Cat Saturday (28 Photos)

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  • drummer113

    #26 Reminds me of how I sleep.

  • Teaganz

    #1 Just trollin'.

  • woods

    i didn't know jessica lea mayfield made records

  • RandomDanny

    Why is this not called Caturday yet?

  • Davlin

    #28 Tough ass blind kitty for the WIN!!!

  • AnAZZ

    I can Haz Sight

  • Inviolability

    #1 Oh Paula, at it again. I think its time for a catnap so you can't change the photo, I sleep on keyboard!

  • sherman

    #19 – possibly the best gif in the history of best gifs.

  • Busternut

    Y u no go away if u no like cats?

    And I'm pretty sure Oskar had perfect vision until someone shoved a fucking hairdryer in his face.

  • PageJavier

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  • Stupid CATS


  • normurai

    i❤ caturdays!

  • Guest

    Silly question, no doubt, but is there a direct link to the photo of the young lady hanging the photo from picture #1? Can't tell for sure, but from a distance (small photo) that looks awfully nice.

  • lentinant

    Head-crabs are remains of past, head-cats are our future

  • tats4113

    Seems a little cruel to do this to a blind cat.

  • alex

    The video of the cat fighting the hair dryer MUST be edited to give him glow sticks and house music…. MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Farxun

    It is amazing that Facebook has taken so long to upadte their photo features. Seriously?Scaling up hosting and storage on Facebook’s scale is not easy this is something Pixable, of all companies, should have figured out by now. The average size of the current FB photo is ~70KB per image while the average high-res photo (on the low end) is ~1.5MB per image. According to these meager estimates, that’s more than a 20X increase in storage/hosting!To reprimand your company’s lifeline (Facebook) for not throwing you a bone sooner makes Pixable sound like a group of homeless people complaining about the food quality at a homeless shelter. Don’t anger the host of your parasitic relationship.

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