #3 Post your results! This would be an epic prank.

  • the professor

    my local paper did a story about catching bigfoot on one of these

  • Jason

    Since when is it ok to mess with private property? I don’t care if it’s funny, private property is private property. That means you DON’T fuck with it.

  • Guest

    Lame post is lame.

  • Duke

    I’d find the camera pretend I never seen it and take a huge shit for the guy or gal to see.

  • Stoupher

    Probably not the best idea…

  • Active Hunter

    CHive, Not a good idea and NOT FUNNY. Take this down.
    Some states have laws against messing with hunters, this would not only land someone in serious legal trouble, but might get someone messed up if caught.

    • Anon

      Certainly not a smart idea, but it is funny…

    • joesfunhouse

      buzz kill.

    • Honk

      serious legal trouble? How. Gonna sue someone cuz you got tricked?

      • Pull!!

        Most states have laws against interfering with a hunter or the taking of game. Also, I believe that taking the memory card from said camera is theft, whether you return it or not ( you most likely won't know when the hunter is checking the camera). Also, vandalism is against the law. Most of the better camera's are lockable. So gaining access means breaking the case or cutting a chain.
        So at this time, the Chive is advocating breaking the law.

        • Patches

          Also likely trespassing on private property.

    • Smitty

      Forget about the LAW. Your messing with a guy (or gal) who has a long range weapon, possibly a night scope, looking at your mellon head. There have been lots of shooting ACCIDENTS, you'd just be one more statistic.

      But, by all means, go have some fun. Don't let me discourage you!

  • Anon Anarth

    A lot of times they have them locked. If not, then this would be funny.

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