• Colin

    Over 1 billion served.. Lets make that 1 billion and 1

    • oh yeah

      bout to be a showdonw

    • Paula_

      "Sanders, you are about to be decapitated… Does that sound funny to you?"

      – the one you love to hate

    • >.< Constpasian


      • sukabagodix

        Lips and assholes. All lips and assholes.

  • Matt


  • Smitty


  • glitched

    Whats the matter Sanders, Chicken?

    • Joel

      Well done fine sir, well done

    • Do0zer

      LMAO! +10 points to this person!

    • varlotto

      I'm surrounded by assholes!

    • ryan

      why hack?

    • Bob

      You got the spirit kid, but in the quote, he calls him Colonel Sanders.

    • Anonamuse

      No one calls me chicken. No one!

    • Kyle

      Well let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said…"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken."

    • Nick

      hahaha i would have voted yours for sure. spaceballs is epic

  • Tuff Guy

    Ronald McDonald vs. Asian Colonial Sanders

    • Superman

      thanks for giving it the college try

      • yeppers

        from spaceballs

        • yeppers

          wrong one

    • irish

      say what you see!

  • Typical Chiver

    Like a boss! Yeah, bro. Epic!

  • specv44

    Shit just got serious…

    • Dirty Dingus

      Shit just got Delicious.

  • Rabid

    Yet more electrons wasted on photos of stupid Japanese twenty-somethings with nothing productive or meaningful to do.

    • zack

      you can't get rid of electrons

      • Zac

        Good point Zack

      • Tito

        Uhm… anti-matter.

        • racerx2112


          • MEEEE


    • Iokobos

      Could be worse. They could be occupying wall street.

  • Matt

    asians ruin fast food characters….Ronald looks like a cross between himself and somebody from Kill Bill and Colonel Sanders just look like a chinese Rayden!!! FINISH HIM!!

    • Chive_On

      You're pissed about fast food characters? Wow. Remind me to submit the Burger King drive by.

    • jerome

      it's Cloud(Sanders) and Sephiroth(Ronald)

    • Mr_Eff

      Raiden (Raijin) is Japanese, and also doesn't have a "Y" >.<. Also, it doesn't hold a candle compared to OFC (Obama Fried Chicken) in China…

  • Jackson

    Enter the Extra Crispy Dragon

    • Ken

      YES I vote this one!

  • Adam

    We meet again, Ronard McDonard.

    • Ryan

      That's awesome.

    • Kyle

      Harrroo mista Mcronald!!!

      • designit

        nothing really needed to be added to the original. thanks.

    • Adam Hanson

      Holy shit that's funny

    • JAFitC

      That's easy for you to say, Kernor Sanders.

    • Hand of Fate

      lol. I definitely laughed.

    • nelly

      ROR! well done

  • Maskingtapeman

    seems legit

  • Ezee

    Hmmm! You bastard! You killed my brother!

  • dak75104

    We who are to Fry, Salute You.

    • dak75104

      We who about to Fry, Salute You. Damn, I'm a dumbass.

  • Anon

    Gundam Seed: The Fast Food Chronicles

  • amc

    ah, young grasshopper, we knew this town was not big enough for the two of us.

  • Lowrent75

    I see your relatively quickly prepared meals to go are just as unhealthy as mine. There can be only one!

    • The Pict

      Not sure why you've gotten thumbs down for this one, I thought it was genius.

      • Lowrent75

        Thanks. Who knows but the masses have spoken.

  • THOR

    meanwhile… in the IT area of campus

  • Drew Burken

    The battle of clogged arteries

  • king me

    I am Sanders Macchicken of the clan Macchicken, and there can be only one.

  • snowbird

    Asian's gonna be Asian

  • Jack_LeMac

    There can only be one

    • whodoube

      There can be only one.

  • Msweeney

    "I don't care WHO our grandfathers were…I'll never join forces with a clown like you!"

  • BaseballRube

    There can only BE ONE!!!

    • stewie

      it wasn't funny the first 10 times, why the fuck would it be funny this time?

    • Flicka

      you unoriginal cunt…..

  • creyinsota

    The planets have aligned for the Final Showdown. Two men enter, one man leaves.

    • DAN


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