• Leon

    Go make some shirts Chive !!!!

    • Cruzer117

      I second that!

  • Not Again


  • mik


  • Jeremiah

    Or dumb…..

    • Jeremiah

      Still pretty sweet though

    • Maarten

      Why dumb?
      this is awesome!?

    • Athena

      No way fool, that was awesome.

  • Roady

    either incredable or freakin nuts

  • SenorWilson

    The baseball one at the start was fucking insane… Best reflexes ever.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joshuajackson9 Joshua Jackson

      fake espn advert

      • TomTheCameraGuy

        Yeah, it was for Gillette. "Close shave" yuk yuk yuk

        • SenorWilson

          Well that sucks… I am disappointed.

    • Short Bus All Stars

      I don't think that one or the putt off of the helicopter was legit … the one of evan longoria definitely would have made sportscenter if it was legit … either way that video was kick ass!

    • Coldzilla
    • mouchette

      Yeah, let's kill the credibility of the video by using a fake advert.

  • TeSpecialChiver

    What happend at 1:58??

    • oops

      Old footage. This guy ends up having a HORRIBLE wreck after the fork snaps on the bike.


    • Athena

      Agreed! He/she just dove off the wire!

  • chicago

    that was full of win. many made me laugh out loud.

  • Pinche Manny

    Love it!

  • yup


  • MOAR!!!!

    what's the soundtrack name?

    • Kate

      Kick Da Bass by Alex Boundry

      • Kate

        Sorry, actually it's "The Signal" by Bertycox, my bad

  • http://www.facebook.com/VictoriaElizabethBourque Victoria Elizabeth Bourque

    I Love these videos!

  • Suntrust

    Soooo No actual sports accomplishments just a bunch of x-gamers and bored college kids. Post quality is downnnnn

    • Suntrust

      Hey neg all you want you lazy fucks. Go compete at something then come back and tell me you're impressed by a kid making some silly ass trick shot.

    • Duster

      yes because board sports require absolutely no physical ability. What a bunch of dusters.

  • https://www.facebook.com/tylerbxgroz Tyler Gross


  • pete

    haha, the Evan Longoria clip was fake!!!

  • tits

    a lot of this stuff is fake so it proves that people are amazing at editing video.

  • EZRA2

    those balls adn do amazing things

  • zimzum

    i think i NEED a water jet pack

  • Coldzilla

    Sweet vid but for those of you wondering…..

    For those of you wondering….

  • Duder

    What's the name of this song? MOAR of that!!!

  • Do0zer

    Anyone notice the Touche Your Boobies video after this that never got posted? good stuff!!

  • homer

    That was Crazy!! Now post a video of people trying to do those same thngs but failing miserably.

  • joseph

    anyone know the song?

  • TitoRigatoni

    lol I like the way they cut away at 1:57 just before that guy on the bike completely eats shit

  • Sw0rdF1sh

    People who write "moar" are MOARONS!

    • Athena

      Don't hate

    • ahtri18

      then this site isn't for you.

    • Vanhung

      I hope you realize moarons is just moar with "ons"

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