It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (33 Photos)

  • Negron


    • winfields

      something very wrong with you young person… it's Friday, no need for silly trolling.

    • Smalls

      Ahhh Crap! I accidentally hit the thumbs up… Subtract 2 from whatever number is there now. Thanks.

    • Wolowizard

      your mother must be so proud.

    • Negron

      My apologies, i couldnt help myself.

  • Alan

    First !

    • Charlie

      you are not…

    • winfields

      Dear Alan, please see my response to your fellow misguided pal "Negron".

      thank you,

      Hard working Chiver

    • My_name?_serioulsy?

      you loose even at being a looser

      • BentWrenches

        And you sir,lose at being a loser.

  • Brian


    Is that Data from Star Trek TNG? Either the years have not been kind or that was a hell of a lot of yellow make up.

    • megacrutch


    • Caity

      Sheldon! 😀

    • Holmespump

      Yeah – he was hysterical as himself on Big Bang Theory last week.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I hope you realize he's not really an android and that after 25 years you are allowed to age a little bit. God forbid you start to look older.

    • Charlie_Cheen

      I think he looks pretty good for 62?

      TNG was a loooong time ago, we are just getting old.

    • Lore

      It really is hard to believe TNG was that long ago.

    • Lore

      Actually he looks more like Dr Noonien Soong in this picture.

    • Wolowizard

      you do realise Star Trek TNG ended 17 years ago so Brent Spiner is allowed to look older and have aged, doesn't stop him from being awesome.

    • Trolly McTroll

      I was wondering why Jonathan Pryce would be on that show, but Brent Spiner makes a lot more sense.

  • jonesin86

    #6, #22, #31

    Kaley is so hot, Find 22 & 31

    • Bubba

      And #12 the blondy on the left.

    • triplecap

      I think #31 is Jessica Barton.

      • _maxPain_


    • qwert

      #18… even with herpaderpface, i think the bewbs in the bombing should be found…

    • abnsldr

      #31 is jessica barton..

  • Charlie

    cool… like it… no more… what is love??

    • SkyVader

      Baby don't hurt me….

    • ChaCha

      baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more

  • WrongWayBud

    #4 You might be gay if…

    • SpacemanSpiff_

      Well, in his defense, he does play so called "soccer" for the US team…

      • the other Jen

        ive always wanted to streak at a large public event. however, i dont want to get arrested, damnit. the police, always ruinin mah plans!

        • WrongWayBud

          well, being you're already naked i'm sure you can work a way out of it 😉

  • Anonymous

    chive dating is wack

  • Sam

    #6 Bazinga

    • disturbed

      Sheldon rocks.

  • That'sRacist!

    #5 Spider Monkey

    • thetwistether


    • PotatoeWhisperer

      Batman, you doing it right

    • Archer

      Run white women RUN!!!

    • Alister

      at least hes not a porch monkey.

      whoa. even I think thats too far. ah well

    • Sam

      racist BS

  • AssClown

    #4 He's definitely gay…

    • Auz_E

      Or knows his wife is watching the game…

    • Wow...

      I can tell because he plays soccer.

  • winfields

    #21 – I'll take a large serving of 34.

    • techno_viking

      I'm pretty sure that's Jennifer Walcott…

  • Vantastic

    #6 awesome – Data knows how to do it!

  • jrey81

    #8 soon, #14 must be a chiver with the beer; definitely keepin' calm and chivin' on with no fear that "winter is coming". love it!

    • Guesty

      Any other lame 1 liners you want to throw in this comment? No "MOAR", or maybe a "FIND HER"?

      • Guesty

        *EDIT – Nevermind, I see you filled your quota a couple of comments below…
        God you people are stupid

        • jrey81

          oh herrro? how uuuuu doin'? smiling chivettes… lurking in the blackground… i don't think that should count… yup i'm tapped out… on this thread anyway.

        • Guesty

          you obnoxious responses are just as predictable and trite.

  • chicago

    #9 in Sweden? moose stand?

    • acoustrix

      lifeguard tower

    • Silentstatic

      someone's community pool is gonna be pissed when they realize it's gone…

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      Kid really needs his high chair

    • Stan_Dalone

      that wouldn't be a bad one easy to climb anyway

  • YouDirtyRat

    #15 "So we meet again, bush"

    • Alister

      hey. at least he married a really pretty man..

      • Geusty

        definite man.

  • Jonathen


    • Joe

      while you are at it, find the one in the left too

      • Roady

        they are hot

        • Poor bastard

          You are Stan.

          • Jafo

            Stan? Stan who?

            • Stan_Dalone

              they mean me and no he is not me

              • Roady

                no I am not him and I saw him in my dashboard as a visitor but have no clue who he is why should I?

                • Stan_Dalone

                  yes I was there wondered who you were no offence

              • Roady

                No harm no foul

  • sowhat

    #15 ahahaha v funni #13 frieda pinto in green

    • Ha.Ha.

      b/c all 500 million Indian women look the same.

  • echogeo

    "Welcome to tonight's episode of Celebrity Photo Bomb!"

  • Giggity

    #32 "3 roofie coladas over here STAT!"

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      Check please….

  • Edward

    #31 Not bad

    • Stan_Dalone

      Sweet lookin woman

      • Ron Jeremy

        yeah – the one to the far left shootin the beave…

  • Unforgivable

    #33 "whats that smell like?!"

    • jared

      Smells like a Dr. Pepper and some Waffle Fries…FOR FREE!

    • White Meat


  • kkgolfer

    #8 Soon.

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      When you see it…..ah shit!

  • mike

    #32 find the girl on the right please. this is the second time ive seen her posted on the chive and i can't go on, not knowing who she is. thanks in advance.

    • Ha.Ha.

      not hot

      • Annie

        my thoughts exactly.

  • echogeo

    Never mind the bomb, how much did she cost you?

    • morebeer

      If you have to ask………..

    • Trolly McTroll

      Damn you Chive, every time I see a picture with an asian woman I wonder if she's really a woman.

  • jrey81

    #12, "my lords, i present thee… bewbs." #31… find her! who's #33… raven haired beauty!

    • Jame Jame

      #33 is Jessica Jane Clement!

      • jrey81

        much obliged!

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