We’re on it.

a audio ads Were on it.

Dear Chivers,

We’d like to personally apologize for the deluge of auto-play audio ads that have recently graced theCHIVE. For the record, we do not, and will never allow auto-play audio ads on theCHIVE. Trust us, we hate them more than you do. We work with only the most reputable ad networks to serve our ads and occasionally some sneaky bastard will slip benign, quiet ads through their systems through a real-time-bidding platform and dynamically switch to an auto-play ad from their end. It’s a game of cat and mouse, and although we can supposedly put a man on the moon, we cannot always pinpoint and cut them off before they appear.

We have all our ad networks on it and it should be fixed soon. The good news is that these ads are not harmful to your computer, they are simply annoying. First world problems.

Here’s what you can do to help:
-stop wasting your time sending hate mail, WE KNOW.
-Boycott Lysol, Mucinex, Pinesol, Woolite, Ativia and Tivo -and for shits, Wal Mart

Keep Calm and Chive On
-John and Leo

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